World of Wonder | Week 70 | Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me # 5 | Nov. 25 - Dec. 1

Oh, and finished Invisible Man earlier. Really good. 1 hour in I’m thinking how can this last another hour? Then stuff really gets bonkers. A good scary thriller.

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The part with the paint!

I liked how the suit worked. It looked disturbing when it wasn’t invisible.

Nice update from the potion in the original. Read the original book in the last few years was pretty good

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Were you surprised by the revelation of who is behind this whole ordeal?
A little. is it weird that when Diana starts to figure something out, she is always on the exact right track? Definitely a good twist.

Do you like Cheetah in this role as a sort of ally, or do you prefer her to be solely in the villain camp?
I do like when heroes and villains are forced to work with each other for a common goal. Most of the time the hero is anticipating the double cross and then gets said cross usually at a very inopportune time. In this case, Diana has to keep Cheetah reigned in some.

Are you a fan of alien stories where characters are made to fight for entertainment purposes?
it doesn’t have to be alien. Gladiator was pretty good in the fighting for entertainment game. But I will admit, there is some appeal.

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