World of Wonder | Week 66 | DCeased #4-5 & A Good Day to Die #1 | Oct. 28 - Nov. 3

World of Wonder Week 66!

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World of Wonder concludes Spooktober with DCeased! Catch some of your favorite heroes as their world is ravaged by a deadly pandemic they were unprepared for.

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When: 2020-10-28T07:00:00Z2020-11-03T08:00:00Z

What to read: DCEASED (2019-) #4, A Good Day to Die #1, DCEASED (2019-) #5


  1. What were your favorite sequences/panels?

  2. Has anything shocked you while reading this story?

  3. How do you think this will all end?

:nerd_face: Share your thoughts on the reading overall and let’s discuss :nerd_face:

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November 3


I voted by absentee ballot.

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Me too, couple of weeks ago.

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My packet came with a sticker and i wore it on my jacket. until it fell off


Didn’t get a chance to do absentee, but I’m off on the day and the town I live is rather small, so I’m planning on going in bright and early.


Woo woo! Everyone exercising their rights :clinking_glasses:

Don’t forget to check/track whether your ballot arrived and was accepted/counted.

Happy Halloween!!

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Adi Rodrigues: Inspired by @TomTaylorMade #Dceased Hippolyta! #ww84 This look made my top Halloween looks for 2020 @WonderWomanFilm

@WonderWomanFilm has been highlighting Wonder Woman inspired costumes today and this one seemed fitting to share with everyone since it’s DCeased inspired.

  1. What were your favorite sequences/panels?

There’s some pretty great stuff here.

One thing I love is how the living members, both hero and villain come together in this story. One moment that comes to mind is how Luthor comes in to help. “Look at what they’ve done to our city.” For all of Luthor’s faults, he genuinely believes he does what he does to help better humanity, and seeing him work together with the likes of Cyborg and Superman not only gives this rather bleak story a glimmer of hope, but also complicates and still adds to the drama (loved Lois punching Luthor in his stupid face).

Similarly, Damian as Batman getting Harley and Ivy to help shelter survivors was cool to see.

  1. Has anything shocked you while reading this story?

Seeing Superman basically “kill” Flash by flying through him was pretty shocking. Moreover, seeing Superman succumb to the virus was so tragic after seeing him give his last goodbyes.

  1. How do you think this will all end?

This is a hard question to ask since the sequel to DCeased has been in solicits and is actually almost over (it’ll be on DCUI in March, in fact). But to wager a guess on what we see in #5, I think some people will survive, but it’s going to be a hard fought victory with awful sacrifices.

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Well, I couldn’t stop when #6 hit DCU yesterday. This is a great, tragic story. I 100% echo everything @Jay_Kay said. One of the themes of the series is sacrifice. While noble, sacrifice that comes from wanting to protect others, figuratively throwing yourself on the live grenade, is one thing. But to stand there against the onslaught know there is no escape, nothing to do but fight and die just to buy someone else that extra moment to get away and survive gets me every time.
Also, love Wonder Woman in this series. Yes, our girl believes in peace but she’s also a warrior. When peace is not an option, you want this warrior princess in your corner.

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Yeah, #6 especially was a great highlight for Diana in this series.

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I read #6 as well. Watching Booster Gold fade out of existence was a bit of a shocker. Then again, seeing an alive Ted Kord is it’s own moment.