World of Wonder | Week 52 | Milk Wars #4-5 | Jul. 22-28

World of Wonder Week 52!

:sparkles: Milk Wars: THE END :sparkles:


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World of Wonder is concluding Milk Wars this week! We will be reading the final issues of the Young Animal crossover event.

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When: 2020-07-22T07:00:00Z2020-07-28T07:00:00Z

What to read: MILK WARS #4-5



  1. What are your thoughts on the conclusion to the crossover?

  2. Are there any characters from the Young Animal line you’ll continue to read?

  3. Which moments did you find to be the most bizarre?

:nerd_face: Share your thoughts on the reading overall and let’s discuss :nerd_face:

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Do you leave milk and cookies out for Santa?

  • Obviously! He never packs enough snacks to last him the night.
  • Nope! I don’t need extra credit to land on the good list.

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Which do you put in first: Milk or Cereal?

  • Milk
  • Cereal

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Nice! Glad to finish up this story.

It’s interesting that they chose that cover for the Cave Carson/Swamp Thing book because I remember when this run was first announced, Gerard Way described it and its place in the greater continuity as “that weird coffee stain on the corner of the DC universe.”


LMAO! That’s hilarious. I’m glad you added that context because I just would never have known that. I just kept looking at that Bombshells Black Canary sticker and wishing I had one to stick on my laptop.

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Milk Wars! When I saw this run at the local comic book shop, I attempted to collect them… Alas, I do not have a complete collection of it.
Now I do! On here! Thanks DCU & World of Wonder Bookclubers for granting me a heads up! Thanks Super Fan Friends!


Awesome! It is pretty fun to have a collection of physical copies though. :smiley:


Definitely – one of the nice things about services like DCU is that it allows me to try books that, if I really love, I’ll end up getting the really nice physical versions of.

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Yup, I do that with comics I get on Comixology/Kindle as well. I actually bought all of the Manhunter series in physical form off of ebay after reading it on here.

What a wonderful trip run this crossover is. I admit, there’s a few times where I’m going “wha…?” but I just kept rolling with it and all became clear.
Love that the big “confrontation” is actually between Casey and Milkman Man, and despite it being in it’s own quiet corner of the story it really held its own and is probably more memorable than the punch 'em portions of the story.
The Cave Carson story was very interesting, and again this crossover makes me want to read a series I otherwise had no interest in.

Cave, I’ve been there man. You just gotta slow down on the late nights.

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Definitely weird, but very fun. Am glad the Doom Patrol show gave me enough info on Flex Mentallo. Because part of the solution was Batman recognizing that the right flex would save the day.

I am half assuming Wild Dog is not part of Cave Carson’s crew/entourage/posse.

I kind of liked that they drew human Cliff kind of on the older side.

I didn’t go back, but who is the Terry that is the other parent of Milkman Man (with Casey)?

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Oh he is, he’s been a part of the series since the start. I believe he and Chloe, Cave’s daughter are dating by the end of the series, though I could be wrong.

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  1. What are your thoughts on the conclusion to the crossover?

I liked it, I thought it was a satisfying end to the event. There’s some things that didn’t hit too hard for me, because I haven’t read a lot of some of these books, like Mother Panic and Doom Patrol, but I think overall it was written in a way that felt like a great event/crossover for the Young Animal brand, and had enough accessibility that people who normally wouldn’t read these would pick up on it and maybe entice them to delve more into the weird.

  1. Are there any characters from the Young Animal line you’ll continue to read?

I fully intend on going back and reading Mother Panic and Shade the Changing Girl, as well as continuing the series that I have read that continue after (Cave Carson Has an Interstellar Eye, Mother Panic: Gotham AD, Shade the Changing Woman, maybe Eternity Girl).

The only one I’m unsure I’ll do is Doom Patrol, because since I’ve been reading the series chronologically for the Doom Patrol Club, I kind of want to wait to get into that when the group does, but then I remember just how freaking long that will take and I might just get impatient and read it. :smiley:

  1. Which moments did you find to be the most bizarre?

Seeing Batman talk about “milk attacks” and “muscle mystery” was pretty wild. Not to mention Cave basically puking up Swamp Thing.

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hence the half

cereal first

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Seriously, who does that?