World of Wonder | Week 51 | Dog Days of Summer ('19) #1 | Jul. 15-21

World of Wonder Week 51!

:sparkles: Beach Week :sparkles:

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World of Wonder is heading to the beach! This summer has been different, but I figured we’d better still have a beach outing in some form or another. Join us on this field trip as we read Dog Days of Summer (2019-) #1 featuring Ferdinand.

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What to read: DOG DAYS OF SUMMER (2019-) #1


  1. Which stories and moments did you enjoy from the selection?

  2. If you could go on a summer vacation with any DC character, who would it be and what kind of trip would it be?

  3. How are you? How’ve you been?

:nerd_face: Share your thoughts on the reading overall and let’s discuss :nerd_face:

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Generally, do you like Summer?

  • Yes! I own a timeshare in Themyscira.
  • Nope, I stick to my Batcave and Fortress of Solitude all year long.

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Eh, it’s okay when there are pools around. Otherwise, it’s just hot and sticky and bleh.

Plus I’m more of a fall guy – nicer weather, cooler colors, best holidays, and just overall a better time.


I’m partial to spring/summer. I do like fall and winter might be my least favorite. Holidays are fun, but can be stressful. I like how summer is just more relaxing.


Look who joined my speaker brigade! Bought my first mystery box and struck gold

  1. Which stories and moments did you enjoy from the selection?

Well, the story with Krypto and Superman was very sweet. Reason #5327 why Krypto is the Goodest Boy.

The Ferdinand story was pretty fun with a unique premise. Reminds me that I need to read more of G Willow Wilson’s run on WW and it really freaking makes me want a Stjepan Sejic Wonder Woman story.

The Captain Carrot story was cool, enjoyed how they played around with cartoon physics, and the way it’s resolved is just adorable. :smiley:

It was just great to see Animal Man and his family again. The fact that no one has really touched them since Lemire’s JLU run is a freaking travesty.

Same thing goes with Dex-Star, it was fun seeing him again, especially him inspiring a group of Ewoks to embrace their anger. :laughing:

The Batcow story…man, that Batcow story was so dumb. So very, very dumb. And I love it for it.

The Beast Boy story was interesting because it actually reminded me of a similar plot point that was done in the Silver Age Doom Patrol run, where Gar uses his animal powers in a race against a bully. I doubt that was intentional, but still kinda cool.

  1. If you could go on a summer vacation with any DC character, who would it be and what kind of trip would it be?

Hmm…the cynic in me wants to say just about any Green Lantern just so I could get off Earth for a while. :laughing:

  1. How are you? How’ve you been?

Doing well enough, I suppose. Being in a more essential line of work, it’s made some days even more chaotic than usual. On the upside, partly because of it I’ve actually been able to take a class at the Joe Kubert School, feel like I’m maybe a step or two closer to persuing my dream job. :slight_smile:

How have you been? Holding up well out there in casa de’ nu?


Excellent @msgtv! :+1: Definitely struck gold.

  1. The Superman and Krypto story I loved it brought tears to my eyes. Krypto is so loyal and protective of his master.

The Ferdinand story was my favorite. It questions his morals and his promise to the Justice League. And Sejic draws a beautiful Wonder Woman.

The Dex-Star story is great. Ain’t nothing better and cuter than a Red Lantern kitty.

  1. Not a fan of the beach. If I had to choose a character I’d say Harley Quinn. I’m sure all the crazy shenanigans that are bound to happen should keep me from not being bored while I roast alive in the unforgiving sun.

  2. I’m fine. I work in a grocery store so I stay busy. On the down low I’m reading comics and binging The Adventures Of Superman


I loved the Krypto story! It also made me cry!

It was nice to see some characters that haven’t been around lately, but most of the other stories were either ok or not my cup of tea. Batcow was ridiculous though. :stuck_out_tongue: Also, DeX-Starr is a good kitty…

I think a summer vacation to Themyscira would be amazing. :slight_smile:


Which stories and moments did you enjoy from the selection?
Batcow and nemesis was very good. Krypto and Superman was a great open to this selection. I did like how involved Ferdinand’s quest became. And it was good to see a red lantern as a hero. even if it was a cat.

If you could go on a summer vacation with any DC character, who would it be and what kind of trip would it be?
I’m more of a stay-cation type, but I like to call it a “not at work” vacation. Let me get back to you?

How are you? How’ve you been?
Mostly alright. Another on the essential front, so I haven’t lost any time, but I do stress that I am not doing well and I know I would prefer to keep the job (the devil I know?) than have to find another one. Hopefully it is mostly the self-torture in my head and the overlords are otherwise pleased…


I’m a male they wouldn’t allow me to step on the land of Themyscira.

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First, I love a good Krypto story, and this is a great Krypto story. Really nice start to the book.

I also very much enjoyed the Ferdinand story, just the right amount of humor and character development. And the art rocked. Personally this is how I think Wonder Woman should be drawn. She’s packed on some muscle but doesn’t look too outsized.

And, I love the beach outfit, it’s 100% Wonder Woman without being a costume.

Dex Starr is a bad cat, but he (she?) has reasons

The Batcow story didn’t do it for me, but this image is great.

Vacation: Lana Lang hiking in the mountains. It just sounds nice

How am I? Better than I was three weeks ago, not as good as I was three months ago.


Agreed. Like I said, Stjepan Sejic needs to draw a big Wonder Woman project someday.


Other than the muscles, I like the use of the phrase “oh my gods” (Even tho it’s written without spaces).


I’ve seen that before in comics, basically when someone is saying something very fast. I also just love his expressions on their faces, like you can tell what’s going on even without the dialogue.

(sorry, just used this as an excuse to post more pics)


I am more enamored with the plural. It was my biggest takeaway from the Galactica reboot


I loved the Dex-Star story.
I thought the same thing about the bears species.
Where they on Endor?
Red lanterns uniting to ending “tourist season.”
:heart::bear: :cat:



Yeah, the Krypto story was a good way to kick things off. For a summer-y book, I thought maybe they should have placed this story in a different point in the book because it didn’t feel too summery. I might have even placed the Beast Boy story first and the Krypto one last to end it on such a feel-good moment.

It’s so strange because this Wonder Woman/Ferdinand book was the one I most enjoyed. I appreciated the story and the art had some good moments, but it didn’t leave me clamoring for more of them. I feel like some creatives are just better suited for one-shots than for runs and that’s what I got from Sejic and how G. Willow Wilson’s WW has made me feel.

Yeah! Loved the Captain Carrot story as well. It’s so obviously a Looney Tunes spoof and I love it. The Teletubbies sun was strange, but it made sense. It’s awesome that they were able to do a multiversal story.

I was happy to see Animal Man and his family as well. I remember him having two children though, which I don’t know if I’m misremembering it, but it gave the story a weird sad vibe for me that their son wasn’t around. If he only had one kid, then I was sad for no reason :sweat_smile:

I hadn’t made the Ewok connection, as I’m not big into Star Wars. They reminded me of Care Bears. I just wanted to hug them. I was sad that Shaa got corrupted, but also happy for her. The Red Lanterns have some of the more interesting Lanterns. I would list them as being second only to the Green Lanterns in terms of strong characters (and most of the memorable GLs are Earth ones).

I just loved that we got a story focused on a female Batfam member. She was awesome. She’s mastered that disappearing act. The Joker Bull was kind of lame and too on-the-nose. It would have been fun if they would have figured out a way for it to be the Joker Fish.

You gotta do what you gotta do (knowing my luck if I were to do that I’d be the reason the rest of the galaxy ended up with Rona).

Happy for you!!! At least on some front there’s a silver lining.

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Krypto staying behind was extremely sad. I thought he’d escape and figure out a way to save Kal-El, but he remained by Kal’s side and that was extremely touching.

I like how they present Ferdinand’s internal struggle. It was my favorite story as well. It’s a bit sad that the rest of the League never even thought about him when requesting that of him. I feel like they would have just been okay with veggie burgers or something.

I liked how we had the good boy Krypto and the bad kitty Dex-Starr in the same issue to kind of play counters to each other in a way, yet they both help throughout their stories.

LOL! Harley would figure out a way for you to not roast. I bet she’d do everything in her power to find you an air-conditioned spot.

How are you liking the Adventures of Superman? Or is it a rewatch?

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It really was one of those rare instances where I actually got a little teary-eyed from a comic. I wasn’t expecting it to come for my feels like that.

I agree with you about it being nice to see some of the lesser used characters. It’s pretty fun pairing some of the more often used characters with them so that it felt like a whole fleshed out world in DC. Dex-Starr really was a good kitty that issue. Is Dex just misunderstood? :sweat_smile:

I agree with you. Themyscira would be fun to visit.

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