World of Wonder | Week 48 | Super Friends ('76) #1-3 | Jun. 24-30

World of Wonder Week 48!

:sparkles: Super Friends :sparkles:

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World of Wonder invites all of our friends to read Super Friends (1976-) this week. Catch Diana and her pals as they take on some dastardly villains! You won’t want to miss out on this blast from the past.

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When: 2020-06-24T07:00:00Z2020-06-30T07:00:00Z

What to read: SUPER FRIENDS (1976-) #1-3


  1. How familiar are you with the Super Friends TV show?

  2. Did you find yourself ever rooting for the villains?

  3. What were some of the best moments in these issues for you?

:nerd_face: Share your thoughts on the reading overall and let’s discuss :nerd_face:

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Super Friends—What?! I suspect this’ll be a fun trip back in time @nu52. :smile:


Yeah, I’ve only seen a couple of episodes of the show, but even I’m already getting some nostalgia from reading these :smiley:

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Same. I was wee last time I saw Super Friends so this’ll be fun :grinning:

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my recent re-watch of Super Friends confirmed the following:

  • I didn’t like Wendy and Marvin when I was little.
  • In season 2 or 3, the three shooting stars will always be the best transition scene. Ever.

I grew up watching the Super Friends on Boomerang and got a couple of DVDs. Super Friends was an major part of my childhood. Also recently got the Super Friends Saturday Morning Comics HC. Fun stuff and good memories


Question for the Club!

What kind of dog is Wonder Dog?

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I kind of wish the show was more like this run of books.

Some highlights:
I don’t recall Marvin saying Zonkers on the show
Blond hippolytE!!
the murder of the bungling villains was kind of dark
Superman getting scolded, but showing no shame or remorse


Wendy and Marvin don’t really add anything. They usually point out the obvious. I don’t really like them either.


Always preferred the Wonder Twins. They was cool.

  • Form of water

I really liked these issues. It’s also nice to see DC was doing tie-in comics even back then. They felt like solid stories that I could see incorporated into an episode.

I thought it was neat getting to see all of the villains with sidekicks. It would have been nice to see the sidekicks take on the Titans. I liked their interactions with Wendy and Marvin. I don’t dislike W&M. They were alright and came through in issue 3.

I enjoyed seeing Robin working with Superman, since Supes is an inspiration for Nightwing. It’s really cool how Robin is treated as an equal to the other Super Friends. He definitely ranks higher than Wendy and Marvin and is respected, plus his ideas actually get taken into consideration.

This part was hilarious. Wouldn’t Krypto speak a different language than Wonder though? :joy:

Loved seeing the Magic Sphere. Seeing Hippolyte was a nice surprise.

This segment was actually pretty darn dark. They straight up just murdered all of those villains. I was not expecting that. The villain that was formed from them reminded me of an Amazo type of character.


Fun little break. Just a couple of thoughts.

If this is what Queen Hippolyte comes up with this as the answer to save the world from destruction, I question Amazonian science.

Zonkers is the poor man’s Zoinks

  1. Yes I’m familiar with the show. Seasons 7 and 8 are my favorite seasons. Joker, Penguin and Felix Faust finally made it on the show in Season 8 and they updated Scarecrow’s apperance as well.

  2. No I didn’t ever find myself rooting for the villians. Their some of the most dangerous meances on the Earth and the villian sidekicks finally figured it out when Penguin had murder on his mind.

  3. Like nu52 I liked the villians and sidekick panels. Also the final battle was fun seeing our heroes and the villian sidekicks defeat Penguin and his lethal cohorts

And on a side note Honeysuckles costume was a little bit on the skimpy side.


I was kind of surprised this went full murder mode with the villains. I’m not too familiar with the show, so I don’t know if the show is like that too, but I never thought it was :grimacing:

I do agree that Honeysuckles costume was a bit out there. I actually thought she was Poison Ivy at first, not the sidekick.


I’m reading Sooby Apocalypse and watching Scoob! on HBO Max, he was giving me Shaggy vibes and Wonder was giving me Scooby vibes.

It’s more to do with magic than science, right? Hippolyte is simply looking into the future, not using science to predict it or anything.


Blonde Hippolyte, she the fusion of Hippolyta and Hippolyte. I thought of you as soon as I read how her name was spelled.

The way those villains got murderer was kind of just glossed over, but it was kind of horrifying the way they got captured and killed.

I didn’t really understand why the STAR Labs guy hated Superman so much.

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The show usually had those silly I’ll end the hero plot. But Season 7 and 8 was a little more serious but not dark.

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the show was not like that at all. It was very tame. not a lot of punching either. also the show never had poison ivy, that toy man, or the human flying fish. I believe the penguin appears in a later season, and if i recall, not my favorite style of art. this penguin is more my speed.

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Ah, gotcha.

I gotta say, this comic did get me more interested in watching the show. I believe I might have only seen the first two episodes. Even if it’s not as dark, I actually did enjoy Wendy and Marvin and want to see why everyone else didn’t care for them on the show :joy:

What I noticed about the s1 of the show is that with it being an hour long, they had to create filler. Most of that is W&M and “klassic kartoon” hijinx. I believe there were no classic villains either.

There is one moment of this season that I hope to experience with most, if not all, of you. For now, i will keep it under my proverbial hat.

my last rewatch also revealed how much of an improvement the Wonder Twins were, the change to a half-hour and shorter stories. And the three shooting stars transition scene.

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