World of Wonder | Week 44 | The Legend of Wonder Woman *CONCLUSION* #22-27 | May 27 - Jun. 2

World of Wonder Week 44!

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World of Wonder concludes our reading of The Legend of Wonder Woman! Join us as we witness the Champion of the Amazons take on a challenge of titanic proportions.

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What to read: THE LEGEND OF WONDER WOMAN (2015-) #22-27

:rotating_light: SPOILER Discussion Begins Now


  1. What did you think about the ending to this story?

  2. What is your opinion of the series as a whole?

  3. Where did you feel Renae De Liz (writer/pencils) and Ray Dillon (inks) got to really shine?

:nerd_face: Share your thoughts on the reading overall and let’s discuss :nerd_face:

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Glad we get to read more of this series, sad it coming to an end.


I’m going to miss the art especially.


Still have to read the concluding issue. Or two, if i am remembering right where i left off.

I like this clay origin. How do you pronounce Gaea? I should add the same to the hard to pronounce thread while I’m still thinking about it.

This run definitely has the most WonderTrev, if that’s your jam. I like Steve being more expressive about wanting to be with Diana.

I really like this Etta Candy. The identity reveal was its own twist, but it was the team and it worked.

I think i found a new background for my profile.

I liked the Duke of Deception reveal.

With what I’ve read so far, as an origin of Wonder Woman, it is definitely top of the game. I am not sure if golden age Wonder Woman told Zeus no to anything and/or had to regain her abilities, so I am not sure if anything like that occurred before Perez. In this case, Zeus just took away the magic of the items vs the trial by ordeal/fire/combat starting on the spine of the first monster/challenge.

I liked this version of the lasso of truth. And that young Diana chose the lasso as her primary weapon when training with Alcippe (and as per my usual, i feel like i got the wrong name somehow).

more when i finish and some sleep for better digestion therewith…

First, have to say that this entire series as been an absolute wonder. It looks beautiful, it manages to be a fun fantasy with enough conflict and threat to be interesting. Diana/Wonder Woman feels like a real young woman finding her place but always sure of her own moral center and the greatest representation of the original Etta Candy to see print.

Also, had a nice light comedic touch.

The final arc is enjoyable, but unfortunately for me the only significant misstep of the series. I didn’t care for the reveal that Gaea is Diana’s creator. I know Renae De Liz is commenting on Diana’s place in her and maybe our world with this change and that’s fine, but it let’s Wonder Woman off the hook for being her wonderful self and having a completely messed up family. But, in the end I would recommend this series to anyone looking for a nice read.


I liked the Gaea reveal. from how Diana came to be to where her powers come from. Light begets light. Diana might not create another world like Gaea and her ilk, but there is the next best thing: hope. From the very beginning, I wanted to know what granted Diana life, or more to the point, who or what took pity on Hippolyta to grant her wish/desire to have a child. It’s a little deus ex machina, but it worked for me.


I think I’ve been stalling on reading the last couple issues because subconsciously I don’t want it to end. :sweat_smile: I’ll be back.

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I’ll answer the questions when I get off work today, but one thing I do want to say real quick is I love Dickensian Street Urchin Alfred. :joy:


Wonder what the split on liking/not liking that twist would be?

I forgot to mention young Alfred.

@msgtv just among us or more in general?

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Well…our opinions should carry more weight because of our awesomeness. I don’t know just funny how two people who both like something can read that and come out in opposing directions. It is a big change so my guess is no one would be neutral

Honestly? My response:

I mean, having her be born of Gaia, the spirit of the Earth, doesn’t feel that much different from being molded from clay, the building blocks of the Earth. It’s different, but not THAT different to me.

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  1. What did you think about the ending to this story?

It was pretty cool – it feels like a strong end, but still sets things up for future stories. I’m just annoyed that they tease the Justice Society and we don’t see them!

  1. What is your opinion of the series as a whole?

Overall I liked it – it takes the traditional Wonder Woman origin and really adds a sort of mythic/Campellian spin on it. At worst, I’d say that the villains of the story were a little weak, but Diana and Etta especially were enough to keep the story going.

  1. Where did you feel Renae De Liz (writer/pencils) and Ray Dillon (inks) got to really shine?

I think the moments where the book goes really cosmic/god like are at it’s best. Also, their take on Themiskyra was really awesome – I’m reminded of the time when there was talk of a TV series of Diana growing up on Paradise Island, and I think a take like this could have definitely worked at it’s own show.

It’s just a shame that we won’t get to see more. There was going to be a sequel, but sadly it was canceled mid-production. Reportedly it was due to some miscommunication about their project that caused Ray Dilion to publically criticize DC on Twitter for approving of similar WW projects like Wonder Woman: Earth One and The Odyssey of the Amazons.

mostly the comic book logic in this run just made sense to me. I definitely needed to know how Hippolyta’s wish for a child was granted.

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The firing is interesting and unfortunate. From my perspective, I’ve worked with a few very competent but challenging people and it can be a chore at times, but I’ll take that over a hack every day of the week. Leadership in this situation should have been to talk to them directly, clear the air and move on. You don’t cancel a good product because the creators are a handful.

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