World of Wonder | Week 39 | Dial H for Hero '19 #1 + Wonder Woman '86 #36-38 | Apr. 22-28

World of Wonder Week 39!

:phone: Wonder Comics: Dial H for Hero :phone:

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Dial H for Hero is the Wonder Comics selection for the week! World of Wonder will also continue reading George Pérez’s Wonder Woman with issues #36-38.

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When: 2020-04-22T07:00:00Z2020-04-28T07:00:00Z

What to read: DIAL H FOR HERO '19 #1 + WONDER WOMAN '86 #36-38

:rotating_light: SPOILER Discussion Begins Now


  1. What did you think of Miguel and the first issue of Dial H?

  2. How do you feel about the delegates from Man’s World in Themyscira?

  3. What were some of your favorite moments in this week’s reading?

:nerd_face: Share your thoughts on the reading overall and let’s discuss :nerd_face:

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Issue #36 of Wonder Woman '86 marks Mindy Newell’s first ongoing credit for Wonder Woman (she had written for WW before). Mindy Newell is the first woman to get an ongoing writing credit for Wonder Woman.

Here is an interview Mindy Newell did for

Happy Earth Day!

Today marks 50 years since the first Earth Day. Hope you’re all well :earth_americas:


Great interview


It really was! It was informative, interesting, and very honest. I find a lot of DC employees always have to tip-toe around their genuine thoughts so this was refreshing.


It also reminds me that for the history club at some point I want to focus on some of the editors and executives that have been influential through the years. Karen Berger would definitely be on that list.


Definitely. I see her name pop up in so many comics I’m reading. I hadn’t realized just how long she had been with DC.


Yeah, she’s mostly talked about for her tenure running Vertigo, which is big, but it’s amazing seeing her name on loads of influential runs in regular DC too, including this one!

I’ve also really started to appreciate Mindy Newell. She also has a really good and influencial arc of Catwoman that the WOB covered earlier this month, and a new Catwoman story in the 80th Anniversary Giant that WOULD have been out now if the planet wasn’t in an apocalypse mood.

Also, I will catch up soon on this club!


This reminds me that i must look at the credits more

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I also remember a silver/bronze age dial H for H-E-R-O where the dialler tried H-O-R-R-O-R to see what would happen (it wasn’t good).


Dail H for HERO, by our buddy Sam Humphries (okay maybe he’s not our buddy but he is enjoyable on DC Daily). This is not something I would have picked up in the store, but I really enjoyed this book. That’s the advantage of a subscription service like DCU. The obligatory teen angst portion of the book is entertaining, everyone loves the idea of Mayo based truck food right? But as good as that is, the book explodes the second Miguel dials that phone. Monster Truck is the perfect bombastic blend of 70s Kirby and 90s comic book excess. I love the change in art and tone, but what nails it for me is how Humphries manages to instantly create this entire Monster Truck universe with a few catch phases. Truck Yeah! I believe in the power to “Say 10-4 to Vengeance!” I’d be back for more of this.

Unfortunately for Miguel, his Monster Truck universe ends with a trashed car lot.


I liked that the dialler was more of a phone than the original dialler that only had the four (4) letters on it.

I liked the tie in to the universe in general. it was very wonder comics.

The 80s wonder woman felt like we are inbetween some of the big stuff. Also I liked the Lois Lane bit.


On the Wonder Woman issues, this shows Perez’s strengths and weaknesses as a writer. I like the idea of the story and with the cliff hanger am looking forward to seeing how Diana and Lois get out of this trap.

I have a feeling this will be like the last arc which starts off just okay, but I really like the climax. But, Perez has serious issues with pacing. These problems are easy to ignore when he pencils the book, because it looks so darn good, but with what I think is an “okay” artist at best, this flaw is really exposed.

Take is easy Diana, let me explain. It takes an entire edition to get our touring group to Paradis Island, and none of them are that interesting that I want to read about them unless something is actually happening. Now, he and Mindy did a nice job with the dinner that turns into a disaster. I was thinking “they really wrote this Rabbi terrible, he’s acting like a complete jerk” when I realized what was going on.

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I like how the visitors draw our world problems to light while attending the feast.
Anger over theological differences, racism, sexism, even media’s involvement and Lois’s smashed camera. Guests are ready to kill each other and Lois is like, “let me get a picture.” It is funny how that rings true today too. I love how the blind guest can sense the truth. He doesn’t need to see to know that something is wrong. There is a quote,”The eyes are useless, when the mind is blind.” The guests are letting their minds, with the help of golden apples :apple:, blind them with their rage. If Paradise Island were there to explore right now, would we have a similar scenario?