World of Wonder | Week 37 | Wonder Woman '87 Annual #2, #35 + Young Justice #1 | Apr. 8-14

World of Wonder Week 37!

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World of Wonder continues to read Diana’s exploits in Pérez’s Wonder Woman! Continuing on the Wonder Comics train, we also read the first issue of Young Justice, featuring Cassie as Wonder Girl!

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When: 2020-04-08T07:00:00Z2020-04-14T07:00:00Z

What to read: WONDER WOMAN ANNUAL ('88) #2, #35 + YOUNG JUSTICE ('19) #1

:rotating_light: SPOILER Discussion Begins Now


  1. What did you think of the art in the Annual?

  2. Did you enjoy the focus on the Wonder Woman name?

  3. Are you liking the Young Justice team?

    • Which were you favorites coming into the issue and which characters are you interested in seeing more of?

:nerd_face: Share your thoughts on the reading overall and let’s discuss :nerd_face:

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This looks to be buckets of fun




oh. i thought it was going to be Zan…

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Zan’s the water in the bucket


but the face looks like it’s on the bucket. and that don’t look like Zan. Neither Superfriends nor Wonder Comics :thinking:

Definitely think Young Justice was the high point of this week. Amethyst is cool, but not a top character for me, but I loved the alternate cover focusing on her and you have to love her ominous killer splash page.

I would have to say my favorite member coming in is Tim Drake. Though I grew up with Dick Grayson, think Tim is the most complete Robin and whether it’s here or in the recent Detective Comics run I feel he adds a lot to the story. Truth is, I very much enjoyed all of the character intros. Cassie has something going on that she’s reluctant to be Wonder Girl, Jinny Hex is very intriguing idea for a legacy character, Bart is Bart. The only one I don’t have a feel for one way or another is Teen Lantern. And is it worth opening a coffee shop in Metropolis? This is the same shop that was trashed in Action #1000. Those ladies need to move somewhere safer, like Gotham.

As for the main feature, Wonder Woman. It was a mixed bag for me this week. I think Perez is a good, but not great writer so something slower and more personal like the annual is for me not his best fit. It was slow for me, and nothing memorable. It’s most redeeming trait was the varied artwork. I did enjoy the conclusion to the Band-Mighdall story, with the city “destroyed” but not before it’s Amazons released whose side Wonder Woman and Hermes were really on. But, I’m confused about who or what is behind the mask of Shim’tar. Was it just the corrupted Girlde of Gaea? Was someone else in there? I honestly don’t know.

And I wanna stick up for our girl Etta. Bump Steve! “I got a roomy now, so the marriage thing is off.” Huh? Work it out Steve.


I really couldn’t get into Young Justice. The art work is good. But the plot is just not well developed. Everyone is kind of mashed together. Excellent, beautiful art, but weird interactions.
Love Perez but the annual #2 is lacking action or any type of climax. I don’t like Superman, so always trying to push Wonder Woman into that hyped love interest is disappointing. The girls and the mean bracelet club trying to focus back to Diana’s true message of helping others…but the story was kind of muddled too. Do the mean girls really move from their elitist club? We don’t really see enlightenment among the cruel girls. Wonder Woman gives away bracelets. But that doesn’t mean the exclusion stops. The story moves on.


@WonderWoman_85 I agree. The relationship between Diana and Superman always feels contrived and reduces Diana to a trophy—like it’s only meant to placate some male fantasy fulfillment, which diminishes her in process. I hate it and I’ve always hated it. When their faux-mance makes its way into the page my brain starts to shut down. No bueno.
As for the mean-girl-bracelet thing. I agree they didn’t change, BUT I chose to see it as Diana thwarting their sense of superiority by rendering the rarity (and therefore, status of ownership) of the bracelets void. I choose to believe it humbled the mean girls going forward. (It couldhappen! lol)


I agree. Diana was leveling the field by helping the less fortunate. I kind of wished the mean girl club would have followed suit and saw , in the end material things don’t make people better than others. It seemed like the ending was cut off. There was a powerful message there, but not seen through to its full potential.


I still have to finish the annual. I like that it’s revisiting Myndi Mayer. The last annual was her funeral and now it’s one year later, so…

The Wonder Comics was fun. i liked the sitcom like comments and quips from the gemworlders.

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What did you think of the art in the Annual?
It wasn’t horrible. I mean, it doesn’t really pop like Perez art, but it still carried the story well enough.

Did you enjoy the focus on the Wonder Woman name?
For the most part, I did. it also served to reinforce the retconning when this run started, but the one year later returning to Myndi was overall a nice touch.

Are you liking the Young Justice team? Which were you favorites coming into the issue and which characters are you interested in seeing more of?
It’s good to scruffy Connor. I am curious to see how Princess Amethyst joins the team. I am intrigued by Jinny Hex. Teen Lantern, not so much.

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