World of Wonder | Week 33 | St. Patrick's Day | Mar. 11-17

World of Wonder Week 33!

:four_leaf_clover: St. Patrick’s Day :four_leaf_clover:


World of Wonder commemorates St. Patrick’s Day by reading stories featuring Wonder Woman teaming up with green heroes. Join us as we read Green Lantern and Justice League Dark.


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What to read: Green Lantern (1990-) #108 + Justice League Dark (2018-) #5-7

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Green Lantern (1990-) #108

  1. What are your opinions on Jenny?

  2. Which elements of this team-up were your favorites?

  3. Do you have a favorite green character in DC?

Justice League Dark (2018-) #5-7

  1. What did you enjoy from the team’s adventure in Myrra?

  2. Which character’s story did you find the most interesting in these issues?

  3. Share your favorite Swamp Thing panel(s) or moments.

:nerd_face: Share your thoughts on the reading overall and let’s discuss :nerd_face:

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Women of Wonder (which celebrates the contributions women have made to comics) continues in a Club Crossover between World of Wonder and New to DCU Book Club. We are discussing G. Willow Wilson and her first Wonder Woman arc, The Just War, this week. You can find the thread HERE


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Would this be a good example?

Is Wonder Woman the balance in the Trinity?


Yes, great example.

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I am new to the wiki concept on DCU. How does it work exactly?

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You just hit the edit button for the wiki and add the link to the topic you’d like included. You could even add a blurb if you want people to know what the discussion is about to get them to click.

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St Patty’s with Jenny and Diana! My son did the ancestry research for school last semester, I’m 1/16 Irish! My Great Great Grandmother came from County Cork.


This is perfect, because I read the WW-JLDark crossover not too long ago. Question, are you planning on scheduling the ongoing WW and JLD as they complete arcs? If so, then I don’t have to worry about following them and just read as they come up here.


Researching that must have been a lot of fun for him and your whole family.

As for the WW-JLD ongoing series, we used to read the issues as they would come out, but it got a little complicated as New to DCU Book Club also wanted to cover those books. This month we’re doing a joint venture where we are covering the newest issues of WW on the service HERE

  • What are your opinions on Jenny?

I’ve read her in other books before and thought she was decent enough, though in this issue I wasn’t too into her. Maybe if I had more investment in her familial life I would have thought her situation was compelling, but on their own it felt overwrought and I don’t quite get how that was resolved in her mind.

  • Which elements of this team-up were your favorites?

The bit of Jenny talking about the teleporter was funny, though Diana’s reaction rang WAY wrong to me, as was a lot of her reactions to things. Like, I get that the writer was trying to establish her as very spiritual considering how she helps save the day at the end, but it’s like the idea that a person can be spiritual without being a prudish nun is completely foreign to the writer.

I also liked how they brought back some form of the Mental Radio, cool little callback to the Golden Age.

  • Do you have a favorite green character in DC?

I guess the Green Lanterns? Green Arrow is pretty fun, even if/especially because he’s a big pompous blowhard at times.

  • What did you enjoy from the team’s adventure in Myrra?

The whole magical land thing is a fairly uncommon thing in superhero comics, even in supernatural/magic books like JLD, so that was pretty fun to explore, seeing them basically fight off hordes of magical creatures.

  • Which character’s story did you find the most interesting in these issues?

Detective Chimp’s journey was probably the most interesting. Here’s a…being who lost an important friend, who’s given that friend’s important task and is just stewing in his grief, and he realizes he might have the power from that task to bring him back. You almost can’t blame him for not trying, were it not for the consequences it brought.

  • Share your favorite Swamp Thing panel(s) or moments.

I think just the whole fact that he would do such a last ditch act, one that he knows he’ll probably die in the process of, with John Constantine, for whom the term “best frenemy” was practically invented for, was just really great.

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I agree with @Jay_Kay, I like Jade as a character a lot, but this story is just okay. I do prefer when she had her own powers. That made her unique from the Green Lanterns. But it’s always nice to have a chance to see Wonder Woman with one of the lesser used heroes.
There was one very small exchange that caught my attention. Jenny mentions saying a “Hail Mary.” We then get this very nice panel of Diana praying to Gaea in a book that’s somewhat uneven art-wise. I’ve never heard Diana mention Mary. Some may not like it, but I would expect a sympathetic attitude toward Mary from Diana, even if she doesn’t accept everything from Mary’s story.

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I don’t know if I even knew she existed until I started research for her last week. Everyone talks about Kyle, but I don’t hear about Jenny. I did find her being a legacy Lantern to be interesting. It’s what made me buy Tai Pham’s GL book. The one good parent and one bad one trope is a little eh, but being that she’s the daughter of the original Lantern is really cool, IMO.

Also, seeing Alan Scott like this was a little sad. Remembering Thorn’s (I remember her from something I’ve read but am having a hard time nailing down what) end was sad as well.

Oh, that’s interesting. I didn’t see it like that. Diana actually is the one that mentions how the teleporter makes them feel and wonders if it makes the guys feel like that too. I think Jenny just took it down a “too far” road for her when they had really only just met.

That part was awesome! Hippolyta couldn’t be bothered. She was like, “Okay, I’m hanging up now.”

Do you have a favorite GL?

It’s always fun watching heroes struggle against skellys. I love how they, I believe it was Kirk, wondered how the Skeletons were even able to move and hold up armor.

I am always reminded of THIS


Detective Chimp is a really fascinating character in this book. He messed up in not trying to get help for Myrra much sooner. Can’t blame him for wanting to do what he did, but he really just left them high and dry after that when he knows so many magical beings that could have helped.

I’m not very aware of their relationship so this context really does add a lot more emotion to that whole scene.

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Like I said to Jay, I didn’t even know she existed so I was happy reading this and feeling as if I hadn’t missed out because they covered her backstory in a way where I felt I knew her enough to care about her. Maybe this story was stronger for me than for either of you because I had no idea who she was? It was a good introduction, at the very least. I wonder what anyone else who doesn’t have much knowledge of her thinks of this issue.

Re: Hail Mary.

I imagine Steve or someone in battle was like, “It’s time for a Hail Mary.” Diana probably was curious and asked about it. Although she might have just read up on it since she is religious and knows a lot about the other pantheons.

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She’s probably more recognizable under her usual costume and superhero name, Jade:

As a funny coincidence, the JSA Book Club has been covering her first appearance in the pages of Infinity Inc.

While a different character, there is a character named Rose who has a killer split personality named Thorn who’s shown up a few times, on the board here recently in Birds of Prey, and in modern comics, she’s part of Bendis’ Legion of Super-Heroes.

That’s fair. From what I’ve read of this era, that seems to be a pretty common issue with Diana from the 90s until maybe Gail Simone’s run, so maybe I was just injecting that perspective into my reading.

Okay, that was weird and kind of out of nowhere to others too. Good. I’m not crazy! About that one particular thing, anyway…

Ooof, that’s a hard one. I think the first GL I really noticed and started to like as a character was John Stewart from JL:TAS. In recent years I really started to like Jessica Cruz.

For me, they’re kind of like the Robins, in that there may be characters I like more, but there aren’t any I explicitly don’t like, you know?

Oh yeah, John was created for and introduced in Saga of the Swamp Thing back in the 80s.

Fun fact: while this is absolutely not in continuity anymore, but they were close enough that in the Vertigo era of Swamp Thing, when Alec and Abby wanted to take their relationship to the next level and have a child together, they got Constantine’s help and Alec basically hopped into John’s body and had him…help out.

The end result was Tefe Holland, who actually became the successor to Alec and starred in her own Swamp Thing series written by Brian K. Vaughn in 2000.

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I know her name is Jade from this story, but I recognize her even less with that costume. Wouldn’t even know she had some Lantern lineage.

Isn’t that the same character? That’s like the same exact way they described her here and in her wiki.

The editor was like, “Too long. Trim it by a page.” So the writer cut out the Hippolyta interaction by just having her hang up :rofl:

You’re saying John was a sperm donor? That’s cool of him.

But also body donor for a night? :thinking: :confounded:

Tefe sounds interesting. She was an avatar of the green? When Alec used John’s body was it Alec’s DNA that was passed down or was it that the green chose her?

Just finished that skeleton song as I finished writing this :joy:

What are your opinions on Jenny? Which elements of this team-up were your favorites?
I liked how her inner dialog was about not being able to measure up and then her investigation leads her to Wonder Woman, the hero we all aspire to, yet somehow immeasurable. Until you find yourself working with her, and that can be your mission or hers.

Do you have a favorite green character in DC?
Technically, I do not. If by literally green, then i might have to pick Beast Boy of the animated Teen Titans '03. Because my first favorite green character is an angry man from another Universe.

What did you enjoy from the team’s adventure in Myrra?
On the one hand, they didn’t really give Bobo a choice because off they went. And i like the Blue Devil shout out which was more about the new mission of finding the Nightmaster’s true heir. this story added more complexity to Bobo; to misquote him, “I have hard time focusing if i remember everywhere i’ve read the word(s) i’m reading”.

Which character’s story did you find the most interesting in these issues?
Other than Bobo, Kirk is really starting to grow on me. In #7, his nightmares are clearly of Otherkind origin(s); UDM survived the Witching hour? In Myrra, his questions about how magic works were awesome, but I liked his comeback after Blue devil calls him out as a Batman villain: “…now i can ignore the urge to eat you alive.”

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Well put about Jenny and the mission she embarks on.

Beast Boy! He’s definitely one of the more popular of the green characters for a reason. I suppose Bruce is a popular name in two Universes :sweat_smile:

I really enjoyed that moment of Bobo letting us know how difficult it is for him to just exist. That simple task for him is quite taxing. Makes all the more sense why he drinks so much. I’m sure we all do that where one world will make you think of something else and that of something else. It’s like when you’re on Wikipedia and you click a link then another and another and two hours later you don’t even remember what you initially wanted to know about. For Bobo, it’s that, but infinitely worse. Poor guy.

I’m pretty sure he was only locked away. If I’m remembering correctly, Diana had her witchmark activated and sealed him away, but then UDM and others were released to stop Hecate.

Bobo, Kirk, and Diana normally wouldn’t make sense on this team, but they all are my favorite parts of this book. Constantine has some cool moments, Alec and Zatanna are great, but for me the other three are really the ones getting me invested in the story currently.


One of the nice things about digital comics is seeing some of the alternate covers
I very much enjoyed this arc in JLD. It feels incredibly epic, with the potential destruction of this magical land. But, on the other hand its deeply personal with Bobo grieving to the point of self-pity. The issues seemed much longer than they were. Normally, that’s a bad thing in that it means the book drags. Here though, it’s because there’s so much going on.
Since this is the World of Wonder I had to highlight this two panel scene with Diana. Just the act of physically putting herself on the same level of Bobo demonstrates in a small way her empathetic nature. No “Get off your butt” Batman talk or even “I believe in you, Bobo” from Superman, but an attempt to understand and share Bobo’s pain. Then she rises the cell door off. That’s our girl.

As a character development, I love what the did to Dan.

Um, in New 52 the Stranger was revealed to be Judas. I guess that’s not true anymore.

Frankstein Agent of Shade was a fun book, and Frank is a boss. I didn’t even want to show the follow-on panels cuz wow.


Those are great, but it’s so weird seeing Clayton Crain on DC work nowadays, because I so associate his work with Marvel’s X-Force during the 00s.


Apparently he specializes in the team charging from upper left to lower right motif.