World of Wonder | Week 32 | Women of Wonder: Gail Simone | Mar. 4-10

I forgot about the murdered amazon. that was the point Alkyone needed to believe she was right. Although, I don’t foresee an Amazon’s lethal-ity (lethalness?) being compromised should she sing lullabies to a doll or baby mannequin.

Alkyone’s name seemed familiar. i think we read something that was after she died.

I would have liked more of the others of the circle than just their rep on the island. Granted, I liked how they were described, almost like gossip, but to hear their side of why they agree with Alkyone would have been nice. But in this version, we see how Philomela gets blinded (as opposed to her appearance in the conan story already blind and probably not so traitorous).

And of course, I am always ready to discuss pronunciation.

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Oh yeah, she showed up in the Black Canary team-up issues during Gail’s run. Basically, after Achilles becomes King of the Amazons by decree of the Gods and Diana exiles herself, Alkyone is chosen to become his Queen.

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I don’t remember her showing up, just some sort of mention about her and that she was dead at the time of said mention.

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No one is perfect and when they put Hippolyta on that pedestal, they really couldn’t handle her being human. It really broke them. It was very fanatical, you’re right.

It makes sense for that to be the case. You see them react toward Diana in a similar way others reacted to them. It’s a vicious cycle. It probably made them feel better that at last they were “above” someone with the Dragon’s birth.

Yes! Since no one on Themyscira even knew about Grail, that would catch them by surprise. Although, Alkyone really believe Diana to be the Dragon, not from a prophecy or anything (as I recall), but just out of her sole existence.

I think the excuse in Alkyone’s head was more about how that Amazon’s condition might affect the rest of the Amazons. Alkyone just didn’t really give the Amazons enough credit because she was feeling what that singing Amazon was.

This story did make me wonder if living a long life (centuries for some of these women) in any way impacts their mental health. It’s “normal” on their island so they don’t see death. It’s not as if they’re constantly losing their loved ones. It must still be bizarre witnessing a child and their growth as everyone else remains the same.

Yes! I knew that name sounded familiar from somewhere, but once Hippolyta blinded her, I remembered.

I was wondering this the entire time I was reading it. I have no idea how to pronounce Alkyone. Al-key-own? Al-key-oh-nee? Al-kye(like tie)-oh-nee? How were y’all saying it?

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I was going with Al-key-own, but I could be wrong.

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for Alkyone, I sometimes slip with al-KEY-own, but i try for AL-key-oh-nee.

Philomela i believe is fil-o-MEL-a, but i sometimes slip into fil-OM-el-a

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@Jay_Kay @AntLeon I usually went with Al-key-own, but then I started to question it and started going with Al-key-oh-nee.

Philomela, I always said fil-o-mel-a.

We need an audio book version!
I run into the same thing in Green Lantern. How do you say this aliens name?
One episode Achilles is speaking Greek to Alkyone, and I kind of want to hear it. The translation is there but it’s like hearing elvish in Lord of the Rings. I want to hear it for effect.

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That would be awesome!

We would never have had the Ra’s Al Ghul debate if we had that though :joy: