World of Wonder | Week 31 | Nu'Bia & Wonder Woman TV Crossover | Feb. 26 - Mar. 3

World of Wonder Week 31!

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In this week’s World of Wonder, we shall be reading a story featuring Nu’Bia/Nubia. We’ll be reading Wonder Woman (1986-) #154-155 as well as Supergirl (1972-) #9.
The Supergirl issue is optional as Nubia plays a small part, but it is the only Pre-Crisis book featuring Nubia that has been digitized as far as I know.

This week will be the last week of the Club Crossover event centering around Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman. Thanks @msgtv for setting this up!


:sparkles: Black History Month: Nu’Bia :sparkles:

WONDER WOMAN (1986-) #154-155 + SUPERGIRL (1972-) #9

Wonder Woman joins forces with the lost Amazon Nu’Bia to battle the forces of Ahriman, the Prince of Lies, in an effort to free Nu’Bia’s lost love from his entrapment.

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What to read: WONDER WOMAN (1986-) #154-155 + SUPERGIRL (1972-) #9 (Optional)

:rotating_light: SPOILER Discussion Begins Now


  1. Have you read or heard about Nubia/Nu’Bia before?

  2. What did you enjoy about Nu’Bia in these stories?

  3. Which moments were some of your favorites?

:sparkles: Wonder Woman TV: She Changed the World Crossover :sparkles:

BATMAN '66 MEETS WONDER WOMAN '77 (2016-) #7-12

Wonder Woman, now the first of the superheroes, has a long and storied history that came alive with 1975’s The New Original Wonder Woman and its perfectly cast star Lynda Carter. Join the DCU Community’s World of Wonder , DC TV and Movie Club and the DC History Club as we celebrate Wonder Woman and, her alter ego, Diana Prince’s fight against the forces of evil. Participate in watch-alongs, vote in polls, join discussions, do research and read comics centered around this iconic portrayal of history’s greatest Amazon

When: 2020-02-26T08:00:00Z2020-03-03T08:00:00Z

What to read: BATMAN '66 MEETS WONDER WOMAN '77 (2016-) #7-12

:rotating_light: SPOILER Discussion Begins Now


  1. What were the most enjoyable parts of this crossover between the Adam West Batman and Lynda Carter Wonder Woman?

  2. Which time period did you most enjoy? Why?

  3. Favorite depiction of a supporting cast member that made an appearance?

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Wonder Woman
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Historically, Nubia (debuted 1973) is sometimes considered to be DC Comics’ first black woman superhero character, though this distinction is also accorded to the Teen Titan Bumblebee, a more traditional “costumed crimefighter,” who debuted in 1976.

Would you consider Nubia to be DC Comics’ first black woman superhero character?

  • Yes, an Amazon counts as a superhero!
  • No, traditional costumed hero Bumblebee for me!

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To be fair, the armor an Amazon wears would qualify as a costume.

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Yeah, and she is super in that she’s enhanced beyond a regular human. I suppose the distinction would come in whether or not she was out fighting crime. I haven’t read her initial stories since they’re not digitized though :woman_shrugging:

My only knowledge of this character is most likely from wikipedia. and that is tenuous by the keystroke…

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What were the most enjoyable parts of this crossover between the Adam West Batman and Lynda Carter Wonder Woman? Which time period did you most enjoy? Why? Favorite depiction of a supporting cast member that made an appearance?

I think i will have to lump all the questions together because what I liked most was the Nightwing portion of the saga. They probably could have made his collar larger, but the chest hair that peaked out was sufficient. Of the supporting cast, Barbara as commissioner and as Batwoman was a nice touch, but Chief O’Hara’s daughter shouldn’t have so heavy an accent. It was also that this particular Batman killed his Joker. We don’t know any details, so it could have been an accident vs an outright execution, but such an act would likely retire this Batman, particularly if it were the former.


I definitely enjoyed the second half of the Wonder Woman '77 meets Batman '66 crossover. Using the three eras was a good idea. I think I may have liked the WWII era the best, just because we got a really good Etta (a rare thing). But, Paradise Island was fun. We get Drusilla, and Robin hitting on any Amazon within ten feet.

The Wonder Woman swimsuits was a nice touch.

Then to the 1970s! And '70s references galore. Like @AntLeon I couldn’t help but notice Nigthwing’s hairy chest. And the Cannonball Run reference.

And the Wonder Woman theme song.

But, these guys plus the Kung Fu Fighting reference may have exceeded my childhood '70s quota for the day (and look Wondy is jumping!) All in all, this is a fun series that manages to capture the spirit of the two shows.

  1. I don’t recall ever reading about Nu’Bia before today. I very much enjoyed her character!

  2. Nu’Bia, much like Diana, has a warriors spirit balanced with a compassionate heart. I see her as a woman of honor. I love her willingness to do what is necessary. She was perfectly willing to kill in combat or to save the life of a child, but she would not kill needlessly.

  3. My favorite moments in the Wonder Woman issues would have to be when she used her powers to turn one of the criminals to stone, and where she showed remorse for inadvertently causing the death of Dr. Echo’s girlfriend (Blue Ice?).
    My favorite moment in Supergirl is the moment where Hippolyta chooses to adopt her (Kara) as a daughter, thus effectively making her a sister to Diana and Nu’Bia.
    I could talk more about how I kinda wish Kara had stayed but that’s a whole separate thing.
    I do wish we could have seen the two of them interact more, but for the purpose of seeing some of Nu’Bia’s background it was great. Loved her!


Okay, I feel I should clarify why I chose Bumblebee instead. So, as I understand it, her debut was not technically as a crime fighting superhero, but as an Amazon, a daughter of Hippolyta. As the other Amazons aren’t technically “superheroes” I would say Nu’Bia wouldn’t automatically be classified as one either.
I am not saying that I don’t believe she deserves the title “super” or “hero” but I do think that the moniker of “superhero” comes with certain expectations. Nu’Bia is an Amazon and a warrior, but not all Amazons and not all warriors are classified as “superheros.”
…I hope that made sense :neutral_face: :thinking:

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Have you read or heard about Nubia/Nu’Bia before?
Other than whatever i might or might not remember from wikipedia, i haven’t rad anything featuring her. I’ve also been laboring under a misconception: that her name was Nebula.

What did you enjoy about Nu’Bia in these stories?
With respect to the WW issues, to echo @NovellPaladin, her willingness to kill in battle as well as her remorse when Blue Ice died (is that particular kill ever fully revealed?). I don’t know how keen i am that her mission was to avenge her lover even though it was more about resurrecting him. And she seemed more like a surprise guest star in the Supergirl book, but Supergirl’s mission was all about saving said guest star.

Edit: i did like how they snuck in another pantheon. i’ve heard the name Ahura Mazda, but from what mythology, alas, i do not remember.


That was a very nice two issue story. For me the standout was the character of Nu’Bia. I had heard of her and maybe I read this back then but didn’t really remember it. I like her backstory that mirrors Diana’s in so many ways. I can totally see her included in a Wonder Woman movie. Particularly if they use the Rucka story where Wonder Woman travels to Hades. Nu’Bia would be a very good fit for a version of that story. Couple of panels to highlight. This one is just fun with Wondy’s shadow.

That’s a boss entrance. This is the look I’m thinking of when I say should could easily be in the movies.

I had mixed reactions to this. Wonder Woman is reuniting Dr. Echo with his love, but she’s also sending him to hell. Huh. And, I’m pretty sure Dr. Echo is one of those people with a PhD. in Ed who insists you call him doctor.

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Happy Leap Day everyone!


Loving all of these responses. I’ll try to get to them when I get off of work :hugs:

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:joy: :joy: :joy:

Can never go wrong with some chest hair.

I definitely enjoyed seeing Barbara as Batwoman and Commissioner. I felt her being Commissioner in Batman Beyond fit Barbara like a glove.

Batman’s killing of the Joker surprised me and gave me a sort of weird feeling. It makes sense realistically for that to happen eventually in Batman stories, but not to this Batman. We already had more darker villains with Talia and Ra’s, but then Alfred is dead and Bruce killed Joker? I liked the story, but it took it to a place I don’t believe the TV show would have (then again I’ve only seen the movie and a few episodes here and there).

:rofl: MCU on the brain?

What do you mean? Like, who killed her? It was the combination of the bad guy’s “gift” of the repurposed heart shard necklace and the lasso acting as a conductor?

I did miss seeing more of her and Steve in the following issues. It got a little lopsided in terms of the supporting cast. Etta was a lot of fun in her issues.

Robin was just infatuation city. He was so funny. It was nice seeing his growth in terms of maturity when he was Nightwing.

I didn’t expect to see that and it was great! I can’t wait to finally watch that episode where the swimsuit debuts.


Understandable. It was pretty epic.

That was one of the screenshots I had saved as well! I can’t see the lyrics without singing them in my head.

Yes, I could see her incorporated into one of the live action movies seamlessly. I did enjoy the fact that she had won a tournament herself, just like Diana. It was cool that they brought back Doom’s Doorway and some of that Amazon history. I wish Nu’Bia’s first appearance in this continuity had been digitized, but they make it clear who she is and that she and Diana have met without needing much backstory, if any. I felt like the story kept me in the loop as to who she is quite nicely.

Nu’Bia’s costume was awesome. Her sword is definitely one meant to inflict pain though with all of those jagged edges. It might actually cause more damage coming out of a person than going in.

Yeah, I wasn’t sure if he was, for all intents and purposes, dead.

CW’s Arrow series finale spoiler:

Reminded me of Olicity when Felicity pretty much ends her life to be with Oliver despite still having her children and the rest of her life ahead of her.

Don’t really know how to feel about it.

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Yay, I’m glad you were able to discover a character like Nu’Bia with us :smiley:

I did like her honorable nature and how she did have a line she wouldn’t cross. It made it hit harder when she was feeling terrible about Blue Ice’s fate. They managed to make us believe that emotional journey in just 1-2 issues.

That was pretty cool, but wow, that made her a bit OP. I wonder how that whole story of the Gorgons giving her that power went down.

Yeah, I would have enjoyed seeing Supergirl’s story having more Nubia.

Do it! Talk about it :joy: :smiley:

Oh, that makes complete sense! It’s why Bumblebee is most times regarded as such. I can agree with your assessment.

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I think the misconception was born before that Nebula.

And somehow i missed Alfred had died. But I like that killing Joker took this Batman out of the game vs the proverbial killing machine most iterations of batman would likely become after that first, possibly necessary, kill.

regrading Blue Ice: i think your explanation is what i needed to understand how she died.


It’s not explicitly said, so I could be mistaken. I just got the vibe he was dead by how the characters were speaking and how he didn’t make an appearance despite Bruce being in his cave for most of the final issues. You also had Alfred show up as an “angel” on Bruce’s shoulder alongside Joker (who was dead).

I like that this Batman retired vs became a killing machine too. I never thought it made sense for Batman to just start killing anyone because he killed Joker or whatever other stories have done.

Blue Ice’s death was harsh, but in the first issue you see the necklace/her chest have a focus and then in the second issue you see it more clearly during the explanation the coroner(?) gave.

HERE is an article written by HubCityQuestion which talks about Nubia and some of the history behind her creation.

Also, Wonder Woman Pilot Discussion is now live. We’ll be having watch-alongs for the Lynda Carter series every Sunday starting next week.

@AntLeon I know you wanted to discuss the pilot ^

I have been looking forward to watching Wonder Woman in a watchalong format for a while now. The biggest thing i wanted to mention i kind of spilled in the History club, but will repeat it when appropriate.

Alfred: your inference holds the proverbial water.

Batman as killing machine: it depends on the 1st kill. if it’s premeditated, then that choice gets easier the next time.


You think? I suppose he can justify it after doing it once. He was still somewhat involved in crimefighting even in his self-imposed exile. We see he built a Batmobile for Nightwing.

Ah, okie dokie :smiley: :ok_hand:

maybe. but it’s why i think it was an accident vs premeditation in this telling. Bruce can still take a crime fighting role, but more behind the scenes, that way no one else will needlessly be hurt. A sort of man-Oracle.

the car is just a gift. Also, while this Dick chose to be Nightwing vs pick up the mantle, there is no animosity between him and Bruce. that i noticed.

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