World of Wonder | Week 29 | Valentine's Day | Feb. 12-18

World of Wonder Week 29!

:sparkling_heart: Valentine’s Day :sparkling_heart:



With Valentine’s Day just a couple of days away, I figured we should read Young Romance: The New 52: Special as well as finally start reading Superman/Wonder Woman.

Superman/Wonder Woman #1 also marks the first appearance of Hessia!


When: 2020-02-12T08:00:00Z2020-02-18T08:00:00Z

What to read: Young Romance: The New 52: Special + Superman/Wonder Woman #1-2

:rotating_light: SPOILER Discussion Begins Now


  1. Which story from the Young Romance Special did you most enjoy?

  2. Which DC couple is your personal favorite?

  3. We see some of Wonder Woman’s supporting cast, as well as Superman’s.

  • Which interactions with the supporting cast did you most enjoy?

  • Are there any interactions you’d hope to see between the titular heroes and their partner’s allies/foes?

  1. What were some of your favorite moments and panels?

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:nerd_face: Share your thoughts on the reading overall and let’s discuss :nerd_face:

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If you’re team Steve, I’ll be holding a watch-along this Saturday 2/15 that features WonderTrev in a very cool segment!

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That Brave and Bold episode was great.

Loved the music.

I may spend more time on this title. Only watched the Doom Patrol one before.

There are many hidden gems in both the video and comic book libraries.

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The music was awesome!

Brave and the Bold is a very good show.

More people should be watching and talking about it :smiley:


Even though we all knew in the end he would end up with Lois, I really did enjoy that Superman-Wonder Woman book. Gotta check it out again.


I enjoyed the heck out of this book.

Did he though? :sweat_smile:

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No, he was all about Diana. And it makes total sense that they would go through a phase together

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There is definitely a lot that could be done narratively by combining their worlds. It’s interesting to me.

On Earth Prime? Yeah. On Earth 52…who knows? :smiley:

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Starting on this with thoughts on all the stories in Young Romance:

Batman/Catwoman in “Think it Through”:

Easily the worst story in the entire issue. It’s better than most of Nocenti’s work on the Catwoman book at the time in that it at least doesn’t read like one of Neil Adams’ first drafts while on mescaline, but that’s about it.

Her idea of how Batman and Catwoman meet is so drab and boring, and she manages to get both characters completely wrong. Like, Selina’s whole thing is she robs from the rich, why does she need Batman to tell her not to steal from the needy? Why is Batman telling her what she should steal and who to steal from in the first place? It’s just so WRONG it kind of boggles the mind.

The art by Emanuela Lupacchino was really good, though.

Aquaman/Mera in “The Lighthouse”:

A marked improvement, though still just an okay story. The story of the two lovers is kind of old hat and distracting because, well, I’m looking for an Aquaman and Mera story. I guess it’s written in a way that makes the two lovers analogous to Arthur and Mera, but not in a way that really felt all that interesting. I guess since the regular Aquaman book was already had a strong focus on their relationship they felt like they had to do something different here, but…it just didn’t work very well for me.

Batgirl and Ricky in “Dreamer”:

Oh man, I forgot all about Ricky. That was a weird story. Like, I get that Gail/Fawkes thought someone who was also crippled by crime, but different in that he’s from the wrong side of the tracks could make for an interesting romantic partner for Barbara, but I just don’t think it really worked out all that well. It just feels super forced and kinda cringy.

Apollo/Midnighter in “Seoul Brothers”:

Again, super weird story. Like, there’s two people, one of them at least acts like he’s not really interested in or can’t be in a relationship with the other, so the other just has an empty hook-up at a bar. Uh…Happy Valentine’s Day, I guess? And I like Simon Bisley’s art well enough for certain stories, dude was made to draw Lobo stories, but putting him on this was…certainly a decision.

Nightwing and Ursa Major in “Another Saturday Night”:

What, and I cannot stress this enough, the frick? Nightwing gets dumped by some random chick, meets another random lady, gets a date with her, and gets ghosted the next night? Sheesh, it’s like this one-shot is trying to do the opposite of getting one in a Valentine’s Day mood.

And who doesn’t like pepperoni on pizza? I mean, I get it’s kind of the basic white girl of pizza toppings, but yeesh!

Superman/Wonder Woman in “Truth or Dare”:

My thought after reading all the previous stories in a meme, hidden for naughty language.

I mean, this still has it’s problems. I never fully got what the two song ladies were and what their purpose/plan was. I did like the first few pages where Clark and Diana are just having a good time at a dinner, y’know, nice V-Day activity, and I liked the idea that Clark was able to stop Eros’ love bullet and loves Diana because of who they are and not by the whim of the gods.


Really, outside of the SuperWonder and Aquaman/Mera story, everything else felt kind of terrible, to be perfectly honest. You know, sometimes I scoff when I hear people say that DC/editorial/Didio make these couples suffer because he doesn’t like superhero marriage, but considering this was the best kind of couples they could have highlighted for this kind of one-shot, it makes one wonder if they might have had a point…

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Since when was this Earth 52? Wasn’t it always Earth Prime? Rebirth is just a continuation of this isn’t it? Or are they again trying to retcon stuff? :sweat_smile: I mean, unless they ended up together in the afterlife, I don’t think this Superman and this Lois ended up together.


Before I say, are you adverse to Doomsday Clock spoilers? Probably should have thought of that before I said anything.

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Ooh, Superman/Wonder Woman! Might I stay a bit for the festivities?

SN: I brought Valentine’s Day candy for those who are into it.


You’re always welcome 'round here!

Valentine’s Candy is second only to Halloween Candy! Sorry Christmas and Easter

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I figured as much since the recent reveal of that comic cover with New 52 as its own thing, but I guess I’ll know in a year when Doomsday Clock is finally on here :rofl:

But unless those Superman and Lois were revived, they’re still not ending up together :woman_shrugging: I gotta chill, my SuperWonder is showing :sweat_smile:

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It’s okay to let the SuperWonder show. 'Tis the holiday afterall…

Fun Fact: Superman and Wonder Woman both think those hard candy hearts suck. Clark vaporizes them with his heat vision, while Diana crushes them between her gauntlets/bracers.

I know when I got those on Valentine’s Day that I wanted to vaporize them. I can still taste their sucky, chalky taste.

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Just like candy corn, I love the candy hearts!


I loved candy corn as a kid. It was always a Halloween favorite of mine, and I could never get enough of it.

Then years without eating it passed and I tried it again. Let’s just say that Lewis Black and I share the same mindset about it. :wink:

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Debating whether or not to google his opinions on candy corn. I think it might be best that I don’t. :sweat_smile:

I’m a sucker for holiday themed candy.

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My better half gave me strawberry twizzlers for V day, because I think cherries suck.