World of Wonder | Week 27 | Birds of Prey | Jan. 29-Feb. 4

World of Wonder Week 27!

:sparkles: Wonder Woman and the Birds of Prey :sparkles:


With the release of Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn I figured we’d read a few comics where Wonder Woman and the cast of Birds of Prey crossed paths in some form or another. Huntress (Helena Wayne) had the bulk of her stories appear as backup features in Wonder Woman comics. Dinah Lance, like Diana of Themyscira, is highly respected among all of the Justice League members. Harley Quinn has now joined Wonder Woman as one of the most popular comic characters across all mediums. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT BELOW


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What to read: WONDER WOMAN (1942-) #276, WONDER WOMAN (2006-) #34-35, HARLEY’S LITTLE BLACK BOOK (2015-) #1

:rotating_light: SPOILER Discussion Begins Now


  • Which Birds of Prey character would you like to see Diana team up with more often?
  • If you could form your own BoP team, which characters would be on it?
  • Share your favorite moments and panels from these stories.

:nerd_face: Share your thoughts on the reading overall and let’s discuss :nerd_face:

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Will the discussion of the Wonder Woman '75 pilot be here? or no

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I’m thinking I’ll make a separate post for it, still TBD.

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I will say that a separate thread does feel right. also, this thread is for this week’s reading, and now that i know you have seen an episode of this show, I am looking forward to getting your opinion(s) on it. I also still have to (re)watch it. and get to this week’s reading.

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I agree about a separate thread feeling right. That pilot deserves it. I keep catching myself humming the theme song.
:joy: :joy: :joy:

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Wonder Woman #276:

First, I wish there could have been something that had Diana actually interact with Helena, either Wayne or Bertinelli. Sadly I don’t think that’s really happened a lot. The closest I can think of is Bertinelli being a fairly big part in a WW arc called “Gods in Gotham,” but she interacted more with Artemis.

As for the issue itself, it’s pretty good. I was surprised to see Kobra being her big bad in this – I always kind of assumed that they were created by Mike W Barr years later for his Batman & The Outsiders book. It felt like Conway at the time was trying to take what was popular about the TV show (which I think only ended a year or two prior to this) and do it in a way that felt more modern and serious.

The Helena story was okay, I guess. I’ll never say no to Power Girl team ups, but it felt like one of those things where you might have been more invested if you picked it up in the beginning instead of the middle, if that makes sense.

Some panels I dug:

In terms of magical ways to transform, I’m trying to decide if I like this more than the spin.


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Okay, I wanna play too.

That was a very fun World of Wonder week as I’ve already burned through this stories. Wonder Woman 276 was quick and fun on both the main story and the backup. I don’t know how they would do it, but I really want to see Power Girl on the big screen in the next Birds of Prey whether it has Harley in it or not. A super powerful statuesque PG would work great. But, Diana Prince spent all day at her desk brainstorming and this is what she came up with?

I was 100% into Gail Simone’s run on Wonder Woman. I know Rucka came on and did great things, but I really enjoyed Gail’s slightly more humorous take too. One mark of a great character is that you can pair them with anyone and it works. Both Diana and Dinah work on this measurement.
Wonder is great with animals. I loved the interaction with the polar bears. She’s kind, but doesn’t expect them to be anything but bears

The great white apes are a fun touch during this run.

Black Canary still has that regrettable '80s costume in her closet.

The idea of these two in a comics shop with collectibles, plus the manga/anime inspired statue is fantastic

I haven’t read Harley’s Little Black Book. I expected it to be funny, and it was like Harley’s WW shrine

But, I was pleasantly surprised by the character beats, like Harley striking back at the bullies and taking it too far.

The actual teamup was A+, even if Diana didn’t think so after this.


Diana and Dinah are one of those pairs of characters who are theoretically supposed to be friends but don’t seem to actually interact all that often, so I’ll say her.

Oracle and Black Canary are a perfect team and I wouldn’t dare not have them. And then… uh… Huntress and Lady Blackhawk? I don’t know, the original series is too perfect to change. And as much as I love Gail Simone’s run, there is a part of me that actually sort of preferred it as a duo book.

The Classic Wonder Woman issue was fairly run-of-the-mill for the time. I suppose it had some decent fight scenes?

I also can’t really give favorite moments for the Gail Simone issues because “literally everything out of Dinah’s mouth” doesn’t count as a moment. In all seriousness, Simone is an absolute master of characterization. Better than just about any other comic writer I’ve seen, she gives everyone a distinct, unique voice and makes you like them.

And finally, I’m oh-for-three on being able to pick a favorite moment, because Harley’s Little Black Book was painful. Like, I was fully prepared to give it a chance, and it just. Wasn’t. Funny.

I very nearly almost snorted when Wonder Woman’s outfit didn’t fit Harley and she had to use tape to keep it on, I guess. But even that is canceled out by the “moist” joke, which was just gross.


A while back I had the idea of a season of Supergirl that’s based of Death of/Reign of the Supermen, with Natasha Irons taking the role of Steel, Cyborg Supergirl, some form of The Eradicator, and Power Girl being a replacement for Superboy.

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Which Birds of Prey character would you like to see Diana team up with more often?
Out of the ones featured in this week’s selection, I will vote Black Canary. I am not sure if it was how plucky she was in the reading or Diana’s narration/voice over talking about her despite “league friction”. Out of all the BoP iterations, Oracle might be the most interesting.

If you could form your own BoP team, which characters would be on it?
The first thing to consider is that the Birds are a small 3 or 4 person squad. and if Oracle is on the team, she’s usually placed in the Overwatch position.

Assuming Oracle is either part of the team, the founder and/or calling the shots:

  • any non Barbara Gordon Batgirl, Black Canary, Huntress for more street level kick ass-ery.
  • Power Girl, Vixen, Black Canary for when you need a heavier hand with abilities.

I want to include a configuration without Oracle, which changes the dynamic, especially if the mission is without an Overwatch. Perhaps later…

Share your favorite moments and panels from these stories.

  • Diana and Dinah looking at the Wonder Woman figurine
  • Dinah referring to Diana’s bosom as a national treasure, 2nd to Power Girl

That part made me wonder, “who’s third? Is there a list of the most loved breasts of the DC universe?”


Yeah, we should get a top ten (or, uh, twenty) list in the News section.

For research, of course.

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I decided to use my base instincts and give a guy sort of answer; take it as you will

Hopefully, my chauvinism didn’t kill this thread. Because I also liked Harley’s shrine room

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Wonder Woman #34-35:

I really loved this two-parter. I read it along with the whole Simone run a while back and it is definitely a highlight of it. Dinah’s optimism and positivity really helps Diana through a bad spot (I vaguely remember the arc that came before this, and believe me, Diana went through some stuff).

One thing – I wonder if that was a intentional insult/dig at the Ame-Comi statue line, or Gail writing Diana as her making sure her marketing crew isn’t doing some other malarky? I just found it odd because at least how Leprosi draws it, I don’t think it’s THAT much more revealing than the outfit she wore at the time.

You are aware that Harley Quinn’s character is one who is a blunt feminist who has a perverted sense of humor, right? If that’s not your cup of tea, maybe she’s not for you. Personally I love it about her. But I’m a perverted feminist.

I’m aware that’s what they were trying to write. I think they missed the mark on “humor,” and possibly “feminist,” other than just generally having numerous female characters in the story. That leaves blunt and perverted, which I’ll admit does describe it pretty well.

Sorry to be arguing with your first post on here, by the way. Welcome!

Hey arguing with @BatJamags in your first post, I think there’s some kind of badge for that. Welcome.

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