World of Wonder | Week 25 | All-Star Comics | Sensation Comics | Wonder Woman ('42) | Jan. 15-21

There’s some nice free software you can download for creating gifs through your phone or Android device.

I’m wondering how Nu52 got the teeny tiny font!


Ok I’m ready to give my first report on Wonder Woman, so here we go! Wonder Woman theme music playing in the background

  1. There’s always something weird how artist in the 30s and 40s draw, maybe I’m being spoil to the modern looks, I think Wonder Woman was drawn really well, sadly some few other characters were terrible looking. Maybe they didn’t make stick figures back then.
  2. I like the Clay Orgin story better, not to change the subject did you read the 2 part story where she face Clayface? It was really good, where he steal her clay power and Wonder Woman look like Donna Troy!
  3. Yes she was like Superman with American color outfit, her orgin story was so good in fact if you watch the 1975 Wonder Woman pilot it really was based on her first orgin story! I thought it was well done!
  4. Her love for Steve Trever and wanted to help. You have to understand that when Wonder Woman was created, the World was at war, So having woman hero was unheard of, Wonder Woman was the first ever woman super hero, Where boys can like a girl hero and girls can look up to. There’s a movie about how Wonder Woman got started, I haven’t seen it. Did you know the guy who created Wonder Woman also invented a Lie Detector? Maybe Wonder Woman’s lasso is based on that! :grinning:

Movie about Creator of Wonder Woman.

The Marston Family claims this story about the relationship between the two women is false

The two women in the story stayed together after the death of Marston until one died.

Each had two children from him


The above video says Director / Screenwriter did not contact family but showed film to Zack and Debbie Snyder who produced Batman.v Superman and Gloria Steinem who put Wonder Woman on rhe cover of Ms Magazine 1 and forced DC Comics to give Wonder Woman her super powers back. All three liked the film


It is a pretty good movie, for anyone curious, and it’s currently on Hulu.


I haven’t read that story yet. I’ve been interested in getting to that Clayface story. It sounds pretty cool.

I did like the Wonder Woman pilot!

I did watch that movie. I liked it a lot. Thanks @TurokSonOfStone1950 for the awesome clips and info! I’ve actually just watched it on Hulu again, hadn’t seen it since it came out in theaters @Jay_Kay

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If you.want to learn more about the creation of Wonder Woman

I have.a Road to Trinity topic

Third Wonder Woman but also in first post.

Then the history of heroes before Superman

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Thanks for sharing your topic TSoS! I just read a bit of it. I’ll have to finish the rest after work, but it does have a lot of interesting information. That’s the one thing the movie Professor Marston and the Wonder Women was missing, talking about the other creator behind Wonder Woman. H.G. Peter’s design for Wonder Woman is a huge reason why she’s lasted so long. It’s easily iconic and identifiable.

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Read the first two offerings for the week. It’s interesting to me that there’s no mention of a backup story much less Wonder Woman on the cover. I have to wonder the reaction of the reader to finding this particular story at the back of the book.
For the origin story, though it will be expanded in Wonder Woman 1, this is a pretty solid first try. I’ve started the The Secret History of Wonder Woman by Jill Lapore. First, its a great read, just flies by. But in talking about Marston’s younger years and his interest in both Greek mythology and the suffragette movement you really see it all on the page here. It’s interesting that for the era, Marston definitely sees America as the land of equal rights for women.

Bullets and Bracelets never gets old

Doesn’t that image just rock!

Wonder Woman commits ID theft

Maybe they could have noticed Hitler on the floor and ended the war here.


Since I just had to read the whole All-Star (that’s the way my mind works) a few thoughts.
They really lean hard on trying to make seeing in the dark a special power

These Justice Bros could slow down and get some Wisdom of Athena

They should have listed Hawkgirl as a member


That’s such an interesting point! You go from reading all of these adventures from the JSA and they are all leading to the same villain until the team-up at the end, but wait! The book isn’t over just yet, there is yet another story left. How did the general public take that in?

I’ve been meaning to read The Secret History of Wonder Woman by Jill Lapore, but comics keep me busy! With it now being mentioned in this thread again, I just have to buy the book at last and read it! It is neat getting to see all of Marston’s personality injected into his story and Wonder Woman’s DNA as a character.

True! It’s still thrilling getting to see bullets hitting her bracelets in the live action Wonder Woman and even in Wonder Woman 1984. I can still see Lynda Carter gifs of her doing it and it remains as cool.

100% It’s one of my favorite panels from the reading. Her design is just extremely well done and remains one of the top designs in comics, IMO. You can look to her current look in comics, animation, and live action depictions and see the fingerprints of this original version all over them.

I had to read all of All-Star as well! I figured we should as according to sources, the timeline being introduced in Wonder Woman #750 is going to have Diana play a part in the JSA (as a founding member I believe). It’s wild seeing how much those characters in the JSA have been enhanced over the years. I mean thinking about where Dr. Fate and Spectre end up makes it interesting seeing them taking on low level crimes.

Poor Hawkgirl got sidelined hard. I always forget that she was brunette.


Later retellings tried to make sense of Bullets and Bracelets. The post-Crisis reboot said that they got the gun from Steve’s mom. The animated movie replaced the bullets with arrows. But there is something to be said for the “Why not?” attitude of the Golden Age. If you can’t accept that the Amazons can develop guns despite their isolationist policy and preference for ancient weapons, then how could you ever accept invisible Robot Planes and Kangas?


Good point @AlexanderKnox I did like the bow and arrows scene in the animated movie, but I prefer when writers show the Amazons as having developed technologically. I don’t believe the Amazons would just become stagnant.


I alsoread through the whole All-Star issue, and it’s pretty funny seeing The Spectre, God’s Spirit of Vengeance, initially start dealing with lottery schemes.


Exactly! That was wild. Dr. Fate too! It’s also fun getting to see them be team players. Dr. Fate in JLD has been anything but thus far.

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I know it depends on.the writer but how strong and powerful is the typical Amazom relative to Diana?

The latest story in Year One by Rucka is that she got her powers from many gods after she arrived in America. She won any contest based on her prior Amazonian physique and training

In this origin story

Diana receives her powers upon birth

Amazons are strong and agile enough.that they have at least a chance to survive 'bullets and bracelets" or else that contest would never be given

In much latter stories Artemis takes over as Wonder Woman. Also under John Byrne Queen Hippolyta takes that role both in the Justice Society and in present day.

Yet Diana is often depicted as Strong as Superman and as Fast as the Flash.

How strong is the typical Amazon?

It doesn’t look like the Amazons thought of Diana as anything special except she was the daughter of the Queen. Was she hiding her abililitied or gain them only when an adult like Bryne’s Superman?

Or was she only as strong as Captain America or early Spidet Man. Impressive but nowhere near even the abilities of early Superman?


Better than Sandman who matched his wits against an evil photo scam. And what about Starman? You’ve got a cosmic rod, but rather than dare be late for a meeting you endanger a random child by making him watch a hardened criminal until you get back.


Yeah, the photo scam was weird, but like I said, God’s Spirit of Vengeance. And now that I think about it, why does he even need the Antidote to the monkey flu or whatever? Couldn’t he just, like, take the molecules of the disease in the bloodstream, rip it out of the thug through his nose, turn them into knives and make the mook talk?


An interesting thing in these issues in regards to the clay question is that it sounds like all Amazons were birthed from clay, the difference is that Aphrodite shaped them and Hippolyta shaped Diana. That I definitely don’t like as much because I think it takes away from the specialness of Diana.

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Yeah, it varies so much that I really have no idea. Sometimes they depict Amazons as being able to stand up to Atlanteans or Kyprtonians, and other times the Amazons are at that Cap. level and their edge is their Amazonian training.

It’s a good question and really interesting. I mean I’ve seen Diana in space and underwater, but could any Amazon do that or is it just a Diana thing?

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@msgtv The part where Starman left the child actually stuck out to me. I also have no idea what this Sandman’s powers were, but I figured he wasn’t on the level of the Vertigo one.

@Jay_Kay I don’t think it takes away from Diana’s specialness. Diana still stands apart. She’s not special because of the circumstances surrounding her birth, IMO. I like that the race of the Amazons are created this way. It’s about all of the women being equals in some manner, despite one being a queen and the other a princess. I mean, Diana being a golem is just taken from greek mythology as well. To me, what makes Diana stand apart is her desire to do what’s right even when she’s being told not to by those that “know better”. Reminds me of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman