[World of Wonder] Justice League (2011-) #40-42

Yeah, Fabok has been posting about if off and on for a while now, saying he really wanted to do his best work possible on it, but funnily enough earlier today he talked about they’re figuring out the release date now, so at the very least, we’ll see it by April, which I am waiting for with eager anticipation. :smiley:

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That is going to be great. His art really elevates the writing. I haven’t been keeping up with anything regarding that story so I probably have missed stuff over some of the newer comics, but hopefully it comes out in a timely manner.

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The Batman in the Mobius chair got spoiled on me with some countdown or other, but i still don’t know the answer about the Joker. so i am looking forward to it playing out.


I know i am supposed to conserve posts; my dogs required my attention.

Daughter of Zeus. Which would explain, I think it was in the prelude, how the narrator was talking about how Hippolyta named her Diana, “a Roman name, to hide her…”
I like that Diana and Grail were born at the same time. A daughter of an old god and a daughter of a new god, born to Amazons each.

I believe that’s the original Kirby telling, which is usually repeated when talking about Orion and/or Mister ‘Scot’ Miracle. Of which i liked one T Scot’s telling of how he grew up. It makes me want to know Orion’s path. Metron being the author of the accord is driven home when he tells Darkseid Highfather would stop making war against him.

I like this presentation of Darkseid. I don’t think we’ve seen his full face yet.


Yeah, that’s such a great way of tying their origins together. I’ve always liked when the Olympians and New Gods interact.

It’s funny how they managed to get Scot and Scott in there. Idk much about him, so I found that funny. Metron really messed up poor Scot’s life because Darkseid still kept up his shenanigans. That’s just really brutal going from being Highfather’s son on New Genesis, to a slave camp.

I don’t believe I paid attention to this. Now I’m going to have to go back and check! I love when y’all point out these fun tidbits I might have missed :smiley: