[World of Wonder] Justice League (2011-) #40-42

World of Wonder Week 20!




The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths introduced us to the Anti-Monitor in part 3 of their 5-part event. Let’s read more about the character in the pages of Justice League as Wonder Woman and her allies must face, not only the New God Darkseid, but the anti-god as well.


What to read: JUSTICE LEAGUE (2011-) 40-42 & DC Sneak Peek: Justice League

JUSTICE LEAGUE (2011-) #40
DC Sneak Peek: Justice League “Darkseid War, Prologue Two: The Other Amazon”
JUSTICE LEAGUE (2011-) #41
JUSTICE LEAGUE (2011-) #42

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Note: The Sneak Peek comes from DC Comics: Divergence and takes place after JL #40. It is available through dccomics.com for free not DC Universe.

:rotating_light: SPOILER Discussion Begins Now


  1. Are you enjoying Diana as the narrator of this event?
  2. What did you think of Grail and Myrina?
  3. What would be the first thing you ask the Mobius chair if you were to sit upon it?
  4. Did you see that ending in issue #42 coming?

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Ooh, I remember reading this one when it came out, looking forward to getting back into it. :smiley:

And kudos to adding the Convergence sneak peak in this. I’ve noticed that some people don’t include it when doing other books and some of those I thought were pretty damn important.

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I’m looking forward to it too! I remember being in love with the art. I hope that’s still the case :slight_smile:

Just one thing, it’s from Divergence not Convergence, that’s a whole 'nother thing altogether.

If you’re looking to read the entire Divergence Comic you can find parts 1 and 2 on dccomics.com or own it on kindle through Amazon for free.

Yeah, I think I conflate the two because in Convergence there were preview issues for all the upcoming books in the DCYou initiative, which JL was a part of, and Comixology released all of them as free previews on their site.

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Yeah, I remember that. I couldn’t find the Divergence issue on Comixology though. I remember getting it on Free Comic Book Day, but I couldn’t find it anymore. Maybe I just suck at using search features :rofl:

I think the Divergence issue was basically split into the three stories that it had, which was Batman, Superman, and Justice League. I remember Batman was establishing the JimBats status quo and Superman was a in media res introduction to the Truth status quo, aka the Return of the Jeans and T-Shirt.

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JimBats… aww good times.

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Yeah… I didn’t read last week. But I’m determined this time.

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Woo! Glad to have you this week :smiley:

There’s my boy in issue 40!

Anyway, carry on.


LOL! Those images were pretty neat. Honk is the one I was happy to see :slight_smile:


Okay, I gotta gush on the tag-team of artists on #40 for a sec.

First, we get some great pages from Kevin McGuire. He’s mostly talked about for his comedy, and rightfully so, but the amazing expressions that make his comedy so good also works in drama, and his take on the pact between Apokolyps and New Genesis really sells the horror and tragedy of it.

Then, we get an amazing spread of Crisis on Infinite Earths by Phil Jimenez, the artist closest to Perez’s equal in terms of filling heroes on a page.

Then, we get some great shots of other cosmic Crisis stories by Jerry Ordway and Scott Kolins.

AND THEN, we get a beautiful action spread by Jim Lee of the New 52 Justice League.

Man, first issue and it’s already a feast for the eyes. :heart_eyes:

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I had saved every single one of those images to talk about them too! The first issue starts off with a bang. Feast for the eyes is the perfect description.

Discussion Questions

    Are you enjoying Diana as the narrator of this event?

Yes! I love how important Wonder Woman and her mythos seem to be thus far. We get Steve and the Amazons playing a role in a big event like this and it’s nice to see. I really enjoyed Diana’s inner thoughts throughout the entire scene where she was fighting Grail. Diana seems to have the most ties to these villains as far as the Justice League goes. Scot probably has the most ties to them though, which makes sense why he’s another narrator for the issues.

Seeing the League through Diana’s lens really put it into perspective why they ended up teaming up. I loved getting to flashback to the Leaguers with their parents.

    What did you think of Grail and Myrina?

I am loving them! The backstory in Prologue Two was pretty good. I just wonder why/how Myrina came to the conclusion that Darkseid had to be taken down by his daughter. Did Myrina want Darkseid gone before she got pregnant or did that come after? Did she go out of her way to get pregnant by Darkseid just to take him down? How did she even end up in the same sphere as him? There is so much I want to know.

Grail is just really cool. Her design is awesome.

Her weapon is great. The way she took down the League was a lot of fun. It’s also interesting how she was traveling the multiverse trying to find someone able to take down Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor ended up being the one chosen to complete that task.

I like that Grail was methodically taking down the Justice League one by one before they could realize what was happening. I can’t wait to keep reading what happens after the heroes return from the Rock of Eternity.

Also, the way Grail traveled through Flash was disgusting and really impressive.

    What would be the first thing you ask the Mobius chair if you were to sit upon it?

I have no idea! It seems a bit overwhelming having the knowledge of everything and anything at your fingertips. Google is quaking. Would the chair know how to achieve world peace? That’s just a lot of power and then do you use the knowledge or just watch the way Metron does? I’d probably ask it what I should eat that day because I can never make up my mind!

    Did you see that ending in issue #42 coming?

Yeah, of course. It was hinted/revealed in the Sneak Peek, but it was still incredibly exciting when it happened. What I didn’t see coming was how quickly Batman just jumped on the chair. He was ready. It’s a little revealing that Batman is the one constantly attempting to bring down gods, but given the opportunity he jumps at being a god himself. I do like the questions he asked. It’s crazy how the greatest detective had to confirm who killed his parents and how he didn’t know who the Joker was.

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Are you enjoying Diana as the narrator of this event?
Between she and Scot, yes. I like that sort of perspective in general.

What did you think of Grail and Myrina?
Myrina may have an Omega tattoo, but she wants to take down Darkseid, but i don’t think it was mentioned why. Or why it had to be through a child of Darkseid (spawn of Darkseid?). the impression i got was Myrina went to Darkseid with premeditation.

The writing was making a parallel between Grail’s and Diana’s births. Grail is the daughter of Darkseid, but Diana? the whole born of clay thing is some sort of ruse for this run? But an amazon-apokiliptan cross-breed is nothing to sneeze at.

What would be the first thing you ask the Mobius chair if you were to sit upon it?
I would like the cure(s) for what ails me. What I liked about Batman getting into the chair was that he first asked a question that he already knew the answer to. We never find out the true name of the Joker which “it can’t be! it’s not possible!” Do we?

Did you see that ending in issue #42 coming?
What surprised me is that the Anti-Monitor has some sort of Fourth World tie; he being the Destroyer and Metron being the Witness. And knowing the Anti-Monitor’s true name

I did like this take on the Highfather-Darkseid peace accord. That the sons were older than infants already had my interest. I would be interested in seeing Orion grow, more to the point to see how he doesn’t destroy New Genesis from within nor does New Genesis try to break him.

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Diana is the daughter of Zeus in this continuity.

Oh, okay, so he was testing the chair? I should have figured he’d know that already. As for Joker’s name, I think that’s answered in another book, but I don’t know if it’s brought up in Darkseid War again.

Yeah, I was surprised to see they weren’t babies. It was super sad seeing Scot begging not to be given up. I wasn’t sure if I was remembering it incorrectly or not because I had thought Scot and Orion were babies when they were exchanged.

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Are you enjoying Diana as the narrator of this event?

Definitely, and what’s kind of interesting about this is that I don’t think Johns would have been able to use Diana this well before this story, and he as much admitted that. He’s said in the past that out of all the characters in DC he had written, Diana was the one who eluded him the most, the hardest for him to figure out. He’s said in the past that it wasn’t until Jason Fabok started drawing her in the arc previous to this, The Amazo Virus, that he really started to get the character, and that was what inspired him to make Wonder Woman a huge part of this arc.

I guess that’s just a weird, tangental way to say yeah, I’m really enjoying her being one of the narrators and key characters within this story. :sweat_smile:

What did you think of Grail and Myrina?

They’re both pretty cool. First, Grail’s introduction is very well done, especially since she had been hinted at all the way back in Johns’ and Jim Lee’s first arc of Justice League – Darkseid personally invaded the Prime Earth in his Multiversal invasion specifically to look for his daughter. So to finally see her in action, and really get to see how formidable she is and how personal a foe she can be for Wonder Woman especially, she’s definitely a highlight of these issues, and from what I remember, in later issues as well.

Myrina is also pretty cool – while it’s surprising she was able to hide herself from the world so effectively, the idea of this ancient Amazonian assassin protecting the world is interesting.

What would be the first thing you ask the Mobius chair if you were to sit upon it?

“Did Gene Epstein k–” You know what, let’s not go there, we all know the answer anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, when you get to the point of such cosmic and godly devices, it’s hard to really ask the “big questions” when the devices’ very existence kind of answers them. “Is there a God?” “Why is there evil in this world?” “What is the meaning of life?”

Did you see that ending in issue #42 coming?

I mean, the Divergence story hinted at it, and I have read this story before, so kinda, yeah. But I will say that it is a great cliffhanger and a really intriguing direction to take Batman in this big, cosmic storyline. I will also say that seeing Batman say “I’m a god now” always makes me think of this song:

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@AntLeon / @nu52 – The answer to what Batman asks about Joker is explained in the end of this story and/or the DC Universe: Rebirth one-shot. It hasn’t been fully addressed yet, but it will in a project Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok have been working on for a while (I’m being coy in case you guys haven’t heard about it or forgotten about it, since it has been a while since there were formal announcements about it).

As for the Joe Chill question, I think it can be taken either way. If I remember right, Scott Snyder during his run put in the idea that the name “Joe Chill” is sort of the Gotham equivalent of “John Doe,” an unknown person. I think that was his idea of having it both ways, where the name is still there, but Batman doesn’t know who he truly is. I don’t know if Johns was working with that idea in mind, however.

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Jason Fabok really needs to be commended for his gorgeous art. He’s really great. His art also, IMO, is a huge inspiration for the live action Wonder Woman. I would love to see Johns and Fabok re-teaming for a Wonder Woman solo project. Even if it’s not her ongoing, but like something for the Black Label. I haven’t really read many JL stories, but the ones I have read don’t really feature Diana like this. I’m enjoing her being one of the narrators and key characters too :smiley:

I gotta re-read that! I didn’t remember that at all. That’s pretty epic. From what you said before about Johns struggling with writing Diana, I wonder if Grail was always meant to be an Amazon or if that was a later addition. We need more Grail in current comics and animated movies.

Myrina had to have been part of Man’s World for a long time if she was the first to leave Themyscira. I kind of want to get how she went from that to willing to sacrifice billions just to take out Darkseid.

I know the idea, but I didn’t know Fabok will be joining him on that project. It has taken a really long time. Thanks for the info on that! Always helps having a World of Bats Book Club leader to fill in some gaps :smiley:

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