[World of Wonder] JL: Darkseid War: Special + Justice League (2011-) #49-50

Thanks for sharing your story. It’s amazing how much art can help people through tough times. I’m glad you’re in a better place, CSD. I have a feeling that Jessica is one of those characters that will stick around in multiple mediums for decades to come. I think my favorite Lantern is still between Hal, Laira, and Aya.


Actually Laira is my favorite lantern! I wish that she got more time in the spotlight. She’s so badass :sunglasses:

Art really is such an amazingly therapeutic medium. Art has been a huge part of my life and comic books are a big part of that! I actually did a project in school when I was in patient communication and we were learning about how to help chronically and terminally ill patients come to terms with their illnesses and I studied using comic books as a form of patient therapy. The results are actually really amazing. It almost seems harsh, but as a healthcare provider, I can’t tell patients anything along the lines of “don’t worry” or “I’m sure you’re gonna be ok”, etc., because I don’t know that. It sucks but saying something like that is essentially the same as lying to your patient because you can’t make them any guarantees. But when I can offer them something therapeutic that speaks to them and helps them with what they’re going through, I know that I can offer them some comfort. I like to offer comics when I can as that kind of therapy because it seems to have such good results with people of all ages.


That’s incredible. Comics definitely appeal to a broad age range. It’s really interesting hearing how you utilize art and comics in your career to help people. Not all heroes wear capes.


Thanks! I think it’s really cool too!

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Just have to read the article.

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:rotating_light: Spoilers all over this post! :rotating_light:

You know what? I put a lot of spoilers in here, and I was going to go through and try to hide them all, but I’m just gonna hide the whole thing lol. I don’t wanna give anything away to anyone who isn’t done reading yet :wink:

World of Wonder Week 24 Discussion
  1. Did you find the conclusion to The Darkseid War satisfying?

As far as Grail’s storyline goes, I was quite satisfied. I felt like the path that she takes after the war and her attempt to give herself and her father a second chance is very cool. Nieve in all likelihood, but cool nonetheless. Though she fights back against her nature, it is just too strong for her to overcome it seems. Deep down though, I feel like she does have good intentions. She’s just got so much riding against her with her parents. First, her dad is basically evil incarnate, then her mom teaches her that she can save the world by starting a war between cosmic entities. Then to top it all off, the only person that she truly loved and who truly loved her back, her mother, ends up dying by her own hand (ok, well, her own evil eyeballs anyway). Talk about a seriously rough life. But yet, she still finds the strength and compassion to try and find her path back from all the darkness and to give her father a second chance as well by “re-raising” him. Definitely weird and kinda messed up for sure, she turns Superwoman’s baby into Darkseid, and then turns Darkseid back into a baby lol, but still touching and kinda cool in its own way.

As for the other characters, I found some of their endings to be satisfying, while others were certainly up in the air. The epilogue was rather jarring. Metron and Owlman talking about their respective schemes, then suddenly, “No. He’s here, he’s —” BAM, Owlman/Metron Chair down! WTF? That part is certainly not a satisfying ending. Batman’s storyline is also left disturbingly unresolved with the information he is trying to process about the Joker.

I guess I have to say that there’s a lot left open-ended at the end of this story, but I still don’t know that I would call it unsatisfying. As far a the events of the war itself are concerned, I felt like the ending was satisfying. I liked how the war itself was wrapped up. As for the storylines that were left open-ended, they serve as set-up points for them to be continued. Those parts aren’t meant to be wrapped up neatly, so they really don’t bother me. Overall, I really enjoy all of this story and I will give it my stamp of satisfied approval.

  1. What stood out to you the most from these issues and the entire event in general?

The one thing that has always stood out the most for me in this series is the story of Myrina giving birth to Grail on Paradise Island on the same night of Diana’s birth. The story is broken up into a few different parts throughout the story, and I have actually gone back and cherry-picked just the “flashback to that night” scenes and read them in succession together. It’s a side story, but all together it’s about the same size as a small comic book issue by itself. This whole little side story is so well done and has always been one of the things that I remember most distinctly.

  1. Which character was your favorite throughout the event?

I’m honestly surprised by it myself, but my favorite character in this story is Grail. As I’ve probably given away from my first two answers, I am quite partial to her background and her potential to do good. Especially when you take her backstory into account, she has a pretty in-depth character development for someone who just came onto the scene at the beginning of this story. Like I mentioned before, I really love how she is still attempting to find a path to be “good” even at the end of the story. In many ways, she is a villain in this story, but she also has many redeeming factors for me. Also, I just think she looks so badass lol. I love the way her character is drawn and I love looking at her during the story. When I read Darkseid War for the first time, I spent a lot of time studying the panels with Grail because I love the way she looks so much.

  1. The Trinity has some world-changing revelations, which one intrigues you the most?

This is a really interesting point to think about. Batman’s revelation of their having been three Jokers is pretty amazing. I have to go back to my ongoing theme here though. I have to say that the last revelation when Myrina tells Diana that she has a brother is what I find most intriguing. It goes back to the backstory of Myrina and Grail that I find so interesting, as well as the way that Diana is beginning to understand that she really doesn’t know everything about her own home and past. I just can’t help but be morbidly fascinated by it lol.

  1. Do you see the parallels between Wonder Woman and the Flash?

Heck yes, I do! It’s really cool how this issue seems to lay the groundwork for a lot of things to come, in particular, the exploits of the Flash. Great article!

  1. Would you like to see Tara in a modern comic?

I really think that I would enjoy that. I can already see a number of ways that it could go. She could be a serious character that stuck around for a whole story arc, or she could even just be part of a special and I think it would be equally as fun.

  1. Should Wonder Woman have more alternate Earth stories?

Absolutely! I love seeing main cannon characters having alternate Earth adventures. I wish we saw more of it. Especially with her versatile nature and magical origins, Wonder Woman is a perfect character to jump into alternate Earth scenarios.


Personally, I’d say don’t worry about spoilers for the current reading because spoiler discussion begins as soon as the event goes live.

I agree with sooo much of what you said. Grail definitely comes out of this event as one of the highlights and more interesting characters. It’s a shame more hasn’t been done with her. I really hadn’t remembered just how much she was trying to be good. It did seem like she had given herself to the darkness there, but her sadness over her mother and her wanting to do right by the baby do show she’s not lost that inner battle yet.

I understand what you mean about the Metron and Owlman section. That part felt tacked on in a way where the other open-ended segments did not. I feel we had enough foreshadowing for the other portions that would serve as setup, but I didn’t really feel that from Metron/Owlman.

I agree that the backstory featured in flashbacks of Myrina and Hippolyta giving birth at the same times is quite memorable. DC Universe really should have that sneak peek on the service because it fills in a good portion of that night that we don’t see in the main JL series or in the one-shots.

Yeah, it’s wild that Wonder Woman was in a way a precursor to the Flash.

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Don’t worry about posting spoilers. i want to sleep on it before i answer the questions. I also have some context with respect to the Batman cliffhanger.

I did like Diana as narrator. the specials were more about the shifts in power and who got what.

I forgot to mention i saw Diana’s JLD in a new to DCU Flash selection.


Yeah, I’m surprised that three isn’t more Elseworld/alternate stories focused on Diana. The only one I can think of is Wonder Woman: Amazonia, white she comes to Man’s World during the Victorian Era.

Thankfully we’re stuff to get more, such as Earth One, The True Amazon, and the recently starting Dead Earth.


let me say that tihs about GL Cruz: she is new to me, so without knowing more i can neither like nor dislike. I did like her in JLvF5 and that JLOdyssey spoiler also bummed me out, but knowing a fate and having it play out are two (2) different things.

Is it told whose ring she inherited? I liked that line: ‘does this sector really need another lantern?’


well shucks y’all sorry everyone, I did blur the spoiler :frowning_face: Cruz got her ring from Power Ring, a member from the Crime Syndicate in Forever Evil, if memory serves me right.

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Close, it was the first arc of Justice League after Forever Evil, when Luthor and Captain Cold joined the team.

Which reminds me, a thing that always felt like a missed opportunity in this part of Johns’ run was how they underutilized Captain Cold in this run. He really only plays a small role in the Amazo Virus arc, where he does have some pretty good interactions with Wonder Woman.


I believe AntLeon is asking which Lantern she inherited her current Lantern ring from that she gets when she’s “revived”. As far as I know, it wasn’t mentioned.

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Spoiler for AntLeon and anyone who hasn’t finish new52 JLah yeah unless they got into it in rebirth, I thought it was just self manifested and thats why hal and john were puzzled by it. I think he was talking about the power ring because he said he was unfamiliar with Cruz

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was close, haven’t read them since they came out. And yeah waste of Cold just being a bodyguard

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