[World of Superman] All-Star Superman: Comics to Movie Comparison

Howdy y’all an welcome to the World of Superman, where we discuss and share our love for everything Big Blue. As you may know the animated movie All-Star Superman will be going back to the Phantom Zone on July 1. Written by the legendary Grant Morrison, with stunning art by Frank Quitely and digitally inked by Jamie Grant. It is in my opinion one of the best Superman stories ever created and won the Eisner Award for “Best New Series” in 2006. The story was then later beautifully adapted to an animated film in 2011 by the magnificent Dwayne McDuffie. McDuffie gave us some of the best stories to be part of DC’s animated collection including: Static Shock, Teen Titans Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths and JL Doom, along with many Justice League and Justice League Unlimited eps… Sadly McDuffie passed away a day before the release of All-Star Superman in 2011. He was truly a beautiful and magnificent person and will be missed.

Adapting a comic story to a movie can be challenging. There is the main narrative that you want to tell and certain parts that you just can’t fit into the film. McDuffie was excellent at this and his work on All-Star Superman is a prime example.

So to honor Dwayne McDuffie along with Morrison, Quitely, and Grant; I would like to hear y’alls opinion on All-Star Superman, comparing the Comics to the Movie. We have 8 days left to watch this masterpiece and I would like to Know:

Do you agree with McDuffie’s selection on what he put in the Movie to tell the overall narrative?

Is There anything you would add from the comics, and /or take out of the movie to make it better in your opinion?

Were there any changes that were not in the comics that you thought made the movie better?

I wish I had made this thread last week, my apologies I’ve been rather busy. If it makes it any easier: All-Star Superman was a 12 issue series with Issues 1,2,3,5,9,11,&12 being the narrative that is depicted in the Movie with subtle differences if any. While Issues 4,6,7,8,& parts of 10 are not covered in the Movie. I feel that a fun way to go about this is to watch the movie first and then dive into the comics.

Thanks I hope y’all have fun with this


Thanks for the heads up @AquamonC137… maybe we should hold a watchalong of it before it departs, maybe next Saturday night 9 p.m. Eastern, or some other time.


@Don-El thats a great idea! I’m all for it.:smiley:



That was a great analysis of what was left out from the video which will make my re reading of the story easier.

The same kind of cutting occured in Justice League New Frontier with first issue gone except for main iconic image repurposed in the final battle scene with the death of a hero.


@TurokSonOfStone, Thank you and I hope you are doing well Sir. Yes Justice League New Frontier is another great one that was adapted to an animated film. I love the silver age style and Darwyn Cooke did a fantastic job of capturing it. Another great person that we have lost in recent year.

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What thats crazy did someone just bump this thread up!

Nice idea for a thread, @Aquamon. I will say that issue 6 is the one I missed most in the movie, an emotional whirlwind that shows a definitive time in Clark’s life, with Pa Kent dying. I get why they left it out, since it would have made the movie a lot less linear, but maybe they could have incorporated a truncated version as a Flashback.


Yeah, it would have been nice to have a little something of #6, but I get why.

For me, one of the big things they took out that I was so bummed out to not see was Superman stopping the woman from committing suicide. There are a lot of amazing, iconic moments in this series, and that was at least Top Three.


@moro, Hey!Yes #6 was by far my favorite among the ones that didn’t get included and I too agree that leaving it out helped with the flow for the movies sake. But what a great story. I don’t know if its just because I am such a Superman fan but his comics are so good at tugging at your heart strings and delivering an emotional blow that always leaves me chocked up.

@Jay_kay, yeah that was a moving moment and this story is filled with them. His compassion is something truly worth striving for.

Thanks y’all for sharing your thoughts with me, this is one of my most favorite comic stories!