World of Bats: The Batman Book Club!

First off, welcome, @J.Millan! Glad to have you on board. :slight_smile:

Second, do not worry too much about not having read a lot – we all start out as noobs.

To join the conversation, just keep an eye out for the weekly discussion threads. Right now we’re doing an arc from Batman Confidential “Do You Understand These Rights,” and I’m probably going to post the one from last week that I tried to do on Discord, “Going Sane.”

When I get off work tonight, I think I’ll do an archive post on here of all the previous weeks. Like I’ve said before, I personally don’t mind if new people bump up the thread with their thoughts. :slight_smile:

As for where to start – for this club we’ve been kind of delving more into the lesser-known books, and while there’s definitely some great stuff there (especially in the first month detailing the first arcs of the Legends of the Dark Knight series), if you want to delve into the absolute Batman classics, I’d recommend checking out the Storylines segment of the Comic Book section. There, they’ve posted some of the best DC storylines ever into one convienent page where you can read through them. What’s even cooler is that if they’ve been adapted into other media that’s on the site, they list them as well. I’ll post on here some of the better Batman ones:

The Dark Knight Returns

Batman: Year One

Batman & Son (Starts the Grant Morrison saga of Batman)

Black Mirror (Scott Snyder’s first Batman work)

Batman: No Man’s Land

Batman: Strange Apparitions

Batman: The Long Halloween

Batman: Dark Victory (The sequel to The Long Halloween)

Batman: Hush

Batman: The Court of Owls

A Death In the Family

Under the Hood


Hey there @Jay_Kay so this is my first book club (be gentle). Is “do you understand these rights” the next upcoming arc we are reading? Or is it currently being read/discussed?


It’s the current thread! Here’s the link.

It’ll run all the way until Saturday, where I’ll post the last installment of the Joker themed month, but you can still post whenever you’re finished and want to discuss it.


Sweet thank you


Hello! I’m sneaking in…not exactly sure how this works yet, but I’m here to give it a try. I’ve always loved reading/watching anything Batman related and seeing all of the Bat Fam relationships grow and shift. I may not be able to keep up right now but I’ll try! (HS English teacher with end of quarter grades due next week. Woo!) Guess I need to catch up on this month’s reading a bit first.


Hey I’ve been on the app for a while but not involved a lot. Looking to get more into it. Most everything I know is from the screen and not pages. I’ve read a few key comics (Flashpoint, Killing Joke, etc) but other than that mainly tv and movies. Thanks for having me in the club and o look forward to learning more about the bat family with you guys


Awesome! Glad to have you on board. :grin:


Hello, will you be using the hash tags to alert members to the first post for the new book to read?

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That…is a good idea! I’ll definitely do that.


Yay, looking forward to the book club!


Book Cluuub! Tally-hooo! :batman_hv_5:


Bumping the thread to let you guys know that for anyone who has had problems finding previous threads of the book club, so I’ve just added a MASTER LIST on the first post! From here on, all threads for the club will be listed there.

So if you want to go back and read the books we’ve previously gone through, now’s your chance! :smiley:


Thanks, you’re the best :koala:

So what exactly is involved with joining? I’d love to join but I don’t always have time to read every week… Just want to make sure I don’t commit to something I cannot follow through on.

No commitment at all. We’ll all give you very intense Bat-glares next time you do show up, but just join in when you want to. Joining at all is only necessary for the cool avatar flare.

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Just signed up for DC universe, can’t wait to dive in to all these great stories!


Welcome! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. :slight_smile:

Hello everyone! How’s it going? First timer, may I join?

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Absolutely! You can officially join the club by clicking this link, and you can either follow our current reading for this month, or find something on the master list on the top post to read.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! :slight_smile:

Awesome thanks! :slight_smile: