[World of Bats] Pride Month! Batwoman (Vol 2) Rebirth #1, #1-6 "The Many Arms of Death"

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This week we’re continuing to celebrate Pride Month and our in-depth look at Kate Kane by going through her first arc in her Rebirth era on-going, “The Many Arms of Death,” written by Marguerite Bennett & James Tynion IV, with art by Steve Epting, Stephanie Hans, and Renato Arlem.

Here are the links to the issues:

Batwoman: Rebirth #1
Batwoman (2017) #1
Batwoman (2017) #2
Batwoman (2017) #3
Batwoman (2017) #4
Batwoman (2017) #5
Batwoman (2017) #6

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The dynamic between Julia and Kate was fun. I kind of thought this story in general was a little bland. The Many Arms of Death felt to me like any other evil organization.


Julia and Kate was a fun duo – first I just liked that Julia was being used again after kind of being pushed aside during the start of Rebirth. Then they had an interesting dynamic together, close and yet at odds. I can definitely understand why they made the two a couple in the TV series.

Also, Julia playing “creepy twin bingo” was just the best.

(Heh, just noticed the Matrix reference in there, nice.)

I can kind of get what you’re saying about the Many Arms of Death feeling like yet another evil corporation. Those are kind of a dime a dozen. I will say that after reading the entire series for this and for the Birds of Prey Club examining the last arc of this series that they do get a little more interesting, but in the end, I think they’re just kind of springboards to get to the real interesting meat of the story, which is Kate’s struggles with her past.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! :smiley:

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