[World of Bats] KNIGHTQUEST Continues! (Az)Bat and Cat, A Joker Production!

Hello and welcome to the World of Bats, the Batman Book Club!

First off, hope everyone here had a wonderful holiday, and wishing everyone a Happy New Year! :partying_face:

And in the spirit of the holiday, I’m making a resolution – with this new year, we’re going to do more of the Batman events and we are finishing the Knightfall saga. So for the month of January we will be finishing the rest of the Knightquest segment, and Knightsend shortly after, probably as a casefile in February. So let’s get going!

This week we’ll be reading Catwoman #6-7 by Jo Duffy and Jim Balent, Batman #503-504 by Doug Moench and Mike Manley, and Detective Comics #671-673, by Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan.

Reading will go from 2022-12-31T06:00:00Z2023-01-06T06:00:00Z, but if you’re dealing with a dangerously deadly diva during your film production, you can always come back later!

Looking forward to discussing these issues with you all! :smiley:

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If you’re just joining us or want to go back, here are our previous looks at the Knightfall event:

And one last thing:

Recently the DCUI service launched the Ultra tier, which not only includes the ability to read books a month after print publication, but a bunch of exclusive digital trades and Vertigo titles. This includes some (in)famous stories like The Killing Joke and The Three Jokers, as well as trades that were never digitally processed as single issues, like The Demon Trilogy and Death & The Maidens. I also recently found out that some previously covered OGNs, like the Earth One issues and the YA novels are now in the Ultra tier.

In terms of regular books, I’m going to keep to the standard tier six-month after to use them for the club (barring exceptions like Batman/Catwoman which was close enough to count), but I’m wonder where everyone is on the other exclusive content.

How would you like to see WOB cover Ultra-Exclusive content?

  • Add them to the weekly rotation
  • Use them sparingly, like Casefiles or once a month or two
  • Don’t use them at all

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I used to own copies of those Catwoman issues. At the time, I really liked the Catwoman art. In retrospect, it’s a bit too cheesecake for my liking.

I had 'Tec #671 as well. I love “director Joker.”


I actually read through a bit of this early Balent Catwoman run a little bit and I was surprised at how well it held up. Balent’s art here is definitely cheesecake-y, but I think it works better than, say, some of later or more recent work with Catwoman:

And ESPECIALLY better than what he would do in other books like Tarot…


Just to provide some detail about where I am on this, I don’t plan to upgrade to the Ultra tier but I won’t stand in the way of you sharing those books with the other members of World of Bats if there’s something that really sparks your interest.


Catwoman’s story was interesting. I enjoyed it, but I liked the Joker story a little bit more. Jean-Paul is being a bit of a creep; the way he obsessed over that co-ed didn’t sit right with me. It’s also a little strange that they feel like they have to keep telling us that this Batman is more brutal.

I wonder if Dixon ever made it clear how he feels about Hollywood types. His opinion on them seems a little muddled here :wink:


You’d think they’d show that by having him, you know, kill people…

The weird thing is that he’s really no worse than Bruce is under certain writers.