[World of Bats] Infinite! Batman: Earth One

Hello and welcome to another installment of the World of Bats, the Batman Book Club!

This installment we’re continuing to explore the new books offered by the start of DC Universe Infinite by going through the original graphic novel Batman: Earth One, written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Gary Frank.

Here is the link to the graphic novel: DC Universe

This installment will be current from 2021-01-30T06:00:00Z2021-02-05T06:00:00Z, but these discussions will always be open to anyone who reads it and wants to discuss it. :slight_smile:

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This comic feels like an appropriate choice while we’re still watching Beware the Batman on Saturday nights. :wink:


Yeah, I think this take on Alfred was rather influential – not just on Beware the Batman, but I imagine the Alfred in Gotham had a bit of this too. I could totally see this Alfred giving a young Bruce a roll of nickels to properly punch out a young Tommy Elliot. :laughing:


There are so many things about this take on Batman that I love, to the point that I’d have accepted most of these new developments as canon for the New 52. That’s why some of the little details (like Martha being a member of the Arkham family) really bug me. It’s as if Geoff Johns didn’t recognize when his twists on the mythos were getting a little too cute.

Then Volume 2 came along and ruined everything, anyway.

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I’m not finished reading it yet, but I definitely get some heavy Gotham vibes after about 30 pages. Particularly with Alfred, but also with us meeting younger versions of known characters (Dent, Fox). Overall, I think it’s good, so far, but I’m not really feeling this take on Bullock. Maybe it will grow on me.

Did anyone else think about Casino Royale during the first chase scene where the grapple gun failed and Batman couldn’t make the jump? I’m thinking about the part where inexperienced Bond, newly 007, sort of muddled through a chase (crashing through walls and generally not looking smooth while struggling to keep up with the parkour guy).

I’ve finished the reading now, and I think the book is great. It was interesting to see an inexperienced Batman growing into what he will eventually become and we got a Harvey Bullock origin story, too. I think I will have to take back what I said earlier, I ended up really enjoying Bullock in this interpretation.


My big problem with this take is that it’s completely divorced from Bullock’s previous origin. Everyone else at least somewhat resembles their old selves. And even worse, his appearance and personality are little more than an in-joke for old fans, not something designed to make him more accessible to new fans. Isn’t that kinda the point of the Earth One books?


This was one of the very first book I’ve read on the new DC Universe Infinite, I love just about everything in this book, including having The Penguin as a corrupt Mayor! If Lex can be a evil business man, I think Penguin can be a mayor.
I like how Bruce is starting out as Batman, Geoff Johns is a genius, he’s no doubt one of my favorite writer. I also like the art style in this book. I hope DC will add Volume 2 to their library soon. I wanted to read more of it! :00_batman_1986: :0_batman:

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I see what you mean, though I think there’s definitely still some of his original origin in there. Bullock was still a favored member of the police and a thorn in Gordon’s side, it’s just a different twist on how and why.

I think there’s also supposed to be a dramatic irony, a sort of cost and balance. Gordon finds the strength and will in himself to be a good policeman again…just as Bullock decends into the abyss. Gotham giveth, and Gotham taketh away, I guess.

It’s happened a few times in comics and other media, I definitely wouldn’t say no to it happening in the regular comics.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :smiley: