[World of Bats] Detective Comics #858-863 "Go / Cutter"

Hello Gothamites to the World of Bats, the Batman Book Club! This week we’re continuing our Detective December by finishing up on the critically acclaimed Greg Rucka run starring Batwoman, with art by J.H. Williams III and Jock.

Links can be found here:

Detective Comics #858
Detective Comics #859
Detective Comics #860
Detective Comics #861
Detective Comics #862
Detective Comics #863

Reading will last from 2021-12-11T06:00:00Z2021-12-17T06:00:00Z, but you can always come back after.

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I thought this was really well written. The concept of Kate treating her war on crime as an actual war with specific objectives and terms of victory really fits her background as a soldier. The way Rucka spliced together the past and present worked really well for Go. Just as a matter of personal curiosity, I looked up when the US military ended the don’t ask don’t tell policy and it was 2011, two years after this comic was published. I was wondering if the time-line added up.

The Cutter storyline was pretty good, too. Rucka again splicing two different stories together, this time Batman and Batwoman after two different baddies with knives. (It seems that Rucka likes to tell two stories at once; I recall when I was reading his Wonder Woman run the past story and the present story alternated issues.) The artist did some really cool panel layouts. It was also really satisfying to see the thematic similarities between Batman’s story and Batwoman’s. I’ll be honest, I briefly thought it was going to end up that Batman and Batwoman were after the same person.

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I realized that I didn’t even mention the Question backup stories. I’m not sure if they were technically part of the reading, but I wanted to mention it they are pretty fun and have the feel of a serialized detective story without feeling too serious

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