[World of Bats] Detective Comics #569-574 "The Last Laugh"

Hello Gothamites to the latest installment of the World of Bats, the Batman Book Club!

This is the start of a new little theme that I like to call DETECTIVE DECEMBER, dealing with stories within the titular title of Detective Comics! This week we’ll be reading, as you saw from the title, Detective Comics #569-574, by Mike W. Barr, and featuring some of the first US work by comics legend Alan Davis!

The Joker comes back to Gotham City with a plot to kidnap Selina Kyle—Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend—and restore her to her true self…Catwoman! The revitalized femme fatale is just the beginning of the rogues returning to plague Batman and Robin; on her heels follow the Scarecrow, the Mad Hatter and more!

Here are the links to the issues!

Detective Comics #569
Detective Comics #570
Detective Comics #571
Detective Comics #572
Detective Comics #573
Detective Comics #574

This will be the current reading from 2021-12-04T06:00:00Z2021-12-10T06:00:00Z, but if you’ve been kidnapped and brainwashed by a mad scientist and an even madder clown, you can always come back and share your thoughts.

Looking forward to reading everyone’s thoughts about this short but memorable run!

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What’s funny is that when looking online to double check some facts on this run, I found a great article about these six issues that was written for DC Universe back in May of last year! So give that a look if you’re curious as to what this run is about:



Aw, the greatest WoB gift I could hope for: my favorite Batman run of all time.

A little side note: apparently, Denny had given Mike the impression that Gordon was going to be reduced back down to police captain. I think it was a bit of miscommunication related to the upcoming Year One story arc, but it led to a curious error in the first issue here.

A second side note: aw, little Jason is so cute!


Oh, and here are a couple of brief snippets from the Barr/Davis interview in Back Issue #73:

BI 73 p50

BI 73 p51


These were a fun bunch of issues. Nice to see Jason in happier times. Poor Bruce and Selina can never catch a break. I enjoyed the less murderous Joker. The cover of that last issue definitely made me think of Jason’s future fate. All in all, I enjoyed seeing a less grim and gritty Batman.


These were great. It was a strange brew of silly Batman and serious modern Batman. Jason bringing the jokes was fun. Leslie was a welcome addition and I actually thought the bit about Batman in college was great. Sometimes the origin story is boring because it’s been done so many times, but this one felt different


Yeah, that’s kind of why I named this collection of issues “The Last Laugh” even though it’s not really all connected – because it feels like the last of the campier, funnier Batman. After this point, we start getting stuff like Batman: Year One, Year Two, The Cult, Five Nights of the Beast, and A Death In The Family…


One thing I forgot to mention that I really enjoyed was Batman meeting Sherlock Holmes. I was thinking last night about how Batman (really any detective fiction) is an iteration or a tweak to the archetype that was established by Holmes. Batman, at his core, is Sherlock Holmes for the modern day