[World of Bats] Detective Comics (2011) #30-34, Annual #3 "Icarus"

Hello Gothamites and welcome to the World of Bats, the Batman Book Club!

This week, while we’ve finished our little deep dive of Cassandra Cain for this month, we’ll be continuing our celebration of AAPI Month by taking a look at writer/artist Francis Manapul, specifically his run of Detective Comics with co-writer and colorist Brian Buccellato, issues #30-34. We’ll also be reading Annual #3, which also has art by Weather Dell’edera, Jorge Fornes, and Scott Hepburn.

Here are the links to the issues:

Detective Comics #30
Detective Comics #31
Detective Comics #32
Detective Comics #33
Detective Comics Annual #3
Detective Comics #34

And if you’re looking for a little more to read, you can check out The Flash #25, which we sort of covered last year during our coverage of Zero Year, which was Manapul and Buccellato’s last issue on the book as well as a bit of prelude to their run of Detective Comics.

The Flash #25

So this week’s reading will go from 2021-05-22T05:00:00Z2021-05-28T05:00:00Z, though if you accidentally inject some nasty drugs that make you feel burned from the inside, you can always come back and share your thoughts!

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Ouch. Way to bring up his dead son, lady.

(Oh, and hey! It’s the Squid! I’ve missed him!)

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To me there is only one Squid, and it’s this man:

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Anyway, I feel that this story has a problem common to New 52 Batman stories: it starts off strong enough, but it loses all steam by the ending. Still, at least the stakes are appropriate for a typical bat-story, and it gave Bullock an arc.


I can see that – I’m not sure if the villains of the piece ended up being strong enough to really feel all that much of a threat by the end, but I did like the emotional element between Bruce and the daughter. I also liked how in this story how it references other recent stuff from other stories to give it more oomph, specifically Damian’s death and especially the speech that Bruce gave at the start of Zero Year, which I think the daughter’s story gave a good counterweight towards. Gotham may shape you and mold you, but you might not like what it will mold you into…

And I figured you would dig Bullock’s arc in this. As I recall, I think he’s basically the big supporting character of this book all the way until the end when Rebirth starts.

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The book looks great; I thought the artwork really fit the story. I also felt like the beginning of the story was stronger than the end.

Seeing Bullock written as a good detective that’s a little rough around the edges was nice. I’m not sure about anyone else, but I didn’t see Bullock as a cat owner. That was genuinely surprising.


Oh yeah, Manapul’s a god-tier artist, absolutely love his work. For anyone who’s into that kind of stuff, he actually has a YouTube channel he updates fairly frequently that shows off his process. Here’s a good Batman themed one that I loved:

Yeah, Bullock definitely has had more layers in the comics than in some other takes on him. This feels more in line with how he was written back when he was first introduced by Doug Moench in the 80s (which is a fantastic and underrated run, BTW).

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :smiley: