[World of Bats] Batman: Noel

Hello and welcome to the World of Bats, the Batman Book Club!

This week is of course Christmas Eve, and what better way to celebrate it here than taking a look at the graphic novel Batman: Noel, written and drawn by Lee Bermejo.

#1 New York Times Bestseller Inspired by Charles Dickens’ immortal classic A Christmas Carol, BATMAN: NOEL features different interpretations of the Dark Knight, along with his enemies and allies, in different eras. Along the way, Batman must come to terms with his past, present and future as he battles villains from the campy 1960s to dark and brooding menaces of today, while exploring what it means to be the hero that he is. Members of Batman’s supporting cast enact roles analogous to those from A Christmas Carol, with Robin, Catwoman, Superman, The Joker and more playing roles that will be familiar to anyone who knows Dickens’ original holiday tale.


Reading will last from 2022-12-24T06:00:00Z2022-12-30T06:00:00Z, but if you’ve humbugged yourself into being taught an important lesson about the value of Christmas, you can always come back later!

Looking forward to discussing this story with you all, and happy holidays to you all! :batparrot:


I’m in for the general idea of Batman-in-a-Cristmas-Carol, but the writing and the art in this series just rub me the wrong way. Not for me. Good dose of Christmas in Gotham, though!


I really liked this one. I think the art looks great and really works with the vibe of the story. The choices for the 3 ghosts were great, I especially liked Superman as the Ghost of Christmas Present.

It did feel out of character for Batman to be so callous towards a child, but I get that this is an older, more jaded version of the character

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