[World of Bats] Batman Beyond (2010) #1-6 "Hush Beyond"

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This week, in keeping with our spotlight on the Terry McGuinness Batman, we’ll be looking at the 2010 mini-series Batman Beyond, which sought to combine the animated continuity with the traditional universe of DC Comics. Will it work? Let’s find out! This mini-series is written by Adam Beechen with art by Ryan Benjamin.

Terry McGinnis–the Batman of the future–and an elderly Bruce Wayne–the original Batman–are the sworn protectors of Neo-Gotham. But when someone targets The Dark Knight’s old foes, the new Batman must begin a case that reaches back into Bruce Wayne’'s past and puts Terry’s future directly in danger.


Batman Beyond #1
Batman Beyond #2
Batman Beyond #3
Batman Beyond #4
Batman Beyond #5
Batman Beyond #6

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Looking forward to discussing this story with you all! :smiley:


This was an interesting story. Amanda Waller is still scheming all these years later. I guess Bruce and Dick’s relationship explains why he turned to Terry, but I have to say I don’t like it. At least he is thawing out with Terry. The new Catwoman is pretty cool.


Yeah, stuff like that is part of why I’m a little against making Batman Beyond part of regular continuity, because it implies that Bruce just straight up alienates every single member of his family and that’s just a little too grim, even for me. :sweat_smile:


I enjoyed this story and I like Terry as Batman. The neo-Catwoman is an interesting take and I really like the aesthetic of Neo-Gotham.

Like some others, I didn’t especially enjoy the Dick Grayson twist. Honestly, I didn’t quite get why clone Grayson was using the Hush persona. I also kind of thought they were setting up new Hush to be Jason; I find it a little odd that Jason and Damien weren’t even mentioned even though Tim and Dick both played roles.

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Almost forgot to mention that I really liked the moment between Bruce and Terry towards the end. The moment where Bruce reached out to Dick at the end was (almost) nice, too

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