[World of Bats] Batman Beyond #1-6 & Urban Legends #7 "Origins & Preludes"

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With the recent and upcoming releases of Sean Murphy’s reinterpretation of the universe in Batman: Beyond the White Knight as well as the new mini-series Batman Beyond: Neo-Year, the world of Batman Beyond is in a bit of a resurgence, so we’ll be taking a look at some runs of this character/world for the month of April!

We’ll be starting this by looking at Terry McGuinness’ first ongoing series, Batman Beyond (1999), written by series writer Hilary Bader, with art by Craig Rousseau!

Each issue is a one shot, featuring some of Batman Beyond’s star villains such as Inque, Shriek, the Royal Flush Gang and more.


Batman Beyond #1
Batman Beyond #2
Batman Beyond #3
Batman Beyond #4
Batman Beyond #5
Batman Beyond #6

And if you’re looking for something a little more modern, check this out – the Batman Beyond story in Batman: Urban Legends #7, written by Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly with art by Max Dunbar.

In Neo-Gotham, Bruce Wayne lies murdered in the Batcave. Terry McGinnis – Bruce Wayne’s final protégé – will travel into the dark heart of Neo-Gotham to find who killed the greatest hero the city ever knew.

LINK: Batman: Urban Legends #7

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Looking forward to discussing these issues with you all!


Terry McGinnis is a good Batman and I’m interested to read more of his adventures


Love the original BB ongoing, as it was one of my fav reads in high school.

Looking forward to this re-read!


These were fun stories. I have only read a few Batman Beyond stories that are more recent. I hadn’t realized that Terry was so young. I like the interaction between him and Bruce. Nice to see a future version of the Royal Flush Gang.


Terry has an interesting rogues gallery and they largely aren’t just rehashed rogues from the original Batman. Spellbinder and Inque might be my favorites from this group and the relationship between 10 and Terry is a little like Bruce and Catwoman.

Urban Legends was quite good. The standout stories, for me, were the Batman Beyond one and the Batman with No Name.

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