[World of Bats] Batman #291-294 "Where Were You When The Batman Died?"

Hello and welcome to another installment of the World of Bats, the Batman Book Club!

This week is going to be a shorter and lighter one as we get ready for some big things coming here soon…you might even say Infinite things… So this week we’ll be delving into some Bronze Age Bats with Batman #291-294, “Where Were You When The Batman Died?” This four part story is written by David Vern Reed and drawn by John Calnan.

Batman is nowhere to be found and his greatest enemies are all taking the credit for his death. Whose story do you believe?

You can find the story in this handy-dandy storyline collection HERE!

We’ll be dropping our next installment on 1/21! Crazy, I know! But then, we are all mad down here…

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Best Two-Face story ever, even if well, you know…

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This story came out before I was born, I do remember the death of Superman was a huge deal at the time. I remember how sad it was and thinking I would never see him again. I’m so glad DC brought him back.:grinning: