Wonderful Women of the World Highlights Some of History's Finest

From 1942 to 1954, a feature ran in the back of DC’s Wonder Woman comics highlighting powerful and innovative women from history. This week, DC’s new graphic novel anthology, Wonderful Women of the World , picks up where that feature left off and expands upon the short biographies and comic illustrations with longer pieces written, illustrated and colored by various (also powerful and innovative) women and nonbinary people.

Edited by author Laurie Halse Anderson (who in addition to many novels, also wrote Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed , one of DC’s graphic novels for young adults), Wonderful Women of the World connects each highlighted woman through the lens of them being “wonder women” in their own rights—whether they’re athletes, entertainers, scientists, activists or someone who (on purpose) doesn’t fit any specific mold.

To learn more about Wonderful Women of the World, head over to DC Comics!

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I definitely like this book in general, but I do wish some of the women featured in the book were also on the cover along w/ Diana. I get that she’s still a big draw for more casual readers, but the cover kinda makes it look like this is just a Wonder Woman book. Having Diana alongside at least a few of these amazing real-life women would definitely paint a more accurate picture


This is awesome! Looking forward to it! :raised_hands: :purple_heart: Thnx, DC! :books: :coffee:


Agree. The cover should get the point across a little better. We’re not supposed to judge books by their cover, but people do, and many often don’t read the cover, they just see the image. She is the best ambassador for this—true! This looks like a Wonder Woman title, though, not a rad trip through history. Still glad it’s out there. :purple_heart:


I’m roughly a quarter of the way through this book, and I’ve enjoyed it a lot.

Regarding Tempest Tossed, I started that a while back and then took a break from it, only to unintentionally forget all about it.

Wonderful Women brought it back to the forefront of my Wonder Woman collections stack (Great Hera, this thing gets bigger and bigger!), so now I’m alternating between both books, which is most wonderful.