Wondercon '23

Hey there, all!!

Anybody planning on going to Wondercon next week?

And are there any official plans for DC to be there?


Hey there, it looks like there will be premieres for Batman: The Doom That Came To Gotham as well as Justice League x RWBY: Superheroes & Huntsmen Part One at WonderCon 2023 :slight_smile:


I was just posting a similar question about SDCC but if you don’t mind me asking here instead…

I’m a con noob and I was wondering what the “best” one is for specific interest in comic books. Would it be SDCC or do TV/Movies kind of steal the spotlight a bit there? Mostly looking to meet comic creators and see cool collections and artwork. Thanks!


Hi there!

So I’ve been going to SDCC closing on 20 years now but I’d argue that Wondercon is what SDCC was back in the day. A small show that showcases comics just as much as the movies/tv which isn’t too much of a huge focus.

Always hit up artist alley and check the website/twitter to see who’s attending and what books you want to bring to get signed!


I would add to try your best not to spend/buy too much early in the day. Remember that you have to carry everything for the next several hours. When I discovered artist alley at SDCC (the 1st con I ever attended) I went wild buying stuff. By the end of day 1, my arms were gassed.

On that note- wear the comfiest shoes you own as you will be on your feet and walking the show floor for several hours.


This is where I always try and inevitably fail. I tried hacking it by just bringing a super big backpack, but often it either clashes with my cosplay or makes me bump into too many people.

So now I just prepare my muscles and show up to the artist alleys like


To this end- they will usually release a schedule of events letting uou know who will ge where and at what times. Go over this and plan your day accordingly. Don’t get caught up and miss a writer or artist you were hoping to see.


Yeah that would definitely be me Static. I would very much intend to cosplay while I’m there. I have a Doom Patrol Cyborg cosplay that I was thinking could be a good compromise (Adidas tracksuit and tennis shoes to Toyman’s point). Of course my depth perception would be compromised but I know the convention center pretty well from IT conferences so hopefully I’d be alright.

I’m also working on a fiberglass Red Hood mask but I’m quickly realizing that my vision would be quite poor in that thing. I don’t know how Jason does it.


Wow AoC you really are a veteran. That’s just the perspective I was looking for, thank you! I already live in CA so it’s perhaps less of an investment than others who come across the country. But I got kids so either way I kind of need to move mountains to make this happen so I’m intrigued by the WonderCon comparison (I love that “WonderCon” is in Chrome’s spell check dictionary btw).

I did heavily participate in Comic-Con@Home 2021 and I was really impressed by some of the offerings there with some cool Cosplay segments and a really touching tribute to Denny O’Neil. So that sort of gives me hope that SDCC still respects its roots. Sorry if that sounds pretentious. I love TV and movies too, I swear!


That would be SO COOL to see!! I think we’d all love pics if you ever feel like sharing!


Cool, I’ll post something under Fan Creations. I don’t want to impose on AoC’s thread any further than I already have.