Wonder woman

When will wonder woman bloodlines be available on dc? Where is new content ? Disney is giving us more new stuff than dc? Why? Doesnt dc want to keep up?.

Wonder Woman:Bloodlines will be here 90 days after the physical release. It’s how the new animated movies will be released from now on. We were informed of this months ago


Wait: Marvel Unlimited has a newly-released animated movie on it? :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, we get new comics on a weekly basis. There’s a vast library of complete older live action and animated series already on the service. We’ve had two seasons of Titans, a season of Young Justice, a season is Doom Patrol, a season of Swamp Thing and Harley Quinn is about to start, with Stargirl on the way and renewals for Titans, Young Justice and Doom Patrol. Not to mention live action and animated movies. Because of prior licensing agreements, we have movies rotated every month but we still get movies.

Marvel Unlimited is a comics only service. Disney Plus is a streaming service. DC Universe isn’t a comics only or streaming only service. It’s a mix of everything, and given the examples listed, it’s not lost on content.


Admittedly, they’ve been slacking a bit with the live-action movies. I’m starting to get so desperate that I’m actually considering watching Batman Ninja. :stuck_out_tongue:


@AlexanderKnox no, don’t do it! Don’t fall into that hole! Save yourself! :joy:


Ok thank ypu

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@mxracer534.11438 you’re quite welcome :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

This is a false equivalence. Marvel doesn’t have an app that has shows and comics. The size of Disney dwarfs the size of DC.

To be fair, they were probably talking about Disney Plus, not Marvel Unlimited. But even there, outside of all the old content, the only new stuff that has is The Mandalorian (which does look really good, I’m probably going to do a trial of D+ to binge it all when it’s all done) and I think a Lady & The Tramp remake movie. Definitely not as much as DCU has done so far.

And @AlexanderKnox, I think any Bat-fan should watch Batman Ninja at least once. It’s horrible, but it’s such a crazy, entertaining sort of horrible that it has to be seen to be believed.


I know. That’s why it’s a false equivalence. Disney as a whole is so much bigger than DC itself, so it’s an unfair comparison.

  1. Yes, the Mandalorian is excellent and worth the price of admission alone.

  2. No, there are a LOT of D+ originals besides just the Mando and Lady and the Tramp. You can look up the list, like there’s an insane amount of stuff, so it’s fair to say Disney+ already has much more original content than DCU. Unless you count DC Daily, which I don’t since you don’t need a DCU subscription to watch that.

I didn’t know there was that many originals, I thought it was just really The Mandalorian.

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