Wonder Woman/ Zealot team up book

I know it won’t happen but I would love to see a Wonder Woman / Zealot comic drawn by Jim Lee and written by Kevin Smith just for the wackiness that would be sure to happen and cameos galore


Mighty Majestros! That is a fun idea. I’d read it.

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I would too, not like Zealot is doing anything

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Plug Time: Zealot’s self-titled three issue mini-series from 1995 is available in our comics library.

It was written by Ron Marz, who has ample experience with a certain Emerald Gladiator named Kyle Rayner. It’s a fun read.

FYI, you’ll need to crane your head for the pin-up at the end of #1 if you’re reading it on something other than your phone or a tablet. S’worth it though.

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