Wonder Woman Rebirth

Been binge reading Wonder Woman rebirth, the Rucka stuff was really good. Completely skipped “Heart of the Amazon storyline” main due to the art style, it’s good just not my cup of tea. Currently at “Childern of the Gods”.

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My wife got into WW during New 52 and the jumper my back and forth in Rebirth her off. Do you dig it?

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I loved Rucka’s run (both originally in in the early 2000s, and during Rebirth). I haven’t liked any of the others very much. But the n52 really turned me off because of how they changed Diana’s origin and how they portrayed the Amazons.

Rucka’s run was brilliant. Loved Nicola Scott and Liam Sharpe’s art too. I fell off after that. But, I’ve been reading the recent Orlando issues and they’ve been great. He seems to have a great grasp of the character. I’m excited for the upcoming G. Willow Wilson run too.

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His first run was decent, but I think his Rebirth run did more harm to Diana than good and felt more like a whiny fanboy rant than a story.

So I spent the last 3 weeks reading N52 all the way through Rebirth here on DCU. I’m catching up on the single issues from my wife’s pull list and on issue 73 (10 more to go and I’m at the latest 750).

Did I miss something or can someone point me to where the definitive answer is given to “Did the New 52 happen?” Batman, Green Arrow, Justice League, Flash, etc… all of their stories carried through. Then I get to Rebirth Wonder Woman and the very first issue is basically her saying “I’m not sure what is real”.

And really what’s driving me the most bonkers is she killed Ares, becomes the God of War, he comes back and they have their fight. We get to Rebirth and it turns out he’s been in prison this whole time in a tree. And as I get further away from Issue 1, we’ve moved away from addressing that she is the God of War or not. Might be able to say that since we’re not addressing it, it didn’t happen.

Any insight into what is true? Honestly I might just be frustrated for not since I think 5G is about to reset her story again anyway.

Not an answer to your question but just wondering how you make the spoiler fuzzy text

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Thanks. That was the only icon I didn’t try :grin:

I absolutely love WW rebirth. There’s always some innate likability when u love the character. I thought it was great, even with the fact that I go in to a WW comic already expecting it to be great.