Wonder Woman - Rebirth Help

Hey folks. So Wonder Woman is a title I read on and off. Currently only an issue or two behind. Thing is, since New 52, I’m a little fuzzy on what has happened. I loved the Brian Azzarello run. Felt like it was a great introduction to the whole Greek mythology side of Diana. So was all that a bunch of lies? What exactly is the truth behind all that? Why has Themyscira/Olympus disappeared and where did these creatures come from in the current run? I keep going back to brush up, but it all feels muddled to me. Am I the only one? Hopefully some of you have a better understanding than I do. Marking as spoiler in case you don’t wanna know the answers.

Diana is trying to figure out what’s happening with all the gods and her people in the current run, so that’s still being resolved.

The initial issues of rebirth dealt with the new 52 - a lot of what happened wasn’t what Diana had thought at at the time - she had never returned home and Ares has been imprisoned. (see Rucka’s run)