Wonder Woman Hitting Theaters and HBO Max on the 25th

A couple of reasons:

  1. Starting in January, DC Universe will become DC Universe Infinite, which will be a comics-only platform.

  2. Even before the announcement of DC Universe Infinite, the DCEU films weren’t on here because of a prior licensing/streaming agreement with HBO. The reason Smallville isn’t on here is because it had a prior deal with Hulu. It helps none of these were advertised to be on DC Universe.

Hope this helps you.


Getting back to WW '84, I too am very surprised that it won’t be VOD. Seems the best way to evaluate your stay at home viewers who aren’t HBO connected. And, as has already been mentioned HBO/Max is a USA only service. Still, one has to assume that this tried and proven approach to revenue acquisition was floated and rejected, for some reason. Only time will tell how this all shakes out to financially for Warner Bros/AT&T. All in all, a great Christmas present for her fans, no matter how you slice it!


So conflicted. Really want to see it in the theater, not sure if I should.

I would pay to see it online, but don’t want to sign up for HBO.

Wait for the DVD?

Then again, if this is a problem in my life I have a really good life.


I would pay $14.99 for one month of HBOMAX to see WW 1984. You may even like the subscription and decide to keep until, March 2021 and see The Snyder Cut.


My understanding is it will be HBO Max exclusive for 1 month, then go to the usual VOD services (Apple, Amazon, etc.) before it goes on sale. So if you really don’t want to sign up for HBO Max, it sounds like it will be available for rent in late January.


I agree. I’m ready yo watch a good movie in a theater. I live in Georgia, so hopefully I’ll get that chance!


I have a heading called “hbo max” on hulu because I have a subscription through them for hbo but there’s absolutely no dc content on there!! None!! Do I need to get the hbo max streaming app separately?! I’ve got to get this sussed out before the 25th of December and I don’t wanna pay for something I’ve already got…but I will to ensure I get the content that’s coming soon!


He said there Klipsch speakers? Him & my sis just returned from Fla, I asked him last night over zoom.


It also has ads. On the most expensive streaming service. I don’t understand that at all. They’re brief, but I’m paying for a streaming service so I don’t have to deal with the stupid crap you get with actual television (commercials, schedules, etc).

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What HBO MAX has commercials? Well in addition to WW84, King Kong vs Godzilla is headed there as well.

Not really – at most there’s one commercial for an HBO product on an HBO labeled film or episode sometimes. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve gotten those and I’ve had Max from the start.


To add on, HBO Max allows skipping the trailer.

@capo-mage Klipsch is definitely a great choice. They have a wide variety of speakers and work quite well for home theater sound. Great job implementing Dolby Atmos. Enjoy the movie!

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They just announced WW84 will be the first movie available in 4K on MAX


@reload Thanks for the update. I just saw the director’s tweet. It just feels that I should be waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Well, based on yesterday’s NY Times’s story, here’s the other shoe, although I didn’t expect it to drop so soon…