Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons #1 (11/30/21) Spoilers Ahead

So I just picked this up at my local comic shop as I was tired of waiting for it to show up on DCUI (and I’m not sure if it ever will since they still don’t have the aforementioned Dead Earth or quite a few other such titles). I thought the entire issue was stunning. I love the density of the artwork and I had to force myself to slow down my normal fast reading pace to really appreciate it. Gorgeous and somewhat surreal, which to me lends a lot more weight to the story.

As mentioned above, there is a definite link to Perez, but I love the addition of each Goddess creating five specific Amazons, as well as seeing so many familiar names: Phillipus, Penthesilea, Antiope, Niobe, Philomela, Pythia, Mnemosyne, Penelope, Iphthime, and Io! (Yeah, I read too many WW comics).

Hera’s powers and role are particularly intriguing. The interactions between the Gods and Goddesses always interest me. I think that is why I love WW so much is my love of classical mythology, and combining ancient myth and modern myth makes this exactly the sort of story I love to read.

Just realized that issue 2 doesn’t come out until April 5th. Well, this will give me a couple of weeks to mull it over, and I have time to watch the videos listed above. When I find a story I really love, I enjoy spending time deep diving about it.


I finally read this! It was very good. Dark as hell, but good. There are a lot of uncomfortable questions Diana has to face for herself and her own people. Some of it was very painful to witness. But I am absolutely glad I read it. (The way Cheetah and Pegasus were incorporated was outstanding.)

I also finally read through Phil Jimenez’s run! This was less recent, maybe a couple of months ago (as opposed to Dead Earth, which I literally just read this week). But I definitely enjoyed it and was glad I checked it out!


Huzzah, and a Themysciran double high five to you! :raised_hands:t2:

Now that you’ve got Jimenez’s run down, what’s next on your Wonder Woman reading list?

SN: His run on Superwoman is pretty good. Not WW I know, but a good tenure on a book starring a badass lady (two in fact, as the series begins), all the same. :superman:


I’m finishing up Grant Morrison’s Earth One trilogy right now! :open_book:


Good stuff, and that reminds me that I still need to finish Earth One V3. I’m about halfway through, ATM.


With book two on the horizon it will be interesting to see where this goes. Im hoping this does well enough that the writers plans for turning this from a three book to a nine book series comes to fruition.


This is such a beautiful book!!


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@Stebs Welcome to you as well! And 100% agree :star_struck: :00_wonder_woman_gold: Really looking forward to the next book!


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