Wonder Woman: Encyclopedia of Villains

First Appearance: Wonder Woman 150 (1964)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru
Abilities: Kaiju-like proportions, expert in the use of butterfly net and fishing pole, can turn invisible like a phantom.

Backstory: The multiverse is a vast and endless thing. Home to infinite worlds, realms, and dimensions. Some with perfect facsimiles of everyday human life, while others deviate more and more from Earths notion of the norm!

In one such dimension dwells a species known as the ‘Phantom Fisher-birds’ A race of kaiju which can differ from being a mere 20 feet tall to a good 50 feet in height.

Existing in a hunting culture, the Phantom Fisher-birds prize above all else the hunt. With not even their own kind being safe from becoming prey. In such a hostile realm, he who proves himself to be the greatest hunter by catching the mightiest of prey is made the King of the Phantom Fisher-birds.

King Fisher-bird was an apex example of his species. A fifty foot tall kaiju birdman possessing incredible strength, and an adept use of various tools of the hunt. His size and strength hiding a cunning mind that relies on traps and trickery to catch his prey. Relying on his peoples powers of invisibility to avoid detection until it was to late.

The Phantom Fisher-birds possessed the means of traveling between realities. Allowing them to travel to worlds of dinosaurs or the human realm of Earth. Making all of their number and their king especially, a dangerous predator who could arrive without warning and begin plotting to add another trophy on their wall…

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 259 (1979)
Creators: Gerry Conway and Jose Delbo
Abilities: The dark twisted art of advertising, The diabolical practice of public relations, The twisted trick of knowing the wants and desires of your target audience and using those to get what you want.

Backstory: Agent of the Greek god of War. Martin Markham was a mild mannered publicist. Scheming and plotting in order to build up the reputation of anything he was paid to, so long as the price was right.

Summoned by Mars/Ares from his office at the Markham, Menditz & Monroe building in New York Citys Madison Avenue, Martin would agree to serve the god of war and accomplish the most difficult of feats, make the world worship Mars/Ares as their god. Make the world willingly bow before him.

Promised great power and fortune should he succeed in his goal, Martin leaped at the chance and quickly developed a multi staged plan which would ensure his success in this very thing which he was certain could not fail.

For the the United States, the most powerful nation in the world by all rights should worship Ares already.
They revere war with thousands of statues, songs, holidays, and memorials celebrating it.
They possess the largest army the world has ever seen several times over and invest more money into their military than anything else.
Their culture is one that champions war and viewing themselves the the winners of every conflict and every conflict they create or join to be justified because they are always in the right.
And they venerate violence to the point that every citizen is encouraged to have a gun and make war at the slightest provocation.
Convincing them to turn their worship to the god of war would be simplicity itself.

He simply had to also do a smear campaign against Wonder Woman in order to ensure his victory. Which would not exactly be difficult in a nation which was allergic to the message of peace, discriminatory against women, and wary of people from other countries. Especially with Martin guiding the gods efforts in tarnishing Wonder Womans reputation to build up that of Mars/Ares, the new ruler of Olympus.

What force could possibly stand in the way of the power of publicity?

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 116 (1960)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru
Abilities: Controls an army of giant stone sphinx which possess invulnerability and eye beams of various properties.

Backstory: Ruler of the desert kingdom of Mikra seven thousand years prior, Queen Mikra was a powerful sorceress who using her power would go on to create an army of stone sphinx which thus enchanted, would be given life and sapience. The whole of their beings dedicated to serving her will and never doing her harm.

Her creations were enchanted to be invulnerable to all mundane weapons. Swords, arrows, even modern weapons such as gunfire and crashing planes. None would leave a scratch for the sphinx were enchanted thus that the only thing which could damage a sphinx, was another sphinx itself.

Her sphinx all possessed powerful eye beams with varying properties. From paralyzing a target, destroying what it gaze upon with exploding lasers, to healing the injured.

Thanks to this army of sphinx, Queen Mikras kingdom which was named after her would remain independent millenia after her sleep. Guarding the borders of the kingdom and awaiting her eventual return. To carry out Mikras oath to one day send out her army of sphinx to conquer the world and claim it as her own.

Though in a most curious of coincidences, despite the millennia separating them and the different regions of the world from which they hailed, Queen Mikra happened to look exactly like Wonder Woman herself.

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queen mikra


First Appearance: (Priscilla Rich) Wonder Woman 6 (1943)
Creators: William Marston and H.G Peter
Abilities: Multiple personalities, with agility of a cat, grace of a dancer, and the power to bring out a persons fury and control it subliminally. Command over animals, a ‘cheetah claw’ wrist gun, and magic false nails.

Backstory: Priscilla Rich has the distinction of the being first of 3 women to bear the title The Cheetah. Born in the lap of luxury with a silver spoon in her mouth, but with a fondness for philanthropy, her fear of failure would begin a theme of struggling with self-confidence and conflicting dual natures.

As one of the wealthy and privileged, Rich could have wiled away her days in extravagant wealth without ever having to work a day in her life; However, desiring to make something of herself, Priscilla took up dancing, becoming one of the most talented ballet dancers in the world. Joining the Junior League Committee and becoming its leader, Priscilla would use her wealth and connections to organize fundraisers to encourage people to donate their money to a good cause; But, alas, Priscilla was always someone driven by a need to boost her ego and prove her self-worth.

When one of her events leads to the crowds denouncing her as a fraud, calling for her head, and declaring that she was worthless and would never be as good as Wonder Woman, Priscilla Rich is sent into a self destructive spiral, leading to her second personality, her inner fury, to take control: The Cheetah.

A separate ego, the Cheetah knew everything Priscilla knew but not the reverse. She was driven by the burning need to tear others down in order to build herself up—believing herself incapable of any triumphs otherwise. The Cheetah’s hold growing more powerful the more she doubted herself, she would become an even greater menace by summoning the inner rage within others and take command of their animal within. Creating an army of unconscious minions who would go about their daily lives until activated, carrying out Cheetahs nefarious schemes before the second personality subsided, leaving the original unaware of their own actions.

Priscilla Rich, a victim of her own darkness, might one day be free if she could regain a positive view of herself; But that would be difficult to accomplish when her own family, fearing the embarrassment of the association with villainy, publicly disowned her, ceased her fortunes, and adopted a new daughter to replace her…

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 2 (1942 )
Creators: William Marston and H.G Peter
Abilities: Based on the Greek mythological figure (and the Roman counterpart, Mars), he is the Olympian God of War: immortal and virtually indestructible with all the supreme powers one can expect from a god.

Backstory: Ares has been Diana’s constant antithetical foe throughout the eras, and as a master of discord, who provokes fury and slaughter with his very presence, he is determined to thwart her mission of peace and understanding, but during the Gold, Silver and Bronze Ages, he was first known by his Roman mythological name: Mars.

His debut sees Mars seeking to realize his vision of eternal war and conflict in the world of man, but he is opposed by Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who seeks to realize a loving civilization. The men who worship Mars lie, cheat, steal, kill their weaker brothers, and sell women as slaves. When Ares taunts Aphrodite with his success, she answers by creating a new race of women to contend: the Amazons, stronger and more fearless than Mars’s men and fully upholding “Aphrodite’s Law”.

Mars retreats to the planet Mars with his chief deputies, the Duke of Deception, the Count of Conquest, and the Earl of Greed, where he enslaves Martians and the spirits of dead alike, by ferrying souls to the planet and implanting them into Martian bodies. He then tortures, humiliates or trains them as soldiers to fight in future wars. Mars then continued to tangle w/ Diana and the Amazons during the Gold, Silver and Bronzes Ages to start conflict and subdue the Gods of Olympus.

Post-Crisis, he was re-established as Ares, son of Zeus, worshipped by many on Earth as a god of Olympus (who never quite fit in). Eventually, faith waned and the gods stepped back from regularly interfering with humanity; But centuries later, the God of War returned to renew his crusade to provoke confrontation. And once again, Aphrodite and the Amazons stood in his way.

Throughout history, he has worn many faces and borne many names all possessing a never-ending hunger for destruction, growing stronger on malevolent psychic energy, and (often with the help of The Children of Ares), consistently encouraging war through his manipulation of mortals—which, of course, always brings him into conflict with the Amazons and their champion, Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman

Gods and Mortals

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 153 (1965)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru
Abilities: A divinely empowered gorgon with the infamous ability to turn a living creature to stone, she is also a fierce combatant with a hypnotic voice, genesistic blood, and the power of possession.

Backstory: Based on the tragic Greek mythological figure, destined for torment and death, Medusa is a child of the Goddess Ceto, one of the three daughters of the sea, and mother to Pegasus. Prized for her beauty, she is assaulted by Poseidon and then ultimately cursed by Athena out of spite, transforming her into a deadly, macabre creature…and we all know how that story ends: a beheading.

Her comic debut would replace her mythic victimizers with Wonder Woman’s longstanding foe, the Duke of Deception.
Medusa was targeted by the Duke, and using his Martian technology to mar Medusa’s beauty, he transformed her into a frightening snake-haired entity with a fatal gaze. Forsaken, Medusa traveled the streets of Greece to exact her rage, with her subsequent ghost returning to menace others.

Her origin is later updated to include her sisters, along with Poseidon and Athena. Still beheaded by Perseus, Medusa’s heart was later used by Phobos, the god of fear, to create the villain Decay who would attack young Vanessa Kapatelis and battle Wonder Woman. Eventually, at the request of her sisters, Euryale and Stheno, Medusa is brought back to life by the immortal sorceress, Circe, resulting in one of Wonder Woman’s most iconic storylines.

The wrathful gorgon, wronged and vilified until she became the monster society had cast her to be, she had Diana’s sympathy; But Medusa’s rage had taken a personal toll on Diana, leaving the Amazon champion no choice but to meet her opponent in combat, where Diana would prove once and for all the depth of her convictions.

After New 52, Medusa would go on to become the Queen of Monsters, and even take up residence in Gotham. More recently, as a prisoner in her immortal life, Medusa attempted to escape through Doom’s Doorway, seeking revenge against the Amazons for the years of captivity and torment she suffered in Tartarus, an infernal realm of Hades.

Eyes of the Gorgon

Doom’s Doorway

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First Appearance: Sensation Comics 2 (1942)
Creators: William Marston and H.G Peter
Abilities: Doctor Poison is an expert in the use of poisons, toxins, and plagues, and in addition to her scientific expertise, is now a trained soldier.

Backstory: One of Wonder Woman’s oldest villains, Dr. Poison’s origin has a wartime theme, like many of the era: a dark and devious scientist with a knack for creating destructive state-of-the-art toxins. Her identity has seen alterations over time (4 so far), but she continues to be a dangerous threat to the world—her specific skill set and consistent military ties allowing her to remain disturbingly relevant in modern times.

Originally the Chief of the Nazi Poison Division in league with German spies, Dr. Poison wore a mask and a bodysuit that hid her identity and made her gender ambiguous, but at the end of her debut story, she was revealed to be a Japanese princess appropriatly enough named Maru, the Japanese word for poison. Her debut toxin was a drug called ‘Reverso’, which altered a victims brain to do the opposite of what they were told- particularly troublesome when used against military troops reliant on orders to advance, retreat or stand down. Dr. Poison is ultimately captured and forced to give up the antidote, but would go on to other comic appearances and villainous team-ups with several of Diana’s most notable adversaries.

Other inventions concocted by Princess Maru included anesthetic gas grenades, stadium quantity amounts of paralyzing gas, and a projectile toxin which could ‘poison planes’ causing them to abruptly drop from the sky to their destruction.

Post-Crisis, Doctor Poison was reintroduced to the pages of Wonder Woman as scientist Marina Maru, granddaughter of the original Doctor Poison. Marina would also wear a full bodysuit and beneath her mask was the same psychotic grin. We then learn of her grandmother’s fate: infected by Reverso, her growth patterns are disrupted causing her to grow younger, eventually regressing into a fetus and disappearing! As Marina puts it, “Horrible end…wonderful poison.” She was then updated during New 52 as a vengeful Russian scientist known only as Dr. Maru, whose parents were wrongfully imprisoned. She planned to take revenge against the government through chemical attacks, but Diana is able to stop her.

More recently, she has become Colonel Marina Maru, a soldier with physical scarring, who still deals in chemicals. Her family helps create a bio-agent that causes its victims to fly into a rage, killing anything in sight. While notably different than previous incarnations, Colonel Maru still looks the part—she even wore her version of the suit and cowl worn by the second Doctor Poison, complete with the caduceus over her eye, and would battle Diana once more.

The Pandora Virus

Year One

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First Appearance: Sensation Comics 79
Creators: Joye Hummel and H.G Peter
Abilities: Co-Ruler of the Sun Country, possession of powerful light based technology, leads an army of followers, possesses a ring which emits light that controls the emotions of others

Backstory: Hidden away deep within the Gobi Desert and surrounded by orange rock mountain lay hidden the secret Sun Country. A secret country which lay hidden away behind the nations technological wonders such as invisibility, force fields, and a powerful laser array which would disintegrate even atoms which came into their path.

In this nation where everyone had a twin, the land was jointly ruled by twin queens. Queen Solara, a just and peaceful soul who sought to keep to themselves and remain in hiding—And her twin sister Queen Leila, a more antagonistic and aggressive sort. She is her sisters opposite in virtually every way save for her unwavering love for her country. Where Solara wants peace, Leila wants war. Where Solara chooses to hide away behind their borders, Leila seeks to wage war upon the world which they fear.

Despite her best efforts, however, Leila being the far more harsh of the twin sisters, had very few amongst her people who sided with her. Thus Leila began plotting. Trying to twist the situation into her favor so that she could lead her nation into war with the outside world and use their advanced technologies to destroy and dominate the outside world which filled her people with fear.

In order to achieve this, Leila would leave the country in disguise and fooling people into looking into the Sun Country, would force her nations hand, driving an inevitable confrontation with Wonder Woman wherin Leila pretended herself to be the peaceful one of the two, leading to Wonder Woman going after Solara. An act which could instigate war, leading to Leila trying to rule the nation with a militaristic bent unopposed!

With the power of the Sun Countrys solar powered technologies which bend not only light, but emotions to their wills, Queen Leila was confident that nothing could stand in their way.

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 26 (1947)
Creators: Joye Hummel and H.G Peter
Abilities: The ability to train a fleet of tiger butlers. Possession of an elite corp of highly trained tiger butlers. Tiger haver. Tiger riding. Pressure Point hypnosis. Unintentional and uncanny ability to cause heart attacks.

Backstory: Woman who realized she was thematically named and decided to double down on it. Tigra Tropica possessed a passionate love and adoration for tigers which became her favorite animal. Loved more than anything else, including human beings.

So great was her passion for tigers that the wealthy woman upon inheriting her estate, proceeded to fire the staff and turn her land into a tiger preserve which a vast number of tigers called home.

Training the tigers to handle the day to day tasks of her mansion such as groundskeeping, cleaning, cooking, Tigra soon had a capable collection of refined and dignified tiger butlers who learned to thrive in the perilous jungle that is high society.

However maintaining a lavish richlet lifestyle while also supporting and caring for a large ambush of tiger butlers was a costly affair. Her finances evaporating before her eyes.

In an effort to remain afloat, Tigra would hatch a most ingenious plan which she was certain would not only restore her lost wealth, but fund a further expansion of more tigers. She would form a tiger butler rental service!

For Tigra Tropica was certain that everyone must love tigers as much as she did and once people learned the joys of having a tiger butler, they would never be able to do without.

Thus being a woman ahead of her time, Tigra Tropica would use the most subtle and ingenious of ploys, the surprise free trial. She would select a lucky recipient and they would wake up that following morning with a tiger butler of their very own. One who maintaining the strict rules of hired help, would strive to remain out of sight of guests while always being on hand.

Thus be it serving breakfast in bed, pressing a suit, or chauffering their client around, the tiger butlers would strive to provide excellent service. Mysteriously those clients were prone to reacting with abject terror to having their every step followed by a dutiful tiger. A reaction which Tigra Tropica assumed the fault of a natural fear of the poor.

After a week of being tended to, the tiger butler would then take their client to Tigra Tropica, who would explain that this wonderful service could be there for $50,000 a year.

And if someone was to busy screaming in abject about tigers, she would press pressure points in an individuals head to hypnotize them into accepting the amazing deal which they would have to be crazy not to accept.

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman #186 (1969)
Creators: Dennis O’Neil and Mike Sekowsky
Abilities: Pet cat named Frimost can shapeshift into any animal. Has supreme magical ability allowing herself to bend and alter reality to her will. Invincibility.

Backstory: Hundreds of years in the past there was an all powerful sorceress known as Morgan Le Fay whose magic was beyond most mortal ken. A woman whose magical prowess made her a thorn in the side of Camelot for years.

Lesser known however is her daughter Morgana. An all powerful witch who dwarfs her mother in power, capable of rewriting all of reality should she so wish. Were it not for her bipolar and ADHD, she would be an unstoppable threat who would rule the universe with little effort.

However such an all powerful witch who so freely changes the world around her, herself changes far to often to do anything consistently. One moment she might decide to grant peoples wishes and cause someone to be adored by millions or make money rain from the sky.

Another moment she might be angry at someone urging her to get a haircut that she will send their razors to attack them for the crime of insulting her look. Controlling people to throw parades in her name or joust with sports cars. There was nothing beyond what Morgana was capable of achieving should she so wish.

However such an all powerful witch with such a tenuous grasp on concepts as feeble as reality rarely sticks around in one realm for long. Often growing bored over time and seeking out another layer of existence since traveling between them is effortless for one such as her.

Were someone to attempt to battle her with brute force, they would have the misfortune to discover that losing or being harmed are not concepts Morgana believe apply to herself, thus such efforts are doomed to failure as the very concepts are voided from reality.

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 9 (1944)
Creators: William Marston and H.G Peter
Abilities: Scientist with phenomenal strength (and size) rivaling that of Wonder Woman herself.

Backstory: One of Wonder Woman’s deadliest enemies, Giganta’s size and shape-shifting abilities are rivaled only by her scientific genius. In the Golden Age, however, “Giganta the Gorilla Girl“ was actually an artificially mutated ape, whom a scientist named Professor Zool transformed into a red-haired strongwoman of huge proportions. There aren’t many villains in Wonder Woman’s rogues gallery who are a match for the Amazon in a physical fight, but the woman called Giganta is one of them.

Caged away in the national zoo, was a huge creature know as the strongest in the world—ripping apart steel with ease and tossing people like rag dolls, yet, this incredible beast was overwrought with grief and wasting away after her daughter had perished the previous year. Giganta’s grieving motherly instinct would later kick in and she would imprint onto a young girl visiting at the zoo. Giganta destroyed her cage to snatch the girl to flee into the wild, refusing to ever be separated again.

Eventually Wonder Woman, would succeed in rescuing the girl, and Giganta, rather than being euthanized as a danger, was sent to the the lab of evolutionary ape enthusiast Proffessor Zool. Through experimentation Giganta became a giant of a woman with the incredible strength of a gorilla. Based on the principle that a regular woman could lift a bus if her daughter was in danger, her strength was magnified and swore revenge against Wonder Woman for stealing away her baby.

Post-Crisis on Infinite Earths, Giganta reappeared as Dr. Doris Zeul, a scientist who was dying from a rare blood disease. She captured Wonder Woman and planned to put her own “life-essence” into Diana’s body, but the process was interrupted and her consciousness instead ends up in a test animal gorilla named Giganta.

While still inside of the gorilla’s body, Dr. Zeul abducted a comatose circus strongwoman named Olga with metahuman size-changing abilities and successfully transferred her consciousness into Olga’s body, leaving Olga’s own mind stranded inside the gorilla.

Keeping the name Giganta, she embarked on a career as a super-villain, often for hire, fighting with Wonder Woman several times, both alone and with a variety of different villain teams. But through it all, Giganta has a tender side and briefly enjoyed a romance with the Atom. More recently, her origin was altered again. Doris Zeul became a child who was often bullied and afflicted with a rare blood condition. She was cured by a scientific procedure which also gave her size-changing powers, a side effect of which was a far more limited intellect.

Who is Wonder Woman

The Reptile Brain

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 308 (1983)
Creators: Dan Mishkin and Don Heck
Abilities: Evil scientist whose an expert on the mind. Army of devolved monsters, machine based psychic powers which allow him to perform a seemingly endless number of feats from teleportation, telekinesis, force fields, to controlling machines and nature with his very mind.

Backstory: Karl Schlagel had been a heartless and merciless nazi scientist during World War 2. His focus being on psychic abilities, Karl would use the resources given to him in the form of large camps of victims to at his leisure, put under the knife, attempting to carve out the secrets of the mind.

Having murdered hundreds in his sadistic experiments to tap into the secrets of psychic power and earning the name ‘The Knife’, Karl Schlagel after the colapse of the nazi regime would migrate to the United States and live a life of comfort for decades without even having to change his name. Never having to pay for his crimes.

However Karl was not satisfied with what dark secrets he uncovered in his horrific research. Thus he continued his work while in the states. Taking advantage of societies penchant for ignoring the poor and impoverished, he would kidnap people off the streets, subjecting them to his experiments without anyone ever being alerted to his actions.

Over the course of thirty years of kidnapping and experimenting on the poor and the overlooked, Karl would discover that he could steal away the untapped mental powers of others so long as he targeted them before their brains fully formed. Thus he would turn his focus to abducting children, going on to create a machine which would drain the minds of his victims, in the process turning their bodies into hulking mindless monsters which obeyed his will.

With every child he kidnapped and irreversibly transformed into his mindless minion, The Knife would obtain a new psychic ability. Growing in psychic power as he consolidated and prepared to use these abilities to retstore the nazi regime and conquer the world.

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First Appearance: (Cylvia Cyber) Wonder Woman 180 (1968)
Creators: Dennis O’Neil and Mike Sekowsky
Abilities: Genius inventor. Leader of a global criminal empire. Seemingly endless amount of wealth, resources, henchmen, weapons, robots vehicles, and secret bases. Unwavering loyalty in her minions. The powers of sorcery. The psychic ability to control machinery with her mind. Can change her appearance at will. Power suit capable of rivaling Wonder Woman in power with numerous features included.

Backstory: Dr Cylvia Cyber, the first of 2 to bear the name, was one of the most brilliant minds in the world. A genius in a plethora of fields who looked on at the world and thought she could make it a much better place…By placing it under her rule!

Using her intellect, Doctor Cyber would amass power and construct a global criminal organization. Arming them with advanced technology of her own creation which outpaced anything the unknowing governments would be capable of developing in centuries time. From armored hovercraft to killer toy armies to earthquake machines to underwater bases.

With Doctor Cybers genius leading things, her people quickly entrenched themselves in all of the major nations and quickly began consolidating more wealth and power. Working to turn politicians to Doctor Cybers influence. Bending the world to her will!

However a disastrous encounter with Wonder Woman would lead to Doctor Cylvia Cyber becoming painfully scarred, leading to her turning her undivided attention towards world domination to taking up a side hobby in her free time of trying to get her revenge on Wonder Woman. Wanting Diana for her body.

Doctor Cyber wished to perform a full body transplant, having her revenge while also obtaining an invulnerable new form which would never suffer injuries again. Eventually Doctor Cyber would begin making improvements upon her own form with cybernetics and a technologically advanced power suit of her own design in order to better defend herself should her efforts to operate in secrecy from the shadows while the help does all the work come to naught.

Talented in technology. Lauded for her leadership. Skilled in sorcery. Sly in her physics. Any who crossed Doctor Cylvia Cyber would know their DOOM!

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doctor cyber 6



First Appearance: Wonder Woman 13 (1945)
Creators: Joye Hummel and H.G Peter
Abilities: Ruler of the subartic seamen. Leader of the cult of the electric fire walrus. Capable of living in subzero temperatures. Can swim in artic waters.

Backstory: Deep under the ice of Antartica there was a mysterious land which mankind has been seeking out for millennia. The fabled Garden of Eden. In this divine land despite being buried under miles of ice, it was ever warm, sunny, and the rich garden thrived with tropical fruits all year round.

Surrounding the Garden of Eden was a moat of black ice water and an intricate natural cavern system in the ice where dwelled ‘the seal men’ a race of blue skinned humanoids who evolved from seals. Having evolved in the darkened caverns and waters beneath the ice, they could not stand the light of the garden of Eden least they go blind. But whenever the fruits from that garden fell into the waters surrounding it, the Seal men would feast.

In the present day the Seal men had formed a modern monarchy and named their domain ‘Bitterland’ Ruled by King Rigor, these Seal men sought any possible means of getting their hands on the fruit of the Gardens of Eden. Even making an effort to grow and harvest it themselves, though the light necessary to maintain the plants would render them blind.

However in the time between the Seal men coming into existence and the present day, the Garden of Eden had been found by the goddess Aphrodite who using that ancient of laws ‘Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers’ claimed it for herself. Thus traveling to the planet Venus where she was worshipped by the immortal fairies who ruled that world, she appeared before their ruler Queen Desira and declared her wish to grant a new land to her daughter.

Thus Princess Eve of the fairy folk of Venus would be brought to the Garden of Eden as its queen, renaming it Eveland which would eventually come to be inhabited by her children and her childrens children as fairies are born from the dreams and desires to have offspring.

King Rigor and seeing them as a potential slave labor, would have his men and his son use nets and hooks to try and pull the Evegirls out of Eveland and into Bitterland, forcing them to work the fields the Seal men had created. All the while also trying to appease their deity, the electric fire walrus who would consume the Seal men if not appeased.

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 125 (1961)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru
Abilities: Shapeshifting, skilled fighter, leader of an alien invasion fleet, native to a world with a chloroform atmosphere

Backstory: Fleet commander of an alien invasion force bent on conquering the Earth, Amoeba-man knew that the only thing standing in the way of his efforts for world domination was Wonder Woman.

Thus taking advantage of Wonder Woman in the silver age having a terribly messed up love life, Amoeba-man would shapeshift into a human knight on a winged horse which Wonder Woman would immediately recognize as the knight Galahad.

Defeating both Steve Trevor and Mer-man who were engaged in one of their regular duels to the death as they fought over Wonder Woman like a pair of feral dogs over a chunk of beef, Amoeba-man in his guise as a knight would romance and woo Diana, attempting to get her when her guard was down so that his invasion force which encircled the planet could begin their invasion once she did.

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 48 (1951)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and H.G Peter
Abilities: Genius inventor, can create and pilot a robotic duplicate of Wonder Woman which can rival her in strength and speed. Gun haver. Leads a criminal gang of criminals.

Backstory: Leader and scientific genius of an ill defined criminal gang based out of an underground bunker laboratory, Elektro turned his criminal mind towards the villainous efforts of creating a rival for Wonder Woman herself!

Elektro would succeed in the form of ‘Robot Woman’ a remote controlled robotic duplicate that looked like Wonder Woman and could replicate her physical feats.

Using Robot Woman, Elektro intended to commit crimes such as bank robberies and heists from the comfort of his hideout. Gloating over how any crimes commited by the robot duplicate would instead be blamed on the Amazon Princess. Thus not only would it allow Elektros crimes to go unnoticed, but it would do great harm to Dianas own reputation.

In terms of just physical ability, the robotic Wonder Woman was quite capable. Able to deflect bullets with bracelets, outrun conventional vehicles with ease, and smash through buildings without effort.

With Elektro operating the robot from a computer which somehow projects Robot Womans actions from a third person perspective, he was seemingly safe from the results of his own wrongdoing.

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 149 (1999)
Creators: Eric Luke and Rick Burchett
Abilities: Brilliant mind for strategy and trickery. Whip haver.

Backstory: One of the children created wholly of Chronus in the modern day in order to have his revenge upon the Olympian gods and aid him in his efforts to conquer the universe.

Arch is above all the cleverest of Chronus’ new children. The very embodiment of strategy and trickery, he claimed to have a mind which flowed like quicksilver and was the wisest of the wise.

The very nature of his existence being that of a great thinker, he was physically the weakest and smallest of these creatures created for Chronus’s vengeance. Instead serving the role of actually plotting and planning. A feat beyond most of his brethren.

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arch 5


First Appearance: Wonder Woman 26 (1947)
Creators: Joye Hummel and H.G Peter
Abilities: Strength proportionate to a fifteen foot tall giant. Mastery of ‘Expanding Mercury’. Flight through the use of winged sandals and winged helm. Leads the armies of Mercury

Backstory: Ruler of the planet Mercury, Queen Celerita like all of her kind was a fifteen foot tall giant who possessing winged sandals and winged helm, was capable of flight at incredible speeds, and strength beyond the common Earthling.

Having subjugated her political opponents to claim rule of her planet, Queen Celerita was a tyrant who ruled with an iron fist. Barring the treasured gift of flight to all but her own personal military and chaining those who stood in her way.

Eager to build temples dedicated to herself and slay the builders as sacrifice, Queen Celerita was quite mad with power.

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 124 (1961)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru
Abilities: Continuous adaption to any environment or circumstance. Will rise again no matter how he is felled. Shapeshifting into any animal, element, or creation. Kaiju.

Backstory: A shapeshifting menace born of mankinds experiments with nuclear weaponry. Multiple Man is a seemingly mindless entity which exists only to consume and destroy. Taking things to consume them. Destroying anything that gets in its way. A menace of pure devastation.

So powerful is Multiple Man that should it die, it will simply evolve and reform into something suitable to escape its present environment. Impossible to permanently contain or slay, Multiple Man will simply reform and try again and again.

Ever evolving and ever changing, Multiple Man would be an ever unpredictable force of destruction which would always find new and creative ways to menace people.

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 75 (1955)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and H.G Peter
Abilities: Magic. Size changing gun

Backstory: Leader of the evil leprechauns, Nilremo was a powerful wizard who turned his magical knowledge towards evil purpose. Unlike the other leprechauns which sought to bring joy and laughter to mankind and enjoy the occasional prank at their expense, Nilremo and his evil leprechauns wished to spread dismay and despair. Robbing mankind of what it treasured to keep for themselves.

In order to accomplish this dire task and well aware that the other leprechauns were well versed in magic, Nilremo got his hands on a science powered shrink ray. Cutting through their magical defenses with something they never could have thought to develop a defense against.

Once he successfully captures his more good natured kin, Nilremo would have nothing to stop his criminal efforts.

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