Wonder Woman: Encyclopedia of Villains

Name: Cyborgirl
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #179 (2002)
Creators: Phil Jiminez and Roy Allan Martinez
Abilities: Capable of interfacing and taking control of any machine regardless of nature. Can reform parts of her body to form weapons such as blades or sonic weaponry. Mechanical strength.

Backstory: Letonya Charles was a young woman with a promising future ahead of her until poor life choices led to her making the poor decision of when introduced to drugs while losing herself in the party scene, she became addicted to ‘Tar’ a narcotic thats side effects would render someone dead within a few years of continuous use.

Fortunately for Letonya, her aunt Sarah was a brilliant scientist working at Star Labs who not wanting to lose her neice, undertook a surgery to surgically removed the affected areas, replace them with mechanical systems, and turn Letonya into Cyborgirl.

With this, Letonya was no longer at risk of dying from the effects of her drug abuse. She had a body that looked perfectly human but could reform into mechanical systems using her built in nano technology.

However what may have been a new lease on life and a chance for Cyborgirl to turn her life around and make something more of herself would instead lead to the creation of a new villain. For while Cyborgirl would no longer die from ‘Tar’ which no longer drove her to her death, Cyborgirl was still heavily addicted.

This being a dangerous narcotic that was highly illegal, Cyborgirl would have to get her fix from criminals. And when it became realized that she was capable of incredible feats of strength and power, Tar became a leash used to control Cyborgirl. Making her into the perfect supervillain lackey. Willing to commit murder and destroy civilizations all for the sake of getting her fix.

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As part of the team assembling the table of contents/link list for this, I was honestly shocked that there are more WW villains starting with “King” than “Doctor.” And just as many starting with “Queen” as “Doctor”! (So far anyway. The project continues.) I’ve definitely learned a lot so far. :face_with_monocle:


The number of doctors WOULD increase if the two Doctor Poisons had separate articles. And there are a number I have not covered yet such as Doctor Domino, Doctor Echo, Doctor Crawford, and half a dozen professors.

That said, Im not even halfway through the number of villainous kings, queens, and other members of monarchy in Wonder Womans rogue gallery. :sweat_smile:

I confess when I started my first list years prior I was likewise expecting far more doctors than anything else. In no small part because Marston tended to work from a scientific basis with alot of his stuff.

But in reality, the truth of the matter is people assume Wonder Woman has alot of doctors in her rogues gallery because a good chunk of her A list better known rogues either call themselves doctors (even the likes of Psycho who was kicked out of medical school) Or have formal scientific education. (Baroness, Zeul Giganta, Blue Snowman, Minerva Cheetah…)

The kings and queens of secret kingdoms didn’t have as much staying power sadly


That one’s for you! And yes, there’s a lot of evil royals, it seems, but I think that’s just a recurring theme of the earlier eras.

:+1: There’s still plenty that haven’t come up yet. I did all 4 Dr. Poisons in one because they all use the same moniker (as well as the name Maru) and all have military ties. 4 separate profiles doesn’t seem worth it, especially when their characterizations stay pretty true to the source…same reason I added Doris into Giganta’s profile. Easier to discover and less confusing (and less work for us :tada:)!

I’ve been pretty careful (tried to be anyway :smile:) with the long-standing villains who survived Crisis, to both cover their origins and bring them current, and then adding links for reference. :purple_heart: I think it works.


First Appearance: Wonder Woman 196 (2003)
Creators: Greg Rucka and Drew Johnson
Abilities: Genius engineer, business tycoon, criminal mastermind and founder of Godwatch.

Backstory: One of Diana’s more complex adversaries, the deeply self-reliant Veronica Cale wears many hats: bio-engineer, CEO, dedicated mother, god hunter and of course, contemptuous villain who won’t stop until she evens the score. Despite being rescued by Wonder Woman several times, Cale uses here wealth, intellect and expertise in chemical & technological engineering to conspire against Diana, which has brought her in league (and conflict) with prominent members of the Amazon’s rogues gallery. Her motives have changed over time, however, the core reason for her resentment becoming deeper and more personal.

Talented and industrious, Dr. Cale worked hard to earn everything she has, but as a woman working in the fields of both medicine and business, she spent her life fighting an uphill battle—a familiar story: working ten times harder to make half the progress as people with a fraction of her insight or creativity; But Cale was up to the challenge, and became the founder of a hugely successful company, accumulating vast wealth.

She had grown cynical though, and developed a ruthlessness which allowed her to survive in a cutthroat world, so when Wonder Woman arrived with her graceful god-given gifts, preaching of peace and equality, she took personal offense. Cale would attempt to smear Diana’s reputation, and later played a role in the creation of the 3rd Silver Swan, Vanessa Kapatelis, by buying her from Sebastian Ballesteros, and turning her into a cyborg.

During Rebirth Cale would gain another layer of scorn for not only Diana, but the Gods of Olympus. As the CEO of Empire Industries she would launch Godwatch, which was founded for the sole purpose of locating Themyscira—not to enhance Cale’s own power or influence, but out of desperation.

The sons of Ares, Phobos and Deimos, seeking to free their father from prison on Themyscira, had exploited Veronica by placing a curse on her daughter, Isadore, which removed her face and soul from her body. Only upon the liberation of Ares from his prison on Themyscira could Isadore be restored. To add to her grief, she would also lose her best friend, Adrianna Anderson, who died and transformed into Dr. Cyber while on a mission to find the island.

Cale exacted revenge upon her blackmailers by partnering with the sorceress Circe, and even arranged to re-curse a newly cured Barbara Minerva in order to aide her in her efforts. When she located the island Veronica learned that Isadore could only remain whole if she stayed, forcing her to leave her only daughter and heir behind. Veronica blames Wonder Woman’s personal feud with Ares for their separation to this day.


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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 151 (1965)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru
Abilities: Alien blob that can absorb the properties of anything it ingests, rendering it immune to weapons.

Backstory: The Glop, a twisted looking amorphous entity, would make its Silver Age debut battling the original Wonder Girl—who was NOT, in fact, the beloved Donna Troy, but the adult Wonder Woman’s fantasies of being a teenage girl. (Diana never having a childhood would also daydream adventures of being a baby during this era, and thus Wonder Tot was born…)

While dreaming, Wonder Girl imagined the arrival of a space monster called The Glop, which could absorb the properties of anything and everything it could possibly digest. Assimilating various characteristics of the organic and inorganic alike not only meant it was immune to attacks and weapons, but while terrorizing party-goers, it also absorbs 100 rock and roll records *and * their lyrics. The Glop, with its emotions manipulated by the music, falls in love with Wonder Girl (easily one of her strangest suitors ever). Thankfully, it was all just a dream.

Wonder Girl ultimately vanquished the destructive sentient blob with time travel technology. She transports far into the past and trapped the creature on an uninhabited Earth. Though it was only a fantasy, Wonder Woman cautioned her that dreams have a way of coming true, and as it happened, the Glop would eventually return.

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Fair~ I confess I tend to forget about the latter two Doctor Poisons. And I suppose we don’t really know enough about any of them to stretch it enough…

Now Doris eventually I will make a profile for~! Her and the Gorilla Giganta are waaaay to different as characters not to do that. :laughing:
…Just takes me sitting down to read ‘Secret Six’ and get an idea what in the world her character is.


Name: Paperman
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #165 (1966)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru
Abilities: Made wholly from paper, Paperman can reform his body into anything concievable by paper, gaining those properties in the process. Can merge with existing paper to hide. Can expand or contract in size, becoming as small as an envelop or large as a billboard.

Backstory: Horace was a simple employee at the chemical processing plant which created special experimental paper used for military operations when falling into a non OSHA compliant chemical vat, he became paper itself!

When the transformation change Horace, his co workers laughed in hilarity at his terrible fate, with only Diana Prince showing any concern for Horaces unfortunate accident.

Horace being a nice guy was convinced that the only reason Diana Prince could have shown any concern or empathy for him must be because she was in reality madly in love with him. Thus training his newfound powers, Paperman would enter into a life of crime.

Stealing wealthy and priceless objects at Dianas feet in the hopes of earning her affection. And whenever she would try convincing him to stop these criminal escapades, return what he stole, and confess to his crimes, he would declare that Wonder Woman had gotten to her, poisoning Dianas mind against him, unable to understand why she wasnt falling head over heels for a sweet nice guy like himself.

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He would’ve been more villainous as PaperCut Man.


Name: Doctor Domino
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #205 (1973)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and Don Heck
Abilities: Has a domino brick for a head. Criminal mastermind with a number of henchmen. Possesses a cargo freighter from which he performs his criminal operations worldwide. Has a collection of nuclear warheads each of which is powerful enough to destroy whole cities.

Backstory: Doctor Domino was an evil mastermind with ambitions towards world domination. Like other evil geniuses of his caliber, Doctor Domino somehow had a secret headquarters, a number of deadly doomsday weapons, and a large number of henchmen who follow his every command without question.

For reasons unexplained, Doctor Domino had a domino for a head. Whether this is a medical condition, a genetic trait he was born with, or the fault of some freak domino accident; it seemingly plays no part in any of his villainous schemes or motivations.

Doctor Dominos primary focus and drive is in seeking out and obtaining dangerous doomsday weapons of mass destruction so that he could blackmail the governments of the world and become its new leader.

Such as Professor Zunis ‘Bacteria Cloudburst formula’ A bio terrorist weapon which when used would create large formations of airborne and instantly deadly bacteria which could wipe out whole city populations while leaving everything otherwise in pristine condition.

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Name: Princess 1,003
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #110 (1959)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru
Abilities: Possesses the Ray Wand which has multiple functions such as operating as a hynotic flute, firing paralyzing blasts, and firing combustible blasts.

Backstory: One of two thousand, seven hundred, and eighty five princesses from her home planet. Princess 1,003 was part of the princess overmind which unanimously shared in all activities and responsibilities, for by dividing the work it became much easier for the whole.

Hailing from a technologically advanced alien world which had scientific wonders far beyond anything Earth could conceive, Princess 1,003 is part of a species of robotic lifeforms which through their disguise technology, could change themselves to look like any other species in the galaxy.

Princess 1,003 despising being just one amongst many and not standing out, would plot to run away to the distant Earth. Assume a disguise to blend in, and proceed to use her advanced technology to rule the world with people praising her and only her above all others.

So determined was Princess 1,003 to have her way, that when the armies of her home planet arrived and threatened to destroy the Earth itself unless the Earthlings turned over their lost princess, she declared she would rather perish along with the planet rather than return to the life she had before.

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Name: Inversion the Inside-Out man
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #247 (1978)
Creators: Jack Harris and Jose Delbo
Abilities: Mad science skills. Ability to invent and use faulty teleporters. The power of having his skin and hair on the inside.

Backstory: Formerly a gifted scientist who was trying to revolutionize the world with a stunning brand new technology, Inversion would suffer from a troubling scientific accident when he attempted to use himself as his first test subject.

The results Inverted and turned his body inside out, leaving his skeletons and internal organs bare to the outside elements and that protective organ known as the skin safely stored away on the inside along with the clothing he was wearing.

Despite the agony of the event, Inversion had the presence of mind to invent and don a pressurized suit that kept him alive. One which he can never take off or else he would suffer a horrific and agonizing death.

The event having a disastrous effect on his mind, Inversion would come out of the event mentally scarred and unbalanced. No longer wishing to use his mad science to benefit the world, he now turned that very concept inside out and instead wished to make the whole world share in what he experienced!

Thus Inversion would be determined to use his faulty teleporter to turn the entire world inside out along with all life. Wanting to make more people like him…

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Name: Greg Trevor
First Appearance: #249 (1978)
Creators: Jack Harris and Jose Delbo
Abilities: Talented and suave super spy. Access to highly advanced government technologies. Access to the advanced intelligence network of ‘The Organization’

Backstory: Brother of the better known Steve Trevor, Greg was a man who vanished from society and all records ever since he joined ‘the Organization’ a top secret intelligence bureau working for the United States government which was so secret that like the dozens of other such organizations, nobody knew anything about it.

Greg was a high ranking member of the Organization with access to much of their intelligence and equipment. Which he would use in order to monitor his brother and his love, Steve Trevor. Thus when Steve returned to life and took on an assumed name as ‘Steve Howard’ Greg was already in the know.

Greg was bitterly jealous of his brother Steve and superheroes as a whole. Envious of how much popularity and attention they received for their heroics and world saving heroism. Believing himself to be just as courageous and resenting how the nature of his career prevents him from sharing this truth with the world, Greg would plot to use the resources of his spy organization to bring about the downfall of superheroes!

Thus Greg Trevor would come up with a fake terrorist group called U.N.R.E.S.T (United Nationalists for Revelation of Essential Technologies) An organization with the stated goal of demanding all of the superhero technology be made available to the public and declaring that they would work to murder all of the worlds superheroes in order to achieve this goal.

Committing numerous criminal acts in an effort to destroy the superhero population and lay the blame on a non existent organization using the resources of the Organization without their knowing.

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Holy shades of Chairface Chippendale!


Yup~ Doctor Domino is one of those tragically under utilized figures in Wonder Womans mythos. We never find out his deal, and just LOOK at this guy!


Waitaminnit - Steve has an evil brother? With an evil mustache?! How did I not know this? :exploding_head:


This. This right here is why we needed this encyclopedia. Imagine what could have been if this sort of thing was more commonly known~


Name: Fausta Grables
First Appearance: Comic Cavalcade #2 (1943)
Creators: William Marston and Frank Godwin
Abilities: Master of disguise. Skilled wrestler. Talented in stage show theatrics.

Backstory: Spy for the nazi regime. Fausta Grables was assigned the task of uncovering the secrets of Wonder Woman and if possible, undermine her in some way so that the nazis would be able to destroy America.

Spying on Wonder Woman, Fausta would see the opportunity to steal her costume including the magic lasso. Once she had succeeded in this, Fausta would take advantage of Wonder Womans greatest weakness and put on a stage show wherin she would declare herself the strongest woman in the world. Well aware that this sort of challenge would pique Wonder Womans interest. All with the intent of using the magic lasso to entrap Diana!

In the Wonder Woman television series, Fausta Grables would successfully capture Wonder Woman and take her back to Europe, wherin she would interrogate Diana in an effort to uncover the secrets of the Amazons.

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hmm…I don’t think there are any Wonder Woman villains whose names start with ‘J’, ‘X’, or ‘Y’…A shame, I was kinda hoping I could make an alphabet.

Maybe ill uncover some villains I missed in a reread…


Based on the recent storyline, you might consider Janus to be a villain, but I’ll defer to your interpretation on that. As to Y and X I’ll keep thinking on that.