Wonder Woman: Encyclopedia of Villains

First Appearance: Wonder Woman 10 (1987)
Creators: George Perez
Abilities: Primordial being with godly strength, stamina, immortality, and the power of metamorphosis.

Backstory: Cottus is one of three mythical creatures of Greek legend known as Hecatonchires, who helped Zues win the War of the Titans in ancient Thessaly for dominion over the universe. They are distinguished by their giant size, superhuman strength, as well as their additional one hundred arms and fifty extra heads. The were the offspring of Titans Gaia and Uranus, but their father, Uranus, found them so hideous that he locked them away in the infernal realm of Hades, known as the Tartarus.

In his comic debut, Cottus, brother to Briareos, Diana would square off with Cottus when she returns to enter Doom’s Doorway after Zeus demands that Diana perform dangerous tasks from each member of the Pantheon as punishment for refusing his advances.

He would later reappear living for thousands of years beneath Themyscira, until summoned by rogue Amazon, Alkyone to aide her in eliminating Wonder Woman. Both Alkyone and Cottus claimed that Cottus is Diana’s father, since the clay Hippolyta had used to create Diana was taken from Cottus without consent, which filled him with rage for eons. After being summoned from the depths, he engaged Wonder Woman demanding what was taken from him, but the demon was defeated and returned to the depths he calls home.

Challenge of the Gods

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 212 (2005)
Creators: Greg Rucka
Abilities: Primordial being with godly strength, stamina, immortality, and the power of metamorphosis.

Backstory: Briareos is one of three mythical creatures of Greek legend known as Hecatonchires, who helped Zues win the War of the Titans in ancient Thessaly for dominion over the universe. They are distinguished by their giant size, superhuman strength, as well as their additional one hundred arms and fifty extra heads. The original Hecatonchires were the offspring of Titans Gaia and Uranus, but their father, Uranus, found them so hideous that he locked them away in the infernal realm of Hades, known as the Tartarus.

In his comic debut, Briareos, brother to Cottus and Gyges, who guarded the throne of Zeus on Olympus, was called upon to serve and protect Zeus once more. When the Goddess Athena challenged Zeus for the throne of Olympus, he demanded a deadly contest of champions to decide. Athena’s champion, a blinded Wonder Woman fought Zeus’ terrifying champion Briareos and ultimately emerged victorious after petrifying him using Medusa’s head.

Wonder Woman 212


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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 14 (2008)
Creators: Gail Simone and Terry Dodson
Abilities: Immortal, advanced hand to hand combatant, tactician and strategist with superhuman strength, durability, and stamina.

Backstory: Alkyone is best known as a zealot whose uncompromising faith turned into betrayal and conspiracy to murder. As the Captain of Queen Hyppolyta’s royal guard who pledged to protect the Queen’s life at all costs, she was also once married to the god Achilles (before she tried to kill him).

As a devout believer in the Amazon way, when she discovered that Queen Hippolyta was praying to the gods for a child, Alkyone believed it would destroy the island and the Amazons with it. As a result, she has always hated Diana, believing the new princess was the cause of all the Amazon’s difficulties and has endlessly plotted to murder her. Alkyone’s hatred for Diana is only matched by her praise for Queen Hippolyta, her delusions making her believe that every horror she committed was justified in Hyppolyta’s good name.

The first time she tried to murder Diana, she was an infant. Alkyone intruded in the Queen’s rooms to slaughter the child but Hippolyta woke up and punished her and her 3 co-conspirators by sending them to prison. Upon release, Alkyone then asked her friends to help her murder Diana once more, for the good of Themyscira, but failed to best the princess in combat. Alkyone ruled Themyscira for a short time in Hippolyta’s absence, but her loyalty was so strong that her intentions were always for Hyppolyta to regained her throne. Yet, when Ares gave her the soul of Genocide in an attempt to get her to finally murder Diana while she had the power, she tried again and failed again.

For the fourth attempt Alkyone summoned one of the Hecatonchires named Cottus, a monster from the depths of Themyscira, believing he was Diana’s true father. Alkyone was ultimately struck down by Hippolyta for her crimes and crushed by Cottus in a fall, but it was unknown if she died from her injuries or managed to survive.

The Circle

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 131 (1998)
Creators: John Byrne
Abilities: Immortality, mind control, time and size alteration, and teleportation.

Backstory: Dark Angel has long tormented any humans foolish enough to summon her with dread and doom, but the mythical bringer of disaster began her comic life as an evil spy in Spy Smasher comics during the Golden Age. Decades later, incarnations of the villain bearing the name in the modern era have served as a mystical antagonist to an array of DC heroes, but she is most notably tied to (and responsible for much of the convoluted history of) Wonder Girl.

During the modern era, the wandering evil spirit Dark Angel was called forth by Wonder Woman’s first recurring villain, Baroness Paula Von Gunther. She then possessed Von Gunther and attacked the then-acting Wonder Woman, Hippolyta, who battled the malicious villain on several occasions. Eventually Dark Angel appeared on Themyscira intending to kidnap her daughter, Diana, but accidentally kidnapped Diana’s magical double, brought to life with Themyscirian sorcery, instead.

Dark Angel forced the double to live endless lifetimes characterized by suffering— each one ending in brutal tragedy, with her life being restarted and erased from the world’s memory, hoping that the painful cumulative effect of her daughters suffering would drive Hippolyta insane. Instead, the double was able to grow stronger, and finally became the independent entity now known as Donna Troy.

In the Return of Donna Troy mini-series, Donna discovered that Dark Angel was in fact her counterpart from Earth 7, and was saved from the burning apartment by the Anti-Monitor, and raised her to be his harbinger. When the Multiverse was reconfigured in one single Universe, Dark Angel (who had somehow escaped the compression of every Donna Troy into one single being in the new Earth), sought to kill Donna and make her relive the lives of the other alternate Donnas as a way to avoid the merging. When Dark Angel was defeated, Donna became the true sum of every Donna Troy that ever existed on every Earth, a living key to the lost Multiverse. During Infinite Crisis, a new Dark Angel would appear, again serving the Anti-Monitor.

Wonder Woman 132

The Return of Donna Troy



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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 3 (1987)
Creators: George Perez
Abilities: A destructive flying demon with godly powers such as invulnerability, a touch that causes rapid aging and death, and breath that causes a target to turn to dust.

Backstory: After journeying to the Cavern of the Gorgons, the god of fear, Phobos, sought revenge against Diana by molding a statue from the remains of Medusa’s heart (containing genesistic properties), and infused it with some of his powers. He then arranged for the item to be delivered to the Kapatelis residence, where Diana had been living while she oriented herself to life away from her island home. The statue, named Decay, was delivered and came to life in the hands of young Vanessa Kapatelis, forcibly aging Vanessa by decades with a single touch.

Decay then destroyed the Kapatelis home in an effort to eliminate Diana, but after failing to kill the Amazon, she opted to joyfully go on a destructive rampage in the city of Boston. After a dangerous battle, Diana realized the proper way to defeat the monster, and snared Decay in the Lasso of Truth—also tied to the renewing power of Mother Gaia, ancient Goddess of the Earth. Bombarded with this ancient power of creation, Decay was overwhelmed and boom! She exploded.

Decay was later resurrected by Dr. Julian Lazarus’s Reanimator. At the time, Wonder Woman was occupied fighting a duplicate of Doomsday and was unable to prevent the resurrection, but would eventually square off with the monster once more. While Decay’s body was merely an artificial effigy, the demon’s spirit possessed the copy of her former self, but before Decay could secure the power necessary to permanently maintain her new form, Diana shattered the virtual clone into a million pieces.

Wonder Woman 4

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Name: Osira
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #231 (1977)
Creators: Martin Pasko, Alan Brennert, and Bob Brown
Abilities: The ability to project pyramid shaped energy blasts. Can form a pyramid force field around herself and others which allow for flight, and can imprison those sealed within them. Can control minds by creating energy pyramids on a worldwide scale. Ability to compel the dead to possess the bodies of the living.

Backstory: Ancient alien from another world, galaxy, and dimension who hailed from a time nine thousand years in the past. Osira was part of a space fleet which left her planet for reasons unspecified, only to wind up lost when a freak meteor shower struck the fleet, sending ships hurtling and crashing into different universes.

Osira and her husband Hefnakhti would crash land on Earth where upon they used their powers to bend the minds of humanity to their will, conquering the planet and proclaiming themselves to be gods. They would force humanity to construct the pyramids, for pyramids were a source of power which Osira and Hefnakhti drew from, growing in strength and power so long as they were within a certain distance of any pyramidal structure.

Thus they would rule the world for millenia until the high priest Anankh guided by the Egyptian gods sealed them away in one of their own pyramids for three thousand years. Kept alive by her own powers, Osira would live while her husband who looked identical to Steve Trevor would tragically perish until she was awakened in the modern day and freed from her prison.

Now returned to the world, Osira swore to use the accumulated pyramid power of millennia to bring peace to the world. For only by removing humanities free will and making their only motive being to worship as a goddess who obeyed her every will would the world be a better place as far as she believed.

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Name: Hamlin Rule
First Appearance: Wonder Woman tv series: SE02 EP06
Portrayed by: Martin Mull
Abilities: Talented musician. Ability to brainwash people with his flute playing. Can punch holes through solid steel using a sonic disintegration of his own design. Legions of bloodthirsty fans who would die for him.

Backstory: Talented musician who got into the music industry with a passion for song and a desire to please his fans. However after years of being stiffed on money, living paycheck to paycheck just to get by, and being treated like dirt by all but his fans, Hamlin decided enough was enough.

With the help of his manager Carl Schwartz, Hamlin discovered he had a mysterious ability to hypnotize people by playing his flute, making them do whatever he wishes. Thus he would make his fans rob the venues he was performing at, granting him 100% of the take which combined with his manager using the allmighty power of contracts to demand their original fee, they would make bank~

Uncaring if his fans were caught doing crimes under his will, safe in the knowledge that it would not lead back to him.


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Name: Perfection
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #265 (1979)
Creators: E. Bridwell and Ric Estrada
Abilities: Secretarial skills. Commands an army of roman centurion themed henchmen.

Backstory: Obsessive compulsive perfectionist. Miss Maple desired nothing less than a world to be perfect and free of crime, war, evil, and ugliness.

However unlike Wonder Woman whose goals were to make it a better place through peaceful understanding, Maple wished to destroy anything which was not perfect, making a world that fit her narrowly defined view of perfection.

Thus gaining a group of like minded individuals to her cause who would aid her in killing all who were not perfect, she would take on the name of ‘Perfection’ and seek to obtain the secrets of those most perfect of individuals, the Amazons. All in order to give her the might and power she wanted to cleanse the world.

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Name: Gault
First Appearance: Wonder Woman tv series: SE:3 EP:12 (1978)
Portrayed by: John Carradine
Abilities: Telekinesis. Advanced intellect. The ability to cloud the minds of others. Memory erasure. The ability to claim the bodies of others, making them his own. Possession of a robot body. Vast wealth.

Backstory: Harlow Gault was an aging industrialist in the munitions industry and founder of Gault Industries. Reaching his 70s, was considered to olde and ancient for the competitive life of corporate blood feuds, was ousted from the company by his board of directors, with his replacement Stryker taking over the company.

Swearing to live on so he may reclaim his company, Harlow Gault invested his money into tapping the secrets of immortality, until his efforts chance upon Doctor Crippin, a mad scientist who professed a means of removing brains and preserving them, ensuring they would become immortal.

Thus putting his aide Tara Landon in charge of managing his assets and public appearances, Harlow Gault underwent the procedure which led to his brain being removed. Leading to surprising side effects.

For as everyone knows, brains like koi fish will grow to fit the size of their containiner. Thus no longer being constrained by the limits of the human skull, Gault rapidly gained new mental abilities. He could move things with his mind to an incredible degree. It became childs play to perform incredible calculations. With further psychic powers continuing to develop as his brain enlarged!

Driven by the twin desires of reclaiming his company through bloody sabotage, and claiming a new younger fitter model of the human body to claim as his own, Gault was a psychic terror.

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Name: Loki
First Appearance: Sensation Comics #83 (1948)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and H.G Peter
Abilities: Time travel. Dimensional travel. Immortality. Power over sorcery and magic. Ability to conjure people and things from any point in time, forcing them to serve his will.

Backstory: Described as the god of evil, trickery, and trolls. Loki was a Norse god with countless incredible abilities who allies himself with others and aids them in their villainous efforts for no better reason than finding it entertaining to see what happens.

For example aiding King Prowd, the ruler of the distant future city of Elam in conquering its neighboring city state through a convoluted olympic event by summoning champions from across time and space.

In post crisis continuity, Loki would travel about with his blood brothers sons Thor and Baldr getting into trouble. Fairly neutral in nature, barring the time when the lot of them under the influence of Circe, the attempted to use a magical tribe in Norways powers to open a gateway to Muspelhiem and summon forth Surtr to bring about the end of the Earth.

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loki 2


Name: The Shapeshifter
First Appearance: Wonder Woman the tv series: SE03 EP20
Portrayed by:
Abilities: The ability to assume any form from across the universe. The means of traveling between worlds. The skills of a practiced serial killer.

Backstory: An alien known by such monikers as ‘The Killer’, ‘The Beastman’, and ‘The Murderer’ The Shapeshifter is a being with an unending desire to grow stronger and cause death. Where he started or what his original form was have long been lost to time. Only the relentless hunt for might and murder drive him.

Traveling from world to world, the Shapeshifter would seek out the strongest life forms of the worlds he would discover, copying their forms for his personal collection of shapes. Then once he obtained said transformations, he would proceed to murder his way through the worlds populations in order to master his new abilities. Honing his talent for murder and growing in strength.

Endlessly pursued by the body snatching police force known as the ‘100’ who kept coming no matter how many of their stolen bodies he slaughter, the Shapeshifter would learn to move with caution and subtly. Taking on unassuming forms such as mice and dogs to slip around unseen, and children to appear unassuming and harmless. With none aware that there is an imposter among us.

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Name: Volcano Prophet
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #70 (1954)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and H.G Peter
Abilities: Vast wealth. Professional con artist. Possession of intense chemical explosives. Commands a group of henchmen.

Backstory: A criminal mastermind with a genius get rich quick scheme. The Volcano Prophet was a man who devised a means of using chemical explosives to reignite dormant and even extinct volcanoes, causing terrible eruptions which would level whole areas.

Upon devising this, the Volcano Prophet came up with a scheme in which he would claim to have precognition, foretelling that a volcano would errupt before causing it to happen. Once he built up a reputation and credability, he would then demand money to foretell when a disaster would occur, demanding regular payments to remain on retainer.

Should a nearby community fail or refuse to pay him further, he would simply ignite the volcano, causing it to destroy said community, encouraging others to continue their payments for fear that the volcanoes would errupt without warning. Unaware that it was all an elaborate extortion scheme.

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Name: King Gwyn
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #776 (2021)
Creators: Micheal Conrad, Becky Cloonan, Jordie Bellaire, and Paulina Ganucheau
Abilities: Fae magic. Can place people to sleep by blowing on them. Commands an army of the fae. Spear haver. Operates on fairy logic. The ability to freely travel across all planes and worlds in the multiverse and beyond.

Backstory: Formerly the high fae leader of the royal battalions of Elfhame. King Gwyn claimed the throne when his queen was tragically murdered by the Roman god Janus despite the objections of the queens sister Argona.

Declaring himself to be acting for his home and people, King Gwyn would rouse their lands armies and begin kidnapping children from across realities, replacing them with changlings who would establish beach heads in other worlds, while the abducted children would be drafted into the fae armies to fight for their cause.

For King Gwyn was driven by a desire to have his revenge upon the queen killer, and a desire to see his people and land safe. Both goals in his mind being best accomplished by making Elfhame an expansive empire which would spread across realities, conquering worlds in pursuit of the murderer while at the same time ensuring that Elfhame would never fall.

Aided by his brother Glyndwr, King Gwyn would stop at nothing to accomplish his goals. Goals which were muddied by the small detail known to few that Janus was carrying out this murder spree across realities in a guise meant to make her look like Wonder Woman.

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Name: Takeo Ishida
First Appearance: Wonder Woman tv series SE:2 EP:3
Portrayed by: Yuki Shimoda
Abilities: Powerful telekinesis. Sword haver.

Backstory: But a child when World War 2 occurred. Ishida was a Japanese American whose whole family was forced into an internment camp along with himself purely because of their ethnicity along with thousands of other American citizens whose property was seized and sold off to fund military operations.

His parents dying in the camp by the actions of the abusive soldiers who kept them imprisoned, Takeo Ishida and his brother would attempt to escape through the mine field which had been set up around the camp, only for his brother to be caught in an explosion. Looking back to see Wonder Woman cradling the limp form of his brother. Blaming Wonder Woman for his brothers apparent death.

The youth would continue to flee, eventually escaping to Mexico. From there eventually crossing the ocean to Japan after the war ended where he would go on to change his name to Taan Osida and taking up landscape painting, becoming a world renowned artist in the process.

Over time developing psychic powers which he made no secret of, Ishida would recieve offers from scientist Doctor Wilson who wanted to research his psychic abilities.

Seeing this as an opportunity, Ishida would return to the states and purchase his family home, spending years attempting to reclaim his families heirlooms which had been stolen and sold off over the years.

Developing his psychic abilities to incredible heights, Ishida swore to get revenge upon Wonder Woman who he blamed for his brothers death.


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Name: Mona Menise
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #30 (1948)
Creators: Joye Hummel and H.G Peter
Abilities: The ability to command men to do her bidding through song. Demolition driver.

Backstory: Millennia past, a group of Sirens would sing their song of temptation, driving ships to crash onto the rocky reefs which were their homes. Punished for this, they would be transformed into trees so they could bring no harm to humanity. Years would pass, and one of those trees would be found and used by a carpenter to make a wooden bracelet. Unaware that this bracelet would grant its wearer the powers of the Sirens for it contained the soul of Parthenope.

Mona Menise, daughter of army general Menise was madly in love with Steve Trevor who she developed a crush for when she was but a small child and he was a new recruit into the military. Driven to a jealous rage at his complete indifference to her efforts to romance him and his undivided love and attraction to Wonder Woman, Mona would seek to kill her rival in love and either make Steve love her…Or PERISH!

Obtaining the siren bracelet which would allow her to command mens minds by singing, Mona was able to raise an army to carry out her will.

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Name: Arthur Chapman
First Appearance: Wonder Woman tv series SE02 EP09
Portrayed by: Roddy Mcdowel
Abilities: Master of all sciences. Commands an army of peace hungry militants. Ability to hijack all forms of communication. Possesses a laser which can be beamed anywhere on the Earth to create a volcano of any size or scale. Headquarters possessing energy comparable to over a thousand atomic bombs.

Backstory: American scientist of world wide renown. Chapman was a man who dedicated his life towards heralding peace and bettering the world. Having worked first for the OSS, then the Science Research Institute, then NASA, Arthur Chapman invested thirty five years of his life in the scientific fields striving to better the world.

However Arthur would soon enough discover that all of his hard work and scientific endevors which were meant to help people were instead being weaponized by the American military who took his inventions which were meant for peace, only to use them for war.

Protesting this and demanding more effort be done towards bettering the world, Arthur would only be mocked. Commanded to continue pumping out better weapons of mass destruction so that the war mongers of the American military could continue destroying as much of the world as they could.

Disillusioned with this, Arthur would wash his hands of the scientific community and deciding that the governments of the world benefited from a dystopia and had no wish to see the world prosper, he would take matters into his own hands and force the world to embrace peace!

Thus basing himself out of Baha, California and uniting thousands of like minded individuals who also wished to see the world embrace peace, Chapman would proceed to hollow out a mountain to be used as an elaborate secret lair wherin he would invent a laser which could create controlled volcanoes at any point in the world.

He could make his volcanoes as large as a house or the size of a city. Controlling how long they would errupt and even turn them dormant on command.

Arthur Chapman would bring peace to the world whether they wanted it or not.

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Name: Red Dragon
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #283 (1981)
Creators: Gerry Conway and Jose Delbo
Abilities: Mastery of martial arts. Charismatic ability to turn people, convincing them to join his massive army. Advanced brainwashing tecniques. Commands an army of robot red dragons. Possession of brilliant scientists and advanced technologies. Possession of nuclear missiles.

Backstory: The so called next emperor of China. Red Dragon was a terrorist cult leader with delusions of grandeur who pined for the days of ancient imperialist China, declaring it to be the golden age of the world.

Claiming himself to be in some way descended from the same bloodline as one of Chinas imperial line of the past, Red Dragon drew to him numerous individuals who were swayed by his rhetoric and would die for his cause. Wishing to bring about the China which the Red Dragon promised.

Based out of a secret lair deep in the mountains and commanding not just his army of henchmen but nuclear missiles which can wipe out whole cities, and seemingly unstoppable robot red dragons, the Red Dragon was determined to carry out his goals of conquering China and remaking it in his image.

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Name: Count Cagliostro
First Appearance: Wonder Woman the TV series SE02 EP15 (1978)
Portrayed by: Dick Gautier
Abilities: World renowned stage magician. Well regarded teacher of the art of illusion. Skilled con artist. Possesses the means to temporarily turn lead into gold.

Backstory: Descendant of Alessandro Cagliostro, Count Cagliostro was a world renowned stage magician who was considered the greatest talent in the industry of the modern day. Having trained much of the newer talents and regularly selling out every show, Count Cagliostro was seemingly above reproach.

However unbeknownst to most, the Cagliostro bloodline have secretly been supervillains since the 1800s. With every descendant of Alessandro Cagliostro driven by a desire to have revenge upon the world which vilified their ancient ancestor.

Trying time and again to plunge the world into chaos, every descendant of the Cagliostros would be evil itself. One who would have brought the world to its knees were it not for the efforts of Wonder Woman time and time again over the centuries to foil their efforts.

The latest in that line would discover the scientific research of Doctor Hutchinson, a modern day alchemist who had developed a means of changing base metals into different metals through a combination of chemical baths and radiation treatments.

However said alterations were temporary and would over time break down, reverting the altered metal into its original state. Deaming his efforts a failure, Doctor Hutchinson would abandon his work, writing a paper on it to reveal its failure, never realizing that it could be misused for evil, as during those first days of transformation, it was impossible to differentiate the transformed metal from the real thing.

Thus Count Cagliostro intended to swindle the world by flooding the market with lead which had been transformed into gold and use his talent for stage magic to dissappear with bags of cash as the economy fell into turmoil with the aid of his villainous stage hands and blindly faithful apprentices.

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Name: King Neptune
First Appearance: Comic Cavalcade #9 (1944)
Creators: William Marston and H.G Peter
Abilities: Olympic level swimmer. Possession of rebreather masks which allow one to recycle the ocean into breathable air. Electric tridents which emit paralyzing ‘electric flames’. Possession of ‘Nepenthe’ a draught which erases ones memories to make them forget their past. Massive submarine base which is disguised as an island. Army of trained swimmer which rival her in ability. Heavy explosives which can be fastened to a ships hull.

Backstory: An olympic athlete who turned to a life of crime, Leona Masters was a multiple gold medalist who had gained great recognition as ‘the Mermaid Queen’ for her incredible ability to perform.

However after being barred from the Olympics for ‘breaking training rules’ and having her successes stripped from her, Leona Masters swore revenge!

Thus using the fortune she had amassed by riding her fame, Leona commissioned a submarine disguised to look like an island, she would proceed to enlist a number of women who were sympathetic to her cause and train them to swim and dive like she could.

Soon outfitting the lot of them with explosives, electric tridents, nets, and rebreathers, the lot of them would assume disguises in order to commit their crimes with none the wiser.

Leona would done a costume to make herself look like the Roman god of the sea, King Neptune. With her minions donning swimming skirts which could be zipped up to give the appearance of mermaid tails.

Thus they would fasten explosives to the bottom of ships, detonate them remotely, to send them to the ocean floor, and capture any survivors, forcing them to drink ‘Nepenthe’ a draught of forgetfullness so they would be more willing to join her cause.

Then it was simply a matter of plundering the ship wreckage and then they would be off on their way to their next target as pirates of the sea disguised as lords of the deep.

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