Wonder Woman: Encyclopedia of Villains

No, no, you have it pretty spot on for a certain level of anti to ones antihero.

She made the list because the show framed her (literally) in a more antagonist light. The CEO responsible had buried her connection to the formula and established a criminal record and tarnished her reputation.

So to the general public, she was a terrorist driving people out of manufacturing buildings with an army of ants, and then leveling the buildings in their entirety. This put her in opposition of Wonder Woman who was unaware of the situation in proper.


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Name: Urzkuraga
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #28 (1989)
Creators: George Perez and Chris Marinan
Abilities: The ability to absorb carbon monoxide and release oxygen. Photosynthesis. The ability to choose a champion whose life is bonded to their own, who would transform into an all powerful Cheetah god. Can turn his worshippers into hyena men.

Backstory: Deep within the jungles of Africa and worshipped by a tribe which had gone on unchanged for thousands of years even into the modern day, there was a divine plant god known as Urzkurtaga.

Though incapable of influencing the world of his own will, Urzkurtaga could empower others to act in his name. A chosen wife whose soul would be bound to his. Whose life was intertwined with his own, ensuring they would survive so long as the plant which was Urzkurtagas anchor to the material plane was also intact.

A very sexist and picky god, Urzkurtaga demanded that his chosen wife and Avatar the Cheetah must be a virgin, and must have before and after, never have a relationship with any other than he. Preferring to die himself than be married to a wife who wasn’t ‘pure’ at the start of their matrimony.

Urzkurtaga was a god which feasted on blood to live. Requiring a sacrifice of blood to be offered unto him. In exchange he would create a fruit which could be worked into a potion to bring about the transformation of the Cheetah. A rite commonly used on the night of a full moon in which Urzkurtaga would guide the Cheetah to slay those whose hearts were evil, for those were the most delicious.

Protecting his followers, Urzkurtaga was a capacious deity whose will was difficult to understand for he never communicated with words. Leaving his priests grasping at straws, struggling to understand the deeper meaning.

In the Rebirth continuity it would be revealed that the Cheetah and Urzkurtaga were separate entities and worshippers. With Urzkurtaga himself having been bound ages past by the great Cheetah of the Urzari Jungle of the Okarango region of Bwunda. The Cheetahs followers working to keep Urzkurtaga sealed away in his form of a potted plant, for otherwise he would seek the doom of all.

The worshippers of Urzkurtaga known as the Bouda, would seek to free Urzkurtaga. Worshipping the Cheetah as a goddess even as they despised her and sought to bring about her death in the hopes of freeing Urzkurtaga.

They would following the will of Urzkurtaga, alter the story and narrative of the Cheetah. Attempting to manipulate those holding the mantle to think they were not Urzkurtagas jailers, but rather his wives who exist only to do his bidding. Aiding him in being freed from his prison to roam the world once more.

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Name: Queen Atomia
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #21 (1946)
Creators: Joye Hummel and H.G Peter
Abilities: Highly radioactive by nature. Can fire blasts of radioactive energy. Commands an army of Proton Girls and Neutron Robots. Can perform radiotherapy. Able to consume matter and convert it into mass for a universe of her own creation. Can grow her universe to the size and intensity of the sun itself, and command it by will alone. Capable of changing herself and others in size.

Backstory: Atomic atom with a life of her own. Queen Atomia was ruler of U-235, a universe of atomic energy which was fueled by Queen Atomia’s own power.

Driven by an instinctual need for destruction which was part of her base nature, Queen Atomia would strive to grow her atom sized universe, developing it until it was the size of a ball. Then a car. Then a city. Consuming all other matter so that her universe would thrive and grow.

Desiring to rule and command an expansive universe of her own making, Queen Atomia had vast and incredible power which few could compare.

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Name: Drax
First Appearance: Wonder Woman Special (1992)
Creators: William Messner Loebs and Jill Thompson
Abilities: Super strength. Ability to shapeshift. Fire breathing. The ability to sense strength and power in another. The ability to force his will upon the mind of another ‘like hands of hot ice’ making their minds as ‘transparent as glass’.

Backstory: Servant and husband to the dread demon Barremargox, Drax was her agent in other realms, working to carry out her will and fullfill her every desire.

With the great Barremargox limited in what she could do beyond her sphere of influence, Drax was entrusted to condcuct dealings with those foolish enough to desire her patronage. Working to find a means of giving Barremargox a foothold into yet another plane of existence so her influence may spread.

Devout to carrying out her will, Drax had the ability to sense those with great power. An ability he used to try and find a worthy vessel to bear the great Barremargox.

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Name: Barremargox
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #63 (1992)
Creators: William Messner Loebs and Jill Thompson
Abilities: The ability to possess mortal forms. The power to create gateways to other dimensions. Posesses the ability to alter the fabric of reality to her whim to change the universe to suit her desires.

Backstory: All powerful pervasive entity whose power spreads across multiple realities. Barremargox was an all powerful demon who ruled over a network of unspeakable hell dimensions. Realms of reality which each had their own peoples and cultures until Barremargox made a foothold in their plane of existence, turning them into hellish reflections of her abominable home.

Limited only in the need to possess a vessel belonging to that home reality which is powerful enough to contain her vast power and influence, Barremargox was a horrifying hellish entity which would never be sated.

barremargox 1

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Name: Merlin
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #54 (1952)
Creators: H.G Peter and Robert Kanigher
Abilities: Possession of the powerful sword Excalibur. Capable of altering reality to his will with powerful magics. Time travel. Can teleport to other realities and dimensions. Commands an army of beasts and monsters which obey his will. Can transform anyone into anything he wishes.

Backstory: The evil wizard of Castle Sinister who plagued the knights of the Round Table for decades. Merlin was a seeker of ultimate magics who would commit any tabboo for the sake of more power. Wishing to possess Excalibur for himself, he would be a constant thorn in the side of King Arthur and his knights of the round table, attempting to destroy them so he may claim its power for his own. Going so far as to send the knights through a portal in time where he expected his evil to be law.

With a willingness to destroy anyone who got in his way and a menagerie of minions both mortal and otherwise, there were few who could possibly oppose him.

In the post crisis continuity, it would be an elderly Merlin towards the end of his years who would decide to join the dark side of the magic force. Turning and focusing his efforts towards the destruction of the Amazons and Wonder Woman, all for the bidding of his dark master Neron and compatriot in evil magics, Morgan Le Fay.

In the Rebirth continuity, Merlin having given up his soul, would decide that free will would doom reality, and it could only continue to exist under his iron fist. Thus he sought to slay all who would oppose him and conquer reality to serve as his kingdom.

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merlin 6


Name: Bedwin Footh
First Appearance: Sensation Comics #36 (1944)
Creators: William Marston and H.G Peter
Abilities: Immensely talented actor. Master of disguise and professional quick change artist. Possesses detailed files on every celebrity in the world. Skilled acting coach. Villainy coach related skills. Possesses an excessively booby trapped manor.

Backstory: Self proclaimed greatest actor of all time. Bedwin Footh in his hayday was well garnered as a talented pressence of the stage, who could play any part. However over time his fame would fade, and he unable to cope with this, began to blame Wonder Woman because of her immense popularity. Convinced that Wonder Woman had somehow stolen his fame, he swore to have his revenge.

Deciding to turn his talents towards villainy, Bedwin would use his celebrity files which contained the detailed life history and secret lives of all the worlds celebrities, and devised a plan to take on promising actors and train them to take on the identities of famous supervillains, using his files information to allow them to take on their roles perfectly.

Thus having formed his villainous stock company, Bedwin Footh would acquire a reporatory theatre, and have it loaded with various booby traps, trick doors, and hallways where someone could run into one room and come out in a room on the opposite side of the hall a few doors down.

Declaring that he would become a celebrity for villainy, Bedwin Footh proclaimed himself the greatest villainy coach in the world, dedicating himself to training aspiring villains to become rising stars.

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Name: Vina Kling
First Appearance: Sensation Comics #25 (1943)
Creators: William Marston and H.G Peter
Abilities: Able to freely control, alter, and manipulate the dreams of the astral plane. Can materialize the astral self of herself and others into the physical plane with anything they were carrying in their dreams. Able to travel the physical plane at lightning speeds within the astral realm and spy upon it. Has the power to draw any target to sleep at a moments notice. Can bend the wills of others, forcing them to do her bidding.

Backstory: A graduate from Holliday college and born with incredible power. Vina Kling was a student of Professor Karma, foremost expert on the study of the astral plane. Studying and learning to heighten and master her powers as a dream medium, Vina Kling found she was able to do incredible and seemingly impossible things.

Able to manipulate the dreams of others, Vina found by playing on peoples fears, phobias, and creating shock and confusion within a targets mind, she could weaken their resolve and willpower to the point that she could manipulate their minds directly. Forcing them to carry out any heinous act or action she willed, and erasing all memory of doing so from their minds.

She could bring ones astral self into the material world where any injury laid upon it would be shared with their physical self. Where they could commit murders miles away from their sleeping form in front of hundreds of witnesses, unable to prove their own innocence.

Going on to marry a lawyer who worked for the rich and famous, Vina Kling would use her powers to manipulate things so that she was always in a position to amass vast fortunes from the fallout of her schemes.

vina kling 1

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Name: Drakul Karfang
First Appearance: JLA: A league of one (2000)
Creators: Christopher Moeller
Abilities: Flight. Monsterous strength and durability. A fire breath which feeds on ones negative qualities, burning them to death with their own sins. A poison which can corrupt those bathed in it, turning them into her willing minions. Those within miles of her are driven to act on their basest feelings of greed, vice and self interest.

Backstory: In the past an all powerful dragon by the name of Drakul Karfang haunted the land. Having existed for many millennia prior, Drakul was an ancient dragon, dreaded as the queen of woe.

Like all dragons, Drakul hoarded gold. For the consumption of gold would allow them to grow in strength, thickening and hardening their armor, adding to their already impressive durability.

However the mystical nature of gold meant that it carried with it a history. Every fight over it. Every drop of blood spilled to posses it. Every evil act which went towards obtaining it. Consuming this gold would also cause the dragon to consume those evils, making them a part of the dragon.

Drakul being one of the oldest dragons and not picky in what she consumed, became an embodiment of humans darkest emotions. Her very presence would drive people to care only for themselves and forsake concepts such as love and compassion for the sake of self interest.

Capable of breathing both a powerful flame which feeds upon ones own vices and evils to consume them from within and a poisonous green flame which will transform those caught into it into her obedient greed driven minions, Drakul was a source of great terror which slumbered since the year 1348, to one day awaken and bring terror across the lands once more.

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drakul 2


Name: Anton Unreal
First Appearance: Sensation Comics #30 (1944)
Creators: William Marston and H.G Peter
Abilities: Knowledge and ability to send victims to ‘the fourth dimension’. Skilled inventor of electro chemical machinery. Experienced cult leader and flim flam artist. Somehow capable of communicating with his 4th dimensional counterpart, Uriah.

Backstory: Leader of the ‘Blue Spirit Masters’ a cult which takes advantage of the astral plane to create validity for itself. Anton was an old aquiantance of Steve Trevors and a talented inventor who experimenting with a machine of his own devising, developed a means of transporting people to a realm within the Astral plane known as ‘the fourth dimension’ where ruled his astral counterpart, Uriah, master of the fourth dimension. A realm wherin its residents are all blue.

After going through a number of test subjects and discovering that he was unable to return anyone he sent to the fourth dimension, Anton hatched a plan to craft a cult around his wild discovery.

Thus basing himself out of his personal ‘Thought Tower’ in the Lookout Mountains, Anton would use his inventions to allow others to see residents of the fourth dimension, convincing his marks that should they ascend, they to would themselves become masters of the fourth dimension.

Thus he would encourage his worshippers to amass vast amounts of wealth and donate it to the cult in order to prove their worthiness. Only then would they be allowed to ascend to the Fourth Dimension.

Unaware of the truth, that those Anton sent to that plane of existence would be enslaved by Uriah the true master of the fourth dimension, forced to serve for an unending eternity, for those of the astral plane never age.

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anton 4


Name: Wanta Wynn
First Appearance: Comic Cavalcade #14 (1946)
Creators: William Marston and H.G Peter
Abilities: Amazonian super strength and training. Mastery of all sports.

Backstory: Holliday college student with a passion for basketball who wanted to win more than anything. Wanta was desperate to perform and play, having built her entire life around the sport.

However after being booted from the team for a lack of performance, Wanta Wynn would decide to commit suicide, leading to the athlete being rescued and offered the opportunity to train with the Amazons and master their incredible strength.

Wanta would accept and train tirelessly until she had obtained that incredible strength, but would be required to wear the bracelets of submission which allow all Amazons to control their darker impulses and would otherwise lead to them being corrupted by the very power they wielded.

Wanta would return to rejoin the team, but due to sport regulations she would remove the bracelets to participate, becoming obsessed with money, power, and fame.

Thus while pretending to be perfectly in control of herself, Wanta would soon become famed as one of the greatest athletes in the country, engaging in not just Basketball but any sport her newfound abilities could aid her in.

But unbeknownst to all, Wanta Wynn was also a daring criminal of the night who used her incredible strength and power to rob and murder. All for the sake of sating her basest impulses due to a lack of self control.

wanta 1

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wanta 2

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Name: Nuclear
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #43 (1950)
Creators: William Marston and H.G Peter
Abilities: Ability to attract and repel metals from himself using a magnetic suit of his own creation. Brilliant scientist. Possesses the playboy wealth. Possession of a submarine.

Backstory: Percy Playboy was a rich layabout whose hobbies included spending vast amounts of his fathers fortune on frivolous things, partying, and experiments with nuclear physics.

Inheriting the Playboy Mansion and his families fortune after his father passed away, Percy Playboy would have a secret grotto created with a secret entrance accessible from the ocean, as the mansion overlooked the ocean.

Deciding to take up supervillainy because rich people hobbies, Percy would create a super suit which allowed him to control magnetics. Letting him attract or repel metals towards and away from himself. He would then use this ability to terrorize under the moniker of ‘Nuclear’ blackmailing men of business to hand over their wealth least he destroys everything they built.

Taking on the guise of a nervous wreck who needed to be cared for by his sister Joye Playboy, Nuclear was able to freely escape to his secret laboratory within his secret grotto to carry out his fiendish villainy.

In the Bronze age continuity, it would be established that his name was originally Percy Plazchek. With the newspapers calling him ‘Percy Playboy’ due to his brazen nature at societal parties. Leading to Percy changing his surname legally to Playboy to match.

In the post crisis continuity, Nuclear would be a member of the Secret Society of Supervillains and be given his own team called the Nuclear Legion, made up of villains with tangential connections to nuclear energy so that they could carry out the will of the Secret Society of Supervillains.

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nuclear 7


First Appearance: Wonder Woman 10 (1987)
Creators: George Perez
Abilities: Primordial being with godly strength, stamina, immortality, and the power of metamorphosis.

Backstory: Cottus is one of three mythical creatures of Greek legend known as Hecatonchires, who helped Zues win the War of the Titans in ancient Thessaly for dominion over the universe. They are distinguished by their giant size, superhuman strength, as well as their additional one hundred arms and fifty extra heads. The were the offspring of Titans Gaia and Uranus, but their father, Uranus, found them so hideous that he locked them away in the infernal realm of Hades, known as the Tartarus.

In his comic debut, Cottus, brother to Briareos, Diana would square off with Cottus when she returns to enter Doom’s Doorway after Zeus demands that Diana perform dangerous tasks from each member of the Pantheon as punishment for refusing his advances.

He would later reappear living for thousands of years beneath Themyscira, until summoned by rogue Amazon, Alkyone to aide her in eliminating Wonder Woman. Both Alkyone and Cottus claimed that Cottus is Diana’s father, since the clay Hippolyta had used to create Diana was taken from Cottus without consent, which filled him with rage for eons. After being summoned from the depths, he engaged Wonder Woman demanding what was taken from him, but the demon was defeated and returned to the depths he calls home.

Challenge of the Gods

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 212 (2005)
Creators: Greg Rucka
Abilities: Primordial being with godly strength, stamina, immortality, and the power of metamorphosis.

Backstory: Briareos is one of three mythical creatures of Greek legend known as Hecatonchires, who helped Zues win the War of the Titans in ancient Thessaly for dominion over the universe. They are distinguished by their giant size, superhuman strength, as well as their additional one hundred arms and fifty extra heads. The original Hecatonchires were the offspring of Titans Gaia and Uranus, but their father, Uranus, found them so hideous that he locked them away in the infernal realm of Hades, known as the Tartarus.

In his comic debut, Briareos, brother to Cottus and Gyges, who guarded the throne of Zeus on Olympus, was called upon to serve and protect Zeus once more. When the Goddess Athena challenged Zeus for the throne of Olympus, he demanded a deadly contest of champions to decide. Athena’s champion, a blinded Wonder Woman fought Zeus’ terrifying champion Briareos and ultimately emerged victorious after petrifying him using Medusa’s head.

Wonder Woman 212


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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 14 (2008)
Creators: Gail Simone and Terry Dodson
Abilities: Immortal, advanced hand to hand combatant, tactician and strategist with superhuman strength, durability, and stamina.

Backstory: Alkyone is best known as a zealot whose uncompromising faith turned into betrayal and conspiracy to murder. As the Captain of Queen Hyppolyta’s royal guard who pledged to protect the Queen’s life at all costs, she was also once married to the god Achilles (before she tried to kill him).

As a devout believer in the Amazon way, when she discovered that Queen Hippolyta was praying to the gods for a child, Alkyone believed it would destroy the island and the Amazons with it. As a result, she has always hated Diana, believing the new princess was the cause of all the Amazon’s difficulties and has endlessly plotted to murder her. Alkyone’s hatred for Diana is only matched by her praise for Queen Hippolyta, her delusions making her believe that every horror she committed was justified in Hyppolyta’s good name.

The first time she tried to murder Diana, she was an infant. Alkyone intruded in the Queen’s rooms to slaughter the child but Hippolyta woke up and punished her and her 3 co-conspirators by sending them to prison. Upon release, Alkyone then asked her friends to help her murder Diana once more, for the good of Themyscira, but failed to best the princess in combat. Alkyone ruled Themyscira for a short time in Hippolyta’s absence, but her loyalty was so strong that her intentions were always for Hyppolyta to regained her throne. Yet, when Ares gave her the soul of Genocide in an attempt to get her to finally murder Diana while she had the power, she tried again and failed again.

For the fourth attempt Alkyone summoned one of the Hecatonchires named Cottus, a monster from the depths of Themyscira, believing he was Diana’s true father. Alkyone was ultimately struck down by Hippolyta for her crimes and crushed by Cottus in a fall, but it was unknown if she died from her injuries or managed to survive.

The Circle

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 131 (1998)
Creators: John Byrne
Abilities: Immortality, mind control, time and size alteration, and teleportation.

Backstory: Dark Angel has long tormented any humans foolish enough to summon her with dread and doom, but the mythical bringer of disaster began her comic life as an evil spy in Spy Smasher comics during the Golden Age. Decades later, incarnations of the villain bearing the name in the modern era have served as a mystical antagonist to an array of DC heroes, but she is most notably tied to (and responsible for much of the convoluted history of) Wonder Girl.

During the modern era, the wandering evil spirit Dark Angel was called forth by Wonder Woman’s first recurring villain, Baroness Paula Von Gunther. She then possessed Von Gunther and attacked the then-acting Wonder Woman, Hippolyta, who battled the malicious villain on several occasions. Eventually Dark Angel appeared on Themyscira intending to kidnap her daughter, Diana, but accidentally kidnapped Diana’s magical double, brought to life with Themyscirian sorcery, instead.

Dark Angel forced the double to live endless lifetimes characterized by suffering— each one ending in brutal tragedy, with her life being restarted and erased from the world’s memory, hoping that the painful cumulative effect of her daughters suffering would drive Hippolyta insane. Instead, the double was able to grow stronger, and finally became the independent entity now known as Donna Troy.

In the Return of Donna Troy mini-series, Donna discovered that Dark Angel was in fact her counterpart from Earth 7, and was saved from the burning apartment by the Anti-Monitor, and raised her to be his harbinger. When the Multiverse was reconfigured in one single Universe, Dark Angel (who had somehow escaped the compression of every Donna Troy into one single being in the new Earth), sought to kill Donna and make her relive the lives of the other alternate Donnas as a way to avoid the merging. When Dark Angel was defeated, Donna became the true sum of every Donna Troy that ever existed on every Earth, a living key to the lost Multiverse. During Infinite Crisis, a new Dark Angel would appear, again serving the Anti-Monitor.

Wonder Woman 132

The Return of Donna Troy



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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 3 (1987)
Creators: George Perez
Abilities: A destructive flying demon with godly powers such as invulnerability, a touch that causes rapid aging and death, and breath that causes a target to turn to dust.

Backstory: After journeying to the Cavern of the Gorgons, the god of fear, Phobos, sought revenge against Diana by molding a statue from the remains of Medusa’s heart (containing genesistic properties), and infused it with some of his powers. He then arranged for the item to be delivered to the Kapatelis residence, where Diana had been living while she oriented herself to life away from her island home. The statue, named Decay, was delivered and came to life in the hands of young Vanessa Kapatelis, forcibly aging Vanessa by decades with a single touch.

Decay then destroyed the Kapatelis home in an effort to eliminate Diana, but after failing to kill the Amazon, she opted to joyfully go on a destructive rampage in the city of Boston. After a dangerous battle, Diana realized the proper way to defeat the monster, and snared Decay in the Lasso of Truth—also tied to the renewing power of Mother Gaia, ancient Goddess of the Earth. Bombarded with this ancient power of creation, Decay was overwhelmed and boom! She exploded.

Decay was later resurrected by Dr. Julian Lazarus’s Reanimator. At the time, Wonder Woman was occupied fighting a duplicate of Doomsday and was unable to prevent the resurrection, but would eventually square off with the monster once more. While Decay’s body was merely an artificial effigy, the demon’s spirit possessed the copy of her former self, but before Decay could secure the power necessary to permanently maintain her new form, Diana shattered the virtual clone into a million pieces.

Wonder Woman 4

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Name: Osira
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #231 (1977)
Creators: Martin Pasko, Alan Brennert, and Bob Brown
Abilities: The ability to project pyramid shaped energy blasts. Can form a pyramid force field around herself and others which allow for flight, and can imprison those sealed within them. Can control minds by creating energy pyramids on a worldwide scale. Ability to compel the dead to possess the bodies of the living.

Backstory: Ancient alien from another world, galaxy, and dimension who hailed from a time nine thousand years in the past. Osira was part of a space fleet which left her planet for reasons unspecified, only to wind up lost when a freak meteor shower struck the fleet, sending ships hurtling and crashing into different universes.

Osira and her husband Hefnakhti would crash land on Earth where upon they used their powers to bend the minds of humanity to their will, conquering the planet and proclaiming themselves to be gods. They would force humanity to construct the pyramids, for pyramids were a source of power which Osira and Hefnakhti drew from, growing in strength and power so long as they were within a certain distance of any pyramidal structure.

Thus they would rule the world for millenia until the high priest Anankh guided by the Egyptian gods sealed them away in one of their own pyramids for three thousand years. Kept alive by her own powers, Osira would live while her husband who looked identical to Steve Trevor would tragically perish until she was awakened in the modern day and freed from her prison.

Now returned to the world, Osira swore to use the accumulated pyramid power of millennia to bring peace to the world. For only by removing humanities free will and making their only motive being to worship as a goddess who obeyed her every will would the world be a better place as far as she believed.

Additional images:

osira 8


Name: Hamlin Rule
First Appearance: Wonder Woman tv series: SE02 EP06
Portrayed by: Martin Mull
Abilities: Talented musician. Ability to brainwash people with his flute playing. Can punch holes through solid steel using a sonic disintegration of his own design. Legions of bloodthirsty fans who would die for him.

Backstory: Talented musician who got into the music industry with a passion for song and a desire to please his fans. However after years of being stiffed on money, living paycheck to paycheck just to get by, and being treated like dirt by all but his fans, Hamlin decided enough was enough.

With the help of his manager Carl Schwartz, Hamlin discovered he had a mysterious ability to hypnotize people by playing his flute, making them do whatever he wishes. Thus he would make his fans rob the venues he was performing at, granting him 100% of the take which combined with his manager using the allmighty power of contracts to demand their original fee, they would make bank~

Uncaring if his fans were caught doing crimes under his will, safe in the knowledge that it would not lead back to him.


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