Wonder Woman: Encyclopedia of Villains


First Appearance: Comic Cavalcade 7 (1944)
Creators: William Moulton Marston and H.G Peter
Abilities: Physicist, leads an army of mind controlled vulture henchmen which he controls. Has a backpack sized nuclear fission jetpack which allows him to fly faster than a plane on a pair of artifical wings, and mechanical talons strong enough to life an elephant.

Backstory: His true name lost to the world. The Vulture King was a man defined and judged by his appearance, receiving ridicule and disregard. Wishing to have his revenge on those who mistreated him, the Vulture King swore to have his revenge!

Becoming a scientific genius, Vulture King would invent a jet engine that operated on nuclear fission and did so without creating a sound. Further, he did so at a small enough size that someone could wear it. Then doing the logical thing, he fashioned a vulture costume with wings to control the flight of his creation, and mechanical talons that allows the wearer to lift incredible weights or crush whatever was caught…then mass producing it.

He would then begin kidnapping people and installing mind control devices into their brains. Commanding them by his voice. Creating an army of slaves who would aid him in his ultimate goal: glorious world domination! By kidnapping the heads of states, installing his mind control apparatus into their brains, he could rule the world.


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vulture king


First Appearance: (Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva) Wonder Woman 7 (1987)
Creators: George Perez and Len Wein
Abilities: In addition to her archaeological expertise, claws, fangs, and bloodlust, she is a skilled fighter possessing superhuman strength, speed, and durability— with the intellect to match, making her a uniquely fierce adversary.

Backstory: Three women have held the title of the Cheetah: first, Priscilla Rich, then, Deborah Domaine, both of whom served as enemies of Wonder Woman in the Gold, Silver and Bronze Ages. Then came British Archaeologist Barbara Ann Minerva, an alternating enemy and ally to Diana, forever in search of balance between her human and animal natures.

Dr. Minerva always had a determined reputation for going to any lengths to retrieve historical artifacts—no matter the dangers. Unsurprisingly, this eventually resulted in tragedy. After growing increasingly obsessed with mythology and divinity, Dr. Minerva took her team deep into the wilderness of Africa, only to become trapped and forced to take part in an arcane, ancient ritual that cursed and transformed her into a human-cheetah hybrid with a primal lust for blood.

From Cheetah’s inception, the character has represented conflicting dual personas, but upon reintroduction of the character in the 1980’s, this conflict was given even greater nuance. Barbara Minerva would become less a classic mettlesome villain and more the victim of her own ambition and flawed attempts to break free from the confines of a curse and cure her agonizing physical condition. Still an archaeologist at heart, she is tempted by ancient artifacts like the Lasso of Truth, or the Godkiller sword; But her relationship with her patron Urzkartaga is often strained, and Barbara is punished by the god in cruel or usual ways that only deepened her hostility towards herself and others. As added turmoil, Barbara is unable to come to terms with her romantic relationships with women, (like Etta Candy at one point) which makes her self-loathing and descent even more tragic.

Once a friend of Wonder Woman’s, Barbara Ann blamed her transformation and torment on Diana’s inability to save her, and harbored an impassioned grudge against the superhero that drove her to madness. In spite of this, Diana, like the true warrior for love she is, never yields in trying to help her friend Barbara find peace.

Blood of the Cheetah

The Lies

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 8 (1944)
Creators: William Marston and H.G Peter
Abilities: Superhuman strength rivaling that of Wonder Woman. Armies of superpowered followers who obey her will. Master of a plethora of different weapons.

Backstory: Thousands of years in the past the mighty continent of Atlantis sat in the ocean smack dab between South America and Africa. However a terrible disaster caused the continent to sink beneath the waves which in the process led to the entire landmass being sealed in a bubble of cooled Magma, creating an underground kingdom of Atlantean descendants who survived without learning how to be fish.

In the modern day, the people of Atlantis continue to flourish with their land sealed off from the outside world save for the false volcano which poked out of the ocean, serving as the sole air funnel for the underground continent which allows them to live.

Upon this continent there were numerous nations since Atlantis was a continent and not a single country. The largest of which being the vile land of Venturia ruled by the tyrannical Queen Clea who desired to become the ruler of all of Atlantis, then the world!

Queen Clea like all women of the Atlantean nations was built taller than average, and possessed incredible strength rivaling that of the Amazons of Paradise Island, though not necessarily the skill to match. This in sharp contrast to the men of their nation which over millenia evolved to be two feet tall shrimpy fellows who struggle to do the most basic of physical labor.

Queen Clea was a viscious ruler who delighted in the suffering of others. Reveling as people fought to the death. Dining to the sight of people being murdered. Where the Amazons celebrated love and peace, Queen Clea championed war and cruelty. Forging a nation where such conciets were a second nature to its people who learned to share Cleas pleasure in torture and would follow the evil queen of the ‘Undersea Amazons’

With an entire nation of likeminded individuals with super strength, and a talent for drawing in villains such as Giganta and Cyborgirl to serve her villainous cause, Queen Clea was a dangerous leader of evil and a force to be reckoned with.

queen clea 3

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First Appearance: Sensation Comics 55 (1946)
Creators: Joye Hummel and H.G. Peter
Abilities: Brilliant scientific mind, flight, The respect and deference of his Bughuman people.

Backstory: Foremost scientific mind amongst the population of the Bughumans. Professor Buggo was well regarded by his entire species who would not hesitate to follow his commands for there was little doubt that Professor Buggos sole motivation was to build a better tommorow for Bughuman kind!

The Bughumans themselves were a parasitic multi-cellular microsorganism which had evolved characteristics which are a most unusual blending of human and insect. Viewing all other life as lesser and to either be subjugated or consumed, they were a dangerous force and stymied only by the simple fact that their smaller size limited what they were capable of.

Enter Gerta Von Gunther! The daughter of Baroness Paula Von Gunther, Gerta having been rescued from the nazis holding her hostage as a toddler, had lived amongst the Amazons mastering Amazonian super strength, and grew up in America with her mother who became a professor at Holliday College.

Gerta reaching young adulthood, came down with that most troubling of maladies for the genius prone ‘FOR SCIENCE!’ syndrome in which one does things not for good or for evil, but purely for the sake of scientific inquiry. A desire to learn regardless of the consequences which may follow.

Upon discovering the Bughumans, Gerta invented a size changing device to enlarge them to human size so she could enlarge a specimen, study it, then return it to normal size. Recording her results and repeating this process on multiple specimens.

The Bughumans were in a panic as this was occuring, but Professor Buggo studying this process came to a conclusion that this could work in their favor and allow their microscopic civilization to prosper to impossible heights!

Thus deducing the process by which Gerta selected test subjects, Professor Buggo organized a plan for the ones enlarged to overpower Gerta and enlarge several more. Then take the device used to enlarge them into the skies, enlarging their entire civilization to exist within Earths skies!

The Bughumans would succeed in their efforts and with Professor Buggo leading them, they would see the Earth as their feeding ground. Safe in the knowledge that there were no predators which could impede their efforts. Confident that any species other than their own was easy pickings for the giant microorganisms and their fully established civilization.

Professor Buggo would lead his people to greatness!



First Appearance: Wonder Woman 263 (1979)
Creators: Gerry Conway and Jose Delbo
Abilities: Trick Bolas each with a different menacing ability from deafening sound to smoke, to explosions, a flying robot horse faster than a jet, an electric lariat, pistol sized missile launcher, and an army of trained attack Rhea.

Backstory: The terror of the Pampas. El Gaucho is the greatest assassin of South America. A menace who has foiled not simply law enforcement, but the armies of nations.

Armed with an array of specialized gadgets which fit to his gaucho theme, El Gaucho is one of the operatives for ‘the Cartel’ An international assassination operation which for the right price will ensure the death of anyone for their employer. Boasting among their number the most skilled hit men of every continent.

El Gaucho in particular was a skilled and talented assassin. Unlike his fellow assassins who might operate with stealth and cunning in order to take care of their target, El Gaucho is loud and boisterous. Having no compunction with riding through the skies, carving his way through any defenses his targets may have and making a show of his efforts. Leaving corpses in his wake.

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First Appearance: (Vanessa Kapatelis) Wonder Woman 3 (1987). As Silver Swan: Wonder Woman 171 (2001)
Creators: George Perez and Len Wein/Phil Jimenez
Abilities: A part cybernetic entity with the power of technokinesis, flight, super speed, a sonic cry and metal claws.

Backstory: There have been three Silver Swans since the character’s debut, all believing themselves to be undesirable or unwanted in some way. First, Helen Alexandros, then Valerie Beaudry, but since 2001 the title has belonged to Vanessa Kapatelis.

First apprearing as the daughter of Julia Kapatelis, a friend and ally of Wonder Woman’s, Vanessa (aka Nessie) was later expanded as a once ordinary American teenager with a promising future as a ballet dancer and singer. She came to love Diana as a sister and dreamed of fighting evil alongside her; But traumatized by both her father’s death, and that of her best friend Lucy, she ultimately fell prey to self doubt and several of Wonder Woman’s longtime villains.

Her school counselor, an undercover Dr. Psycho, convinced Julia that Diana was the cause of her daughters distress, so Julia sent Diana away. Now, in addition to her grief, she felt abandoned by her friend that she considered like family. Her mixed emotions were a perfect target for Circe, who wanted to use Vanessa to defeat Diana. Using physical implants and warping her mind, Circe and Dr. Psycho turned Vanessa into the terrorist criminal, Silver Swan. Before Diana could attempt to resolve the situation, however, the Imperiex attack and Circe attempts to takeover of New York City. After defeating Circe, Wonder Woman tried to help Vanessa recover, but she is kidnapped by Sebastian Ballestros. He then sold her to fellow Wonder Woman villain, Veronica Cale, who ravaged Vanessa’s body further, making her even more of a cybernetic killing machine.

More recently Vanessa’s origin was altered, now having been rescued by Diana as child, and becoming paralyzed- she and Diana still becoming close friends, and dreaming of fighting by Wonder Woman’s side. Vanessa chooses to take part in a procedure using nanites that would allow her to walk again, but eventually, Diana visited less and less, causing Vanessa to grow more and more despondent. After her mother Julia died, thinking she had no one left ultimately drives Vanessa to madness, the nanites in her blood creating a cybernetic costume, now calling herself the Silver Swan.

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First Appearance: Sensation Comics 41 (1945)
Creators: Joye Hummel and H.G Peter
Abilities: Gardening, Evil Gardening, as well as a professional Creeper, real estate developer, and businessman.

Backstory: Formerly a big name real estate owner, Old Man Creeper Jackson the Crippled Gardener had the tragedy of getting ran over in the middle of the night by his employee Lars Lang who then proceeded to take over the real estate company and push Old Man Creeper Jackson the Crippled Gardener out of the business while he was recovering in the hospital, renaming it and having all of the company funds transferred to his own accounts.

Vowing revenge, Old Man Creeper Jackson turned his passion for gardening to evil developing a unique specimen known as the ‘Octopus Plant’ with horrifying properties. For it would take the form of a giant pitcher plant and seeking out live prey with its vines, it would latch on to them and draw them into the plant, consuming them whole.

The plant upon killing its victim would then produce flower seeds which when grown, would produce a beautiful flower called the ‘Venus Rose’ with the face of the woman who had been murdered.

Using this vile example of flora, Old Man Creeper Jackson the Crippled Gardener would build up his fortune once again after being reduced to a pennyless state. Plotting to use his ill gained money to afford the legal support to combat Lars Lang in court!

Possessing not a shred of guilt for his victims on dark tangled path which is gardening!

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 2 (1942)
Creators: William Marston and H.G Peter
Abilities: Personification of greed, wielding vast ever-growing wealth, he can become an invisible and intangible voice that whispers and tempts his targets to give in their greed and self-importance.

Backstory: At once the most seemingly harmless yet most pervasive of Ares boys, the Earl of Greed is the anthropomorphic personification of both ego and greed itself. The desire to take as much as one can dream, hoard it just for the sake of having it
(better to see that wealth destroyed than for it to go to benefit others), and desire not just simply to be wealthy, but to be wealthier than others.

The Earl is part of a trio that during that often serves the interests of the God of War, Ares. Whereas one of his counterparts, the Lord of Conquest, was an open show of force that sought to dominate others and force ones will upon them in a direct manner, and the Duke of Deception perfers misdirection and falsehoods incarnate, The Earl was far more subtle and insidious. Seemingly everywhere, he was that little voice whispering into the ears of the wealthy to take more than they needed. The one urging against giving to others and to keep more and more still for yourself.

The Earl of Greed is capitalism made manifest. A being who grows in power and influence in a world where there is a price on human life and the all mighty dollar has more value than any human right or consideration—often making him a valuable tool for The God of War, when every CEO, bank robber, dictator, and fascist motivated only by their own prosperity and the desire to have more than anyone else is the unknowing puppet of destruction.

For so long as vanity and entitlement exist in the world, the Earl of Greed will likewise exist. Invisible and whispering temptations into the ears of those who are receptive to his influence.

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 2 (1942)
Creators: William Marston and H.G Peter
Abilities: An immortal master of manipulation, deceit and disguise, his powers range from illusions and possession, to necromancy and astral projection.

Backstory: When a hero has long served as the embodiment of truth, it only makes sense that one of her oldest and most menacing villains has been the personification of deceit and manipulation: the Duke of Deception. Thought to be modeled after Dolos, the diety of trickery, there have been several alternate versions with subtle revisions to his outward appearance, but he always remains a devious immortal who rules over lies with the power to possess anyone he chooses, and creates illusions which cause his enemies to question reality itself driving them insane.

A demigod within the Greek pantheon, the Duke is a trusted operative for the God of War, Diana’s greatest foe. In service to his master, the Duke, acting from his base on the planet Mars, helped spread falsehoods and confusion (even built a Lie Factory at one point) in an effort to cause conflict in humanity—conflict that would ultimately result in the wars Ares so desperately craved.

The Duke often travels in his astral form to “whispers” rumors and duplicitous thoughts, all in an effort to stoke the fires of discontent. He can delude the minds of ordinary humans, ultimately driving them to madness, and can also create illusions, often changing his physical appearance so as to manifest as anyone he desires.

After Crisis on Infinite Earths he is seen as a more independent villain, and also a crusader for Hades, and in one account manipulated a young man named Thomas Byde to kill himself, and then possessed his body, and using his illusions and necromancy, he became famous. While the Duke himself has gone unseen for many years and was presumed dead, a deity bearing ancient armor reemerged using his name and teaming up with several of Wonder Woman’s supervillains under the leadership of the sorceress, Circe.

The Legend of Wonder Woman


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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 2 (1942)
Creators: William Marston and H.G Peter Abilities: An astral figure specializing in provoking savagery and invasion, also able to possess sentient creatures.

Backstory: The Count, also known as Lord Conquest, is a lieutenant of the God of War, and would likewise seek to undermine Wonder Woman’s mission for peace with subjugation and annihilation. Debuting along side the Duke of Deception and the Earl of Greed, Conquest would complete the terrible trio, representing physical brutality—the epitome of a dreadful henchman.

Operating on the planet Mars with his counterparts, where they tortured or trained prisoners as future soldiers, he was sent to capture Wonder Woman, and was ultimately successful; But the timely interventions of Etta Candy allowed Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor to escape. The Count also helped to facilitate efforts to perpetuate an unending state of destruction on Earth by sending his astral form to inspire dreams of conquest, cruelty and martial law in the minds of military and government leaders - conquer and subdue!

Versions of the character have appeared since as the symbol for conquest and the violent side of human ambition, and so long as the God of War seeks to create conflict, The Count will no doubt aide him in his malicious efforts, unless truth and love (and a certain Amazon) stand in his way.


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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 103 (1958)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru
Abilities: A mad scientist capable of… seemingly anything.

Backstory: Mad scientist of shocking skill and intelligence. The Gadget-Maker is a genius whose scientific skill and abilities are hard to rival. An inventor who creates out of whimsy, most of his creations look entirely harmless. More like toys and household items than tools of utter doom.

Rumored to be the creator of many a villains thematic gadgets and tools, Gadget-Maker has invented a plethora of things from time machines to size changing robots to traveling boxes.

On a whim deciding to try and kill Wonder Woman for no reason than to be able to say he did, Gadget-Maker would create a trio of finger sized figurines which were in truth robots in disguise that would grow to the size of kaijus

With little outside the realm of his scientific abilities, Gadget-Maker was a whimsical force of villainy who was basically just evil for fun.


First Appearance: Wonder Woman #224 (1976)
Creators: Martin Pasko and Jose Delbo
Abilities: Amazonian super strength, Amazonian super scientist, Amazonian longevity, talented astronomer.

Backstory: One of the great Amazons of Paradise Island who has been alive for thousands of years, Panthea was an Amazonian scientist who dedicated her focus into the field of astronomy, the study of the stars and planets.

Paradise Island being hidden away within the Bermuda Triangle and then further hidden away with a field of invisibility which was layered with a force field followed by a perpetual fog, was impossible for outsiders to find unaided. This was most perfect for secrecy and security. However it made using a telescope to gaze off into the sky a headache for someone whose focus was on the study of the skies.

Panthea experimenting with the forces which protected Paradise Island, attempted to create a gap within it to allow her to poke a telescope through. However the resulting backlash from such an effort was so great that the mysterious energies involved somehow shattered the legendarily unbreakable bracelets of the Amazons!

All Amazons being so bound by their bracelets that it was a piece of their mental state, this shattering of them left Panthea mentally unbalanced. Driving her to a state of madness. Convincing herself that Hippolyta was an enemy to all Amazons in keeping her from gazing out into the stars, Panthea plotted a way to kill both Diana and Hippolyta. Intending to become the islands new queen.

Placing clay fascimiles of her bracelets on to avoid suspicion, Panthea in secret began moving within the Amazons to remove the bracelets of several among her number, leading to them aligning with and serving her. Thus, Panthea would track planes flying over the Bermuda Triangle and lure them to crash into the force field guarding Paradise Island, destroying them in the hopes that this would cause the Americans to put Wonder Woman to death. All as she worked to corrupt the Amazons from within by removing their bracelets until she could overthrow Hippolyta. All because in her fragmented mind she was convinced that this was the only possible way she could properly enjoy star gazing and become a rising star in the field of astronomy!

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panthea 4


First Appearance: Sensation Comics 59 (1946)
Creators: Joye Hummel and H.G Peter
Abilities: Army of robot duplicates, mechanized suit of power armor with a plethora of built in abilities. Weather control, cryogenics, mastered the formula for ‘Blue Snow’, robotics engineer, teaching.

Backstory: Formerly a humble school teacher in the small southern town of ‘Fair Weather Valley’ Byrnas life would take a dramatic turn with the death of her father, the brilliant Doctor Brilliant. A scientist who had worked to develop ‘Blue Snow’ a chemically induced cryogenic for the purpose of bettering the world.

Anything which came in contact with the ‘Blue Snow’ compound would be in a state of frozen suspended animation with a permanently lowered temperature, Turning that which came in contact with it into a frozen statue. The uses of which had infinite possibilities from saving the climate, emergency medical response, cryogenics. So much good could be done with it.

However when her father perished, his lifes work buried by a world which wanted nothing to do with it, Byrna became disillusioned with the world and came to the conclusion that the only thing that truly mattered was money and wealth.

Thus taking on the moniker of ’ the Snowman’ Byrna Brilliant would use Doctor Brilliants invention of blue snow with her incredible talent with robotics engineering and scientific talents to create an army of robots and a machine for manipulating the weather. Seeding the clouds with the compound for blue snow. With the moniker of ‘the Blue Snowman’ sticking along the way.

Over time, Blue Snowman would continuously upgrade and improve upon her inventions. Making the weather machine mobile. Creating a mechanized suit to personally pilot. Improve the strength of the Blue Snowman robots until they could rival Wonder Woman in physical power. Turn the blue snow into a concentrated beam. Upgrading her suit continuously over time with new enhancments.

The Blue Snowman Byrna Brilliant was a burning brilliant mind that would not stop.

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 30 (1948)
Creators: Joye Hummel and H.G Peter
Abilities: Giant in size and physical form. Radium elemental whose presence is poisonous to all other life and can concentrate blasts of pure radiation from his body. Leads an entire population of radium giants.

Backstory: Deep underground beneath the lush wonderous land of Paradise Island well known for its peaceful population and lush life exists a terrible force whose very existence is pure poison to all the world.

King Brutall is ruler of the radium giants. A race of giant radium elementals who are toxic to all life and will bring an end to all life with the radiation naturally emitting from their bodies.

Seeking to escape to the realm above through their only means of escape which happens to be paradise island, only one force stands in the way of King Brutall and the Radium Giants from carrying out their efforts to claim the surface world and end all life.

The Limestone Girls which are all winged women who were carved to life instead of molded, were charged with guarding the world from that which would escape that which is sealed away below the surface of Paradise Island. Working to ensure that the giants have no means of escape.

However King Brutall realizing that his jailers themselves are the only ones capable of leaving from the underground prison to the surface world, would seek out and terrorize the Limestone Girls in an attempt to escape. Promising to doom the world should the Limestone Girls ever fail in their efforts…

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 29 (1948)
Creators: H.G Peter and Joye Hummel
Abilities: Political and administration skills, Paralysis ray gun, sword haver, access to a climate changing machine, and later the power of ice themed wizardry.

Backstory: In the frozen north beyond the lands ruled by humankind lay the secret kingdom of Iceburg Land. A nation of people made from ice and snow who made a technologically advanced civilization by realizing you can make Anything out of ice.

Ruling over this nation was Queen Snowina who was well aware that her nation was in dire straits. For being a people born from the cold, warmer temperatures were actually fatal to their kind. With global warming rearing its ugly head, the people of Iceburg land were facing a potential extinction thanks to humanities efforts.

Minister Blizzard was the prime minister of Iceburg land. Answering directly to Queen Snowina, Minister Blizzard handled all of the necessary errata that actually went into managing a country and its administration.

When the brilliant minds of Holliday College would seek to singly handedly bring an end to global warming, Minister Blizzard caught wind of it and reported to the queen about the climate changing machine. However he twisted the truth, claiming that the humans intended to use it to melt all of the ice in the north pole, exterminating them all!

Thus Queen Snowina giving Minister Blizzard command of her nations military for the sake of stealing the machine and using it to maintain the cold temperatures they need for their survival.

However Minister Blizzard being far less alturistic than he may appear, had a seconary goal. He saw this machine capable of creating an everlasting winter and saw an opportunity…For conquest!

Thus cooking up false orders in his queens name, Minister Blizzard led the army of Iceburg land with the intention of bringing about a world wide ice age in which the people of ice and snow would flourish while humanity perished. Allowing him to conquer the world with massive iceburgs that devastated cityscapes.

In the modern era Minister Blizzard would be tweaked, becoming a human wizard who kept the title of minister despite lacking an authoritative position. All of his magic being based around the ice and snow, he had no connection to Iceburg land in this iteration and simply sought world domination with an ice theme for its own sake.

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 222 (1976)
Creators: Martin Pasko and Jose Delbo
Abilities: One of the wealthiest men in the world, and beloved by millions, as the owner of Dazzleland. Writer, animator, producer, voice actor. Who can also drink of the life force of his victims, and controls a seemingly endless number of clones to do his bidding.

Backstory: World renowned figure in the realm of entertainment. Wade Dazzle is famed for a plethora of things. The home of ideas. The domain of tommorow. His series of ‘Dazzleland’ theme parks. The world recognized rodent mascot for his massive multimedia empire.

In order to perfect his entertainment business, Wade Dazzle had invented a device known as the ‘duplicate manufacturer’ which could make duplicates of ANYONE so long as there was a basis. Regardless of whether or not they were real. An invention so great that he would fool people into thinking his creations were animatronics or paid actors in suits. Not realizing that the Jerry Gerbil they were speaking to was the actual Jerry Gerbil. Cloned to life with all the memories he should have if he was flesh and blood!

Unfortunately, things would take a dire turn for Wade Dazzle who would discover that he had a rare and incurable disease. Deciding the answer to this was cryogenic suspension until a cure could be found, Wade realized that the costs of maintaining such a system would bleed him dry.

Thus Wade Dazzle concieved of an elaborate plot to convert his theme parks into power plants by inventing a machine which would drain the essence from theme park goers, using them as living batteries to maintain his life. With a portion of that energy being used to power the duplicate manufacturer. Allowing him to create perfect copies of his victims who would go out into the world behaving as if they were entirely normal. Not even themselves aware that they were but copies whose every sense was being monitored by Dazzleland computers, and that they could freely be controlled with the flick of a switch.

With his preperations complete, Wade Dazzle would make copies of himself and go into cryogenic suspension. Safe in the knowledge that while he slumbered, his ever expanding empire would grow and consume. Striving to dominate the planet itself under the steely gaze of his army of clones which each ran one of his franchise theme parks.

With hundreds of thousands of people visiting a Dazzleland somewhere in the world and countless lives being sacrificed in order to maintain Wade Dazzles terrifying immortality, there seemed no limit to Wade Dazzles reach. Theater troops, superheroes, even space empires. None were safe from becoming victims of the Wade Dazzle Company.

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 25 (1947)
Creators: Joye Hummel and H.G Peter
Abilities: Ruler of planet Rykornia and its people, the Rykornians. Uses deadly corn cob based technology. Can propagate and spread, consuming the nutrients and life of others to spread infinitely.

Backstory: Existing upon a planetoid which lay hidden away within Earths atmosphere ruled King Tassel, the ruler of his alien species, the Rykornians. A race of geometric corn peope, the Rykornians were born from giant stalks of rykorn which could grow was big as redwoods overnight and in the process sap decades of nutrients from the surrounding soil to accomplish this. The Rykorn itself utterly lacking in any nutritional value, this made the Rykorn and its associated Rykornian people a vile paraside which sought to steal the life of planets, giving nothing back in turn.

The planet Rykornia from which the Rykornians dwelled was at one point a rich and fertile world with a wide and diverse ecosystem. However the Rykorn and its progeny the Rykornians quickly spread and consumed. Leeching all other life until the world was nothing but pure Rykorn and the Rykornians.

King Tassel the ruler of the Rykornians saw their world which was covered in vast forests of rykorn and wept for there was nothing more to conquer. With no more space for his people to grow and consume, King Tassel set his sights on Earth and its bountiful resources. Dreaming of the Earth with every living thing on it reduced to feed for the giant stalks of Rykorn. Every other plant choked to death by the invasive species.

Thus King Tassel plotted and schemed to invade the Earth! Enslaving humanity to aid in their planets inevitable demise at the hands of their new Rykornian overlords!




First Appearance: Wonder Woman 52 (1952)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and H.G. Peter
Abilities: Master of black magic capable of seemingly anything. Leads an army of fairy tale villains.

Backstory: Deep in astral space which is the outer space of the astral plane which is so thin that it connects to outer space, lay the planet of thought. A world that was the origin for all fairy tales such as Cinderella.

The nature of the planet of Thought was such that any events which occured there would send out thought waves, beaming directly into the brains of creatives who would produce creative works based on those events.
This would work in reverse as well, with writers on the planet of Thought chronicling stories that they received in dreams about Wonder Woman and other real life figures which the denizens of the Planet of Thought simply assumed were fictional themselves.

Upon this world lived Strogo. Wielder of dark magic which he stored within his wand, he was considered the mightiest practioner of dark magic on the World of Thought. Ruling a nation of witches, giants, goblins, and changlings.

However Strogo was suffering a great crisis. For the magic which Strogo and his people harnessed was powered by a rare mineral known as ‘Xium’ which was not only the source of all of their powers, but literally what made them the villains they were.

The worlds Xium supply nearly drained, Strogo and his people would do anything they could to get their hands on more. For should their supply run out, no one knew what could occur. Perhaps even death.

Thus Strogo and his army wielding what limited power they had to spare, began to wage war upon the other fairytale kingsoms of the Planet of Thought. Desperate to grasp the last vestiges of evil magic for the sake of their very survival.

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