Wonder Woman: Encyclopedia of Villains

Name: The Chauvinist
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #95 (1995)
Creators: William Messner Loebs and Mike Deodato
Abilities: Super strength. Invulnerability. Impressive acting skills.

Backstory: Based out of Yorba Linda, California. William ‘Bill’ Baker was your run of the mill struggling actor trying to make his name in Hollywood. That big break would come when himself and several other hopefuls were contacted by ‘Meta Promotions’ a talent agency that specialized in metahuman publicity.

They were hired by White Magician to create some new metahuman talent and when William Baker proved himself in auditions, he would be granted magically imbued muscle, size, strength and invulnerability which he would be permanent.

Told that he was to play the part of ‘The Chauvinist’ a villainous hater of women who would attack Rec centers with an army of abusive husbands, he would be directed to ham it up for the hidden cameras and warned not to talk to the actress playing Wonder Woman out of character because she was ‘method’

Thus William Baker would go along with the villainy. Unaware that the victims were real, the attacks not faked, and that he was an unwitting villain. Able to finally make it big in Hollywood with his new look and dark rep, landing him a spot on Melrose Place and the lead role in ‘Dawn of the Dragon Killer’

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Name: Muck the Unknowable
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #34 (2009)
Creators: Gail Simone and Aaron Lopresti
Abilities: Exists as a living humanoid muck. Able to reform his body to a limited degree. Capable of ignoring most forms of harm. Is unknowable.

Backstory: The history of the mysterious Muck is utterly unknowable. How he got his abilities. What led him to a life of villainy. Whether he is faking that southern drawl. Even the question of his species is up for debate.

What is known about Muck is that he is like a living muck. Blunt force damage dents his shape, but can instantly be reformed without harm. Blows destroying his head leave him utterly unphased and go right through him. Utterly invulnerable so long as his core remains undamaged.

Able to reform his limbs to suffocate and drown his victims, Muck freely kills for sport and pleasure. Acting like an utter creep as he does so.

muck 1

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 183 (1969)
Creators: Mike Sekowsky and Dick Giordano
Abilities: A master of chaos and doubt, this immortal Olympian wields all the inconceivable power of the Old Gods, and literally lives to stir the pot.

Backstory: Based on the Greek mythological figure, Eris (also known as Strife) is the Goddess chaos and discord, daughter of Nyx (or Zeus, depending on the tale), and creator of the mayhem-inducing Golden Apple of Discord which started the infamous Trojan War.

Unsurprisingly, Eris would make her comic debut as a venomous, mettlesome figure, able to confuse and deceive with illusions, spells, and telepathy, aiming to sew the seeds of distrust and bitterness by tampering in the affairs of others, particularly Diana’s.

She has come to be known as one of the Children of Ares, along with Phobos and Deimos, but Eris was first known as sister to the God of War. She first joined her brother, Ares, in an attack on the Amazons, cursing Queen Hippolyta into a coma-like sleep, and would continue to wreak havoc across the comics landscape—kidnapping Diana, nearly killing Lois Lane, causing fights among UN dignitaries, and helping Circe to start a war among the pantheon, which ultimately cost Eris her life (since she made the mistake of trusting Circe)! She landed in the Tartarus as a result, but her spirit resurfaced years later when she would escape the infernal realm with her Deimos and Phobos, and possessed the body of Gotham City villain, Poison Ivy—until Diana is called to help restore order and defeat the deific antagonists.

Like many characters, Eris has been redesigned several times, and was most recently depicted as a sarcastic young woman, a less overtly evil entity, who feeds on acts of dissonance and chaos, and once again, is known as Ares’ sister.

Gods of Gotham

Wonder Woman (2011)


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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 183 (1969)
Creators: Mike Sekowsky and Dick Giordano
Abilities: Master of terror and manipulation, with all the super strength, speed and endurance one can expect from a god—and a mane of venomous snakes.

Backstory: Deimos*, the god of dread, is based on the Greek mythological figure and is the son of none other than Ares and Aphrodite. He and his brother, Phobos, the god of fear, primarily dwell in the Underworld, where they aide their father in plans of conquest and violence in order to bring destruction upon the mortals of Earth.

Naturally, gods of fear and horror would have a ruthless nature, and often seek their fathers approval, so like their father, they despise the Amazons as well as other Olympian Gods. Deimos, usually seen with his serpentine hair, achieves fear projections through the venom of his enchanted helm of snakes, and has been tasked by Ares to manipulate key political and military leaders in order to bring the planet to the brink of World War Three.

First seen along side his father, brother and (then) aunt, attacking Themyscira, he and his brother Phobos would also later attack Diana on her mission in Man’s World, but the Amazon was able to behead Deimos with her tiara. Years later, along with his also dead family members, Phobos and Eris, he would escape the Tartarus and head to Gotham City, where his spirit took possession of the Joker, but was eventually returned back to the Underworld. He would later reappear with an altered appearance as a twin, attempting to blackmail a grieving Veronica Cale, in order to free his father from a prison on Themyscira…where Circe turned him into dog, because of course she did.

*Not to be confused with Deimos, a powerful necromancer and sworn enemy of Travis Morgan, the Warlord.

No Home For You Here

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 183 (1969)
Creators: Mike Sekowsky and Dock Giordano
Abilities: Master of fear, weaponry, and precognition, with all the super strength, speed and endurance one can expect from a god.

Phobos, the god of fear, is based on the Greek mythological figure and is the son of Ares and Aphrodite. He and his brother, Deimos, the god of dread, primarily dwell in the Underworld, where they aide their father in plans of conquest and violence in order to bring destruction upon the mortals of Earth.

Naturally, gods of fear and horror would have a ruthless nature, and often seek their fathers approval, so like their father, they despise the Amazons as well as other Olympian Gods. First appearing alongside Deimos and Eris, Phobos, is a robust, troll-like creature of great size and strength, who possesses so such power that his hands and hair are aflame and can alter his appearance. After an initial attack on Wonder Woman, ending with the decapitation of his brother, Phobos later sent Ixion and the Gorgon, Euryale to attack the Amazon out of revenge. The plot failed and he was imprisoned in the Tartarus; But the sorceress, Circe freed Phobos, convincing him to aid her during the events of the War of the Gods which like his sister, Eris, ended in death.

He later joined his brother and sister in escaping the Tartarus and heading to Gotham City, where he would possess the body of the villain, Scarecrow, and more recently attempted to blackmail Veronica Cale in an attempt ti free his father from imprisonment at the hands of the Amazons.

Phobos would also create the monster, Decay, by mixing his power with that of Medusa’s heart and sent it to attack Wonder Woman and her friend, Vanessa Kapatelis.

Wonder Woman (1986)


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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 14 (1945)
Creators: Alice Marble and HG Peter
Abilities: Nazi spy armed with pistols, grenades, and good old-fashioned greed and charm.

Backstory: Rudolph Hessenpfeffer was a clever Nazi spy and murderer known as the “Gentleman Killer”. Like any good spy, The Gentleman Killer was manipulative and relied on a number of natural abilities, like lies and deceit, to keep himself ahead of his pursuers. In a series of escalating conflicts, he would menace Wonder Woman and the denizens of a new mysterious realm.

While on the run from Wonder Woman and her allies, the Gentleman Killer and Diana are transported to a pocket dimension known as Shamrock Land, where the native Leprechauns are technically just as troublesome as Hessenpfeffer, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need rescuing! The Gentleman Killer manages to elude Diana, and escape to underground caves. Not knowing that he is an invader and criminal, he is welcomed by the Princess Elaine. Both charming and masterful in his deceptions, he would lie his way into a position of power, becoming the new Prime Minister of Shamrock Land, who rules with a greedy hand- even convincing the tribe of leprechauns to trade away their magical darts. Diana must shake off the stupor created by magic moonbeams to oppose him and rid the realm of the menacing Nazi thug.

Wonder Woman (1942)

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 4 (1943)
Creators: Williams Marston and HG Peter
Abilities: Vengeful former slave and aviator with a grudge, a gun and a dagger.

Backstory: Mavis started as an innocent woman enslaved by Wonder Woman’s first recurring enemy, ruthless nazi spy, Paula von Gunther. Growing vengeful in her suffering, Mavis would ultimately prove herself a cunning adversary, determined to even the score.

After Paula von Gunther was found to be a victim of blackmail and artifice at the hands of the Nazis, she and her daughter, Gerta relocated to Themyscira to be free of the fascist regime; But without Paula having to face justice for her many war crimes, such as keeping slaves, Mavis sought revenge against her former captor and anyone who would come to her aide.

Once freed, she would ultimately side with the Nazis, and in order to gain retribution for the abuse and subjugation she had endured, Mavis (told Paula she hated her) then used Diana’s jet to sabotage Paula by kidnapping young Gerta and strapping Wonder Woman to a bomb.

Mavis was eventually caught by Wonder Woman and sent to Reformation Island to reside under the watchful eye of the Amazonian prison warden, Mala; However, she would later escape, seize control over Axis spy operations, trap Wonder Woman, and thinking it would leave Diana unprotected, remove her Bracelets of Submission. Unfortunately for Mavis, they aren’t only used to block attacks. By removing the mystical bracelets, meant to bring balance, she would unleash ALL of the mighty Amazon’s strength, sending her on a frenzied rampage. Which did not end well for Mavis.

Sensation Comics 19

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 157 (1965)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru
Abilities: A massive, sentient egg and scientific criminal mastermind with advanced weaponry.

Backstory: One of the more distinctive characters in DC comics, Egg Fu, also known as Chang Tzu, is an anthropomorphic alien egg who dates back to the Silver Age. Like many characters of the era, there have been several incarnations over the years, all with varying backstories and alternate names, but all have maintained a scientific background and the same egg-shaped appearance. And although he would go on to serve as a villain or ally to an array of characters, and even become a member of the Great Ten, he was first a Communist agent, devious scientist and enemy of Wonder Woman.

Originally donning a mustache that doubled as a weapon for combat, he was first seen kidnapping Steve Trevor and turning him into a ‘human bomb’ to destroy an American fleet—a plan that would ultimately kill both Diana and Steve. Their remains are pieced together by Queen Hippolyta in a lab on Themyscira, but the residual damage to their bodies could only be reversed with anti-matter. He would later appear calling himself Egg Fu the Fifth, and later still, Dr. Yes.

Post-Crisis, Egg Fu was reintroduced as a mind-controlling super-genius computer revealed to be an accomplice to crimes of Apokolips. He would get another update during New 52, going by the name Chang Tzu. Again appearing as a giant egg, but now using a mechanical spider-like exoskeleton that contains a hidden armory. It was then that he formed The Science Squad, a group of the world’s most devious criminal masterminds. His base of operations is on Ooglong Island, with projects that included experiments on Metahumans.

This version would again reappear along with Wonder Woman during Dark Knights: Metal, and in various video games, but not before one more alteration, as a recurring character in Harley Quinn comics, his “real” name being Edgar Fullerton Yeung.

Check Out

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Name: Rebla
First Appearance: Sensation Comics #11 (1942)
Creators: William Marston and H.G Peter
Abilities: Supreme scientific genius. Master diplomat. Talented politician. Savvy economist. Skilled athlete. Amazing dancer. Superhuman strength.

Backstory: On the planet Eros which was from the city of Joyalas palace of Judgement which was precided over by supreme mother judge Marya, society functioned as a meritocracy where those who were incapable would be placed in a prison where they did not have to work, and those who were capable would be given a life of constant work and responsibilities.

Rebla being recognized as one of the the most brilliant and talented individuals in the entire world, would be made supreme ruler of ‘Trans Mountainia’ and those Transians which reside within.

Given mountains of work which Rebla would finish promptly so she could enjoy her passions of fishing and developing new scientific breakthroughs, Rebla would be ‘rewarded’ with even more work on the basis that she was so talented that she could handle more.

Soon buried under work to the point that she had no free time to herself, Rebla strained under this, and threatened to go to war with the central government of her world if she was not given a moments respite. However her showing the capability of doing so was impressive enough to garner even MORE WORK.

Thus Rebla rebelled. Swearing to conquer the world so that she may use a position of supreme power and responsibility to give herself some rest.

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Name: Abolith
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #28 (2017)
Creators: Shea Fontana and David Messina
Abilities: Invulnerability. Possesses a multitude of guns, grenades, knives, and other weapons of war. Combat military training. Peak physical strength.

Backstory: Ex military, Abolith had been a test subject for a government super serum in order to create a stronger better soldier. The serum changing his skin coloration and granting him invulnerability which allows him to shrug off bullets without effort and survive explosions.

For reasons unstated, Abolith went on to become a private mercenary. For the right amount of money he would go after any target and bring them down regardless of who they were.

Despite his newly gained physical abilities, Abothlith relied on his military training to dictate his combat style and strategies. Wielding a wide array of munitions and explosives, Abolith went into every job as though going into a war zone.

abolith 1

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Name: Baundo
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #28 (2017)
Creators: Shea Fontana and David Messina
Abilities: Sword haver. Kicking based martial arts. Possesses a harness which allows for teleportation.

Backstory: Mercenary for hire. Baundo plays up the identity of a great and mighty samurai warrior despite lacking any sign of this being true beyond an aesthetic level.

Despite appearances and that sword he carries around, his main gimmick of choice is the harness he wears which allows him to teleport about through unexplained means. Bouncing instantaneously around the battlefield in blinks with no known limit to the distances he can travel.

With a big smiley face painted onto his mask and a penchant for spouting random lines from famous books, Baundo reveled in annoying his targets.

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baundo 4
baundo 3


Name: Antonio Sazia
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #73 (1993)
Creators: William Messner Loebs and Lee Modder
Abilities: Gun haver. Commands a collection of robotic henchmen. Possesses a tiara which can transform him into a hulking fire breathing demon.

Backstory: Major crime boss who controls a large portion of Boston Massachusetts’ organized crime. Antonio Sazia is a man with a wealth of resources. From technologically advanced guns and robotic henchmen, to artifacts which can change his very form.

A divorcee who lost custody of his child after a messy divorce, Antonio would split his time to trying to reclaim his offspring legally and otherwise, and his efforts at finding new love to replace that which he lost.

A practical criminal. Antonio has little interest in tangling with superheroes or conquering the world. Instead beyond his more personal pursuits, Antonio Sazia was content using his wealth and influence to revel in riches, keep the law away with fistfulls of money, and live a life of luxury as he did so.

antonio 2

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Name: Julianna Sazia
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #84 (1994)
Creators: William Messner Loebs and Nathan Massengill
Abilities: Command of all of Bostons organized crime. Vast wealth and influence. Commands legions of henchmen and advanced technologies.

Backstory: Born Julianna HutÖff, Julianna had been a simple showgirl working out of Pittsburgh when she earned the attention of Tony Sazia the infamous mob boss. The two of them hitting it off and getting along swimmingly, Tony introduced Julianna to his work and eventually the two were wed.

Her husband being murdered on her wedding day, Julianna after recovering from the shock would reveal a keen and conniving mind. Working to carve control of Bostons criminal underworld for herself, and jealously guard it from all comers.

Avoiding death on numerous occasions thanks to a talent for reading a room and knowing when to play it safe, Julianna was a cautious sort who would hire supervillains to deal with bigger problems, and rely on technologies far beyond mortal comprehension if it kept the city firmly in her grasp.

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Name: Eviless
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #28 (1948)
Creators: Joye Hummel and H.G Peter
Abilities: Mastery of Saturnian sciences. Psychic ability to avoid notice. Commands an army of Saturnite soldiers and supervillains.

Backstory: Native to the planet Saturn, Eviless was an evil figure who was a firm believer in Saturns policies of enlightened self interest. Only doing something if it aided yourself. Enslaving others to your own benefit.

Part of the group which had aided Mephisto Saturno and Saturnette in trying to conquer Earth and later go so far as attempt to destroy it, Eviless would convince Wonder Woman to grant her and those Saturnians who were not Mephisto and Saturnette, amnesty on Reform Island to avoid the punishment they would face should they be returned to their homeworld in failure.

Thus what would start as seemingly a life of reformation was but the start of her plan. For escaping the Venus Girdles which compelled the wearers to not bring harm upon another individual, Eviless would reveal her true plan!

For Eviless wished to use not only her own Saturnian soldiers, but to also free Wonder Womans greatest and most unrepentant villains to serve and aid her in conquering the Amazons, claiming the island as her own, and making a profit while doing so.

They would agree, and thus Eviless founded ‘Villainy Inc ©’ The first supervillain group of its kind! Contributing her own keen leadership, alongside her alien knowledge, resources, and platoon of Saturnian soldiers trained in the ways of espionage, Eviless was a force to be reckoned with.

eviless 1

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Name: Saturna
First Appearance: Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor Special (2017)
Creators: Tim Seeley and Christian Duce
Abilities: Whip haver. Leads a militia of armored gun wielding minions. Flight. Necromancy.

Backstory: Leader of the ‘Crimson Men’ a doomsday militia consisting of cultists convinced that the world is doomed to perish in a great crisis signaled by red skies.

In a desperate effort to avoid this, Saturna and her Crimson men would continuously comb the Earth, committing any act no matter how heinous in order to acquire treasures and artifacts to ensure they would survive the crisis to come.

Saturna leading this group, would talk of dark elves and Valkyries, making comparisons as she used her own dark talents to further her dark cause. For Saturna was gifted in the necromantic arts. Capable of raising from the dead any who have perished to once more fight in her name as an undead horde.

Declaring survival above all, Saturna would do anything it took to remain alive.

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