Wonder Woman: Encyclopedia of Villains

Name: Robot Master
First Appearance:
Abilities: Capable of creating robot duplicates of himself which can mimic his voice and mannerisms.

Backstory: Skilled roboticist who can create robotic duplicates of himself. Robot Master was a villain whose goal was nothing less than to commit the undefined crime of the century for which only the existence of multiple robotic doubles would make a reality.

His robots needing neither food nor sleep, they could keep going indefinitely unlike their creator. Not lured by things such as confectionery lures.

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Name: Orlich Hoffman
First Appearance: Wonder Woman (TV series) Episode 212 (1977)
Portrayed by: Frank Gorshin
Abilities: Genius toymaker. Robotics engineer. Access to listening devices spanning the globe. Toy army. Possesses an evil robotic double of Wonder Woman.

Backstory: Orlich was a talented toymaker who so loved his creations that he worked to develop his talents to the point that he could make them fully autonomous and answer to his bidding.

Setting up a toy store, he would sell toys out of it which were secretly his minions. Allowing him to put hundreds of spies across the city to reveal to him its secrets through the use of charities wherin he would donate toys to children from the toy shop he operated out of.

Having been discovered by the military for his genius but unaware of his villainous intent, he was hired to create deadly weapons for them off the books which would have the appearance of harmless toys to be passed off by their spies heading into other countries.

Orlichs efforts with the government being erased to hide any of his efforts, the brilliant scientist would freely work for any nation. Just as easily turning his talents towards opposing America as aiding it. For as far as he was concerned it didn’t matter who he worked for, as irregardless, it all furthered his eventual efforts towards world domination.

The most impressive of his technical abilities however was his ability to create life-like duplicates of anyone, but possessing the inhuman strength of an automaton. Robots so powerful that they could rival Wonder Woman in strength. So realistic that he could replace people and leave their closest compatriots unaware of the switch.

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Name: Henry Cobb Armbuster
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #15 (1988)
Creators: George Perez and Len Wein
Abilities: Vast wealth. Advanced cybernetic technologies. Loyal minions who would kill and die by his command.

Backstory: Multi millionaire industrialist and kingpin of the criminal underworld. Henry Cobb Armbuster was the owner of Armbuster Industries and numerous subsideries such as Toi-Choi Industries.

Using his wealth to push for a monopoly into technological sectors, Armbuster would finance research into highly advanced technologies to further his stranglehold on the industry. Arming his own private army with the armaments created by his own company to further grow his empire by carving out a niche in the criminal underworld through weapon sales and the drug trade.

Branching out into cybernetics to create powerful cyborgs. On top of state of the art geneticists who have cracked the secrets of the metahuman gene, with which he could unlock and manipulate the powers of anyone he wished.

Leaving the details to his lackey/steward/butler/millionaire minion Choi, Henry Armbuster looked only at the bigger picture. Wishing to amass wealth and power with no concern for anyones life but his own.

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Name: Human Fireworks
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #141 (1963)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru
Abilities: Flight. Speed of a rocket. Nature of being a living explosion capable of reforming and reshaping. Exploding on command or upon coming in contact with something, to instantly reform.

Backstory: A worker at a fireworks factory who would experiment with the concoctions they would create until an explosion caused him to become a Fireworks man. The Human Fireworks was a living explosion. A ticking time bomb of explosive force which was essentially invulnerable and unkillable.

Possessing the power of flight, this perpetual explosion in human form could detonate on the spot. Its every punch having the explosive force of dynamite for he could detonate and reform.

Desiring fame and fortune, The Human Fireworks had no grand goals or lofty ambitions to motivate his villainy. He simply wanted to make a big name for himself and roll in wealth. A simple and straight forward goal for a villain such as him.

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Name: Jason Keralis
First Appearance: Wonder Woman: Warbringer (2017)
Creators: Leigh Burdugo
Abilities: Super strength. Ownership of Keralis labs and its genetic legacy. Possesses an army that equel him in strength. Commands an army of lab grown mythological monsters.

Backstory: Born to scientist parents who studied genetics, Jason can trace his bloodline back to the Greek heroes of myth and possesses incredible strength and power because of that.

Growing up obsessed with those greek heroes, Jason developed a fanatical devotion to Ares and the idea of a ‘good war’ one fought with sword and strength of arm instead of tanks, planes, and nuclear weaponry.

Knowing that his sisters very existence was destined to bring about a war like no other, Jason welcomed it. Murdering his parents who were endeavoring to find a cure to her curse, Jason would spend years preparing for a war that he was going to shape and mold in his favor.

Aware that world war would break out on the minute of his sisters birthday, he would spend years developing EMP devices to be dispatched globally, intending to reduce the world to the stone age technologically so that ‘war could be honest and honorable again’ He would inject his own blood into soldiers to create his own personal army of men blessed with strength equel to his own.

Desiring to create a world where there were great heroes to fight and monsters to slay, Jason would use the genetics laboratories of his parents to create deadly monsters for no other purpose than to unleash upon the world and give people something to fight.

All so he could create a world where heroes fought and proved themselves in an unending war for their lives.

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Name: Mouseman
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #141 (1963)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru
Abilities: Proportionate speed, strength, and size of a mouse. Can talk to mice. Mouse riding abilities. Can disguise himself as a mouse. Possesses voice activated stunning ‘electro discs’. Chemist with the ability to create shrinking potions.

Backstory: A man who spent years wishing he was as small as a mouse so that he could fullfill all of his criminal desires. Succeeding in his efforts of making himself as small as a mouse and making the effects permanent, Mouseman would begin a life of crime.

An unexpected side effect of his change in stature granted him the power to talk to mice. This communication meaning the countless rodents around the world are at his beck and call so long as he can talk to them.

Initially using his talents towards assassinations, robberies, and driving people to insanity, Mouseman would become a crook for hire. Espionage, sabotage, and grand larceny for hire. If someone paid the right price, then Mouseman would carry out jobs which would allow him to use his diminutive stature to slip about unseen.

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Name: Mäuschen
First Appearance: Forever Evil: Argus #5 (2014)
Creators: Sterling Gates and Neil Edwards
Abilities: Mouse with the proportionate speed and strength of a mouse. Sword haver.

Backstory: Part of Cheetahs animal themed supervillain team known as the ‘Menagerie’ Mauschen a tiny mouse-like mouse of a mousey individual who was in fact a mouse.

Speaking in rather broken English which may or may not be his native language, Mauschen served an undefined role on a team which possessed numerous other individuals.

mausechen 1

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Name: Thought Master
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #64 (1953)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and H.G Peter
Abilities: Ability to create worlds of thought and trap victims within their own minds.

Backstory: Psychic contractor for the criminal underworld. The Thought Master was a powerful mentalist who had the ability to create elaborate worlds within the minds of his victims, trapping them in their own minds.

The victim would only see what Thought Master wished them to see. Unable to interact with the real world as they percieved it save for those elements which the Thought Master projected as existing. Through this, Thought Master could leave someone just standing staring vacantly into space. A power limited in that he could not interact with the victims himself without putting himself at risk.

Rather than use his powers for an immediate pay off, Thought Master was a contractor who would perform jobs for other criminals in exchange for a tidy sum.

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Name: Mirage Maker
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #76 (1955)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and H.G Peter
Abilities: Commands a small gang of criminals. Possesses a mechanical illusion ray which can alter peoples perceptions. Possesses wrist communicator which allows him to keep in touch with his gang.

Backstory: Criminal gangster with a penchant for robbing banks. The Mirage Maker after repeated failures to steal stuff thanks to Wonder Woman, would make the effort to aquire a ‘Mirage Ray’ a device which relying on line of sight, would allow him to project images into the mind of the target.

Thus so long as he pointed the ray at the victim, they would see bank robbers in place of regular citizens. Tanks in place of cars. He could make Wonder Woman go after innocent people while his gangsters casually walked in and out of banks with bags of money since there exists no means of stopping criminals in all the world save for Wonder Woman so long as he kept his ray trained on her during a heist.

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Name: Paulie Longo
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #85 (1994)
Creators: William Messner Loebs and Mike Deodato jr
Abilities: Criminal savvy as a mob boss. Vast laundered wealth. Commands a crew of demon gangsters. Limo driving skills. Gun haver.

Backstory: Formerly a lieutenant working for the Sazia crime family. Paulie Longo was a mobster with dreams of making a name for himself and becoming a big man with a bigger chair.

Having worked for Antonio Sazia as a knee breaker since he was fifteen, Paulie claimed to have seen Antonio as a sort of father figure and imagined himself as the mobsters heir. Thus when the White Magician murdered Sazia and proclaimed Paulie Longo as his successor, the goon leaped at the chance to claim his criminal enterprise.

With White Magician ‘blessing’ his mobsters with powers through demonic pacts and blood sacrifice, Paulie Longo would have an army of superpowered goons which he would use to gobble up a good portion of Bostons criminal underworld, Becoming kingpin of the city. With a desire to expand his criminal empire nation wide, with dreams of even putting the worlds superheroes under his thumb.

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Henchmen of Paulie Longo


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Name: D’tasloo Parva
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #70 (1992)
Creators: William Messner Loeb and Paris Cullens
Abilities: Ruler of a vast space empire which rules a multitude of worlds. In posession of advanced alien technologies. Commands an army of insurmountable size.

Backstory: Ruler of the vast and expansive Sangtee Empire. An empire which treats its founding species the Kreel as the elites and all other conquered peoples as second class lesser beings who exist to serve the empire.

Their empire having conquered their own race in its entirety, Sangtee became synonymous with the Kreel. A species which at one point had been known for its Sequential hermaphroditism, in that the species would be born male and over time members of its species would change gender to further their existence.

However the very philosophy of the Sangtee empire is that the female gender is lesser. Thus with the development and master of cloning technology, the Kreel species would see the extinction of the female gender as one of the core tenants of their empire.

Believing that the existence of the female gender in other species is a sign of their inferiority and need to be brought to heel, the alien Sangtee Empire would become expansionist, conquering worlds and conditioning those enslaved to the Sangtee Empire to either adopt their beliefs, or perish.

To ensure this, the women of the species would be enslaved and sent to prison planets where they would spend the rest of their miserable lives being worked to death mining for useless minerals for no other purpose than to keep them under heel. Granting a conquered world access to cloning technology to maintain their species existence only if they prove themselves dedicated to the principles of the Sangtee Empire.

The Sangtee Empire would continue to grow and prosper at the sufferance of the cosmos. Existing for over a thousand years, their empire expanding to include numerous worlds belonging to the Controllers and Khund amongst those enslaved to their rule.

D’tasloo Parva, the current ruler of the Sangtee Empire had been one of that rare 5% of the Kreel population which had been born female. A disgrace for a culture built around misogyny and hatred of women.

The 26 year old emperor spent the first fifteen years of their life undergoing drug therapy, genetic surgery, and mental conditioning to force them to conform to the male gender. Striving to be twice as viscious and capable as those emperors which came before, earning the audulation of the common citizens but the disdain of those aware of the dark truth of the emperor which was known only to a select few.

The empire would continue to expand, working to exterminate the female gender from the cosmos.

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Name: Time Master
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #101 (1958)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru
Abilities: Ability to freely travel through time instantaneously. Power to create pocket dimensions to trap people in. Can communicate with the past while existing a second into the future, rendering him immune to any and all harm.

Backstory: The master of time itself.
Ty. M. Master is an all powerful figure with supreme mastery over the very concept of time. Able to grab whole regions out of time and seal them away in a mariad of pocket dimensions trapped away in time.

His motives unknown, the Time Master exists in ‘the Time Dimension’ a separate dimension from which he is able to freely monitor time in its entirety and do whatever strikes his fancy, for his powers are without limit.

The all powerful villain having a penchant for games, would give those he sought to destroy a sporting chance. A tiny sliver of a possibility of escaping his time traps. Not because he has any sense of fairness, but more because their failure to rise to the occasion amuses him to no end.

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time master 2


Name: Professor Andro
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #116 (1960)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru
Abilities: Ability to freely travel through time. Ability to freeze people and objects in time or simply paralyze them. Super strength. Flight. Ability to take on alternate forms. Can cause volcanic erruptions, create earthquakes, produce fire, and destroy matter through thought alone.

Backstory: A powerful alien entity constructed entirely from crystal. Professor Andro for reasons unknown wished to destroy mankind in its entirety.

Posessing numerous psychic based abilities including the power to travel through time itself, Professor Andro would cause numerous disasters in Earths history. The sinking of Atlantis, the destruction of Pompei, the Chicago fire, the Johnstown flood. The after effects of these disasters forever changing humanities history.

Taking on a human form as he travels through history to avoid discovery, this alien of the distant future would use his knowledge of advanced sciences to create a facade of great alturistic education when in reality he was attempting to doom the world itself.

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Name: The Chauvinist
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #95 (1995)
Creators: William Messner Loebs and Mike Deodato
Abilities: Super strength. Invulnerability. Impressive acting skills.

Backstory: Based out of Yorba Linda, California. William ‘Bill’ Baker was your run of the mill struggling actor trying to make his name in Hollywood. That big break would come when himself and several other hopefuls were contacted by ‘Meta Promotions’ a talent agency that specialized in metahuman publicity.

They were hired by White Magician to create some new metahuman talent and when William Baker proved himself in auditions, he would be granted magically imbued muscle, size, strength and invulnerability which he would be permanent.

Told that he was to play the part of ‘The Chauvinist’ a villainous hater of women who would attack Rec centers with an army of abusive husbands, he would be directed to ham it up for the hidden cameras and warned not to talk to the actress playing Wonder Woman out of character because she was ‘method’

Thus William Baker would go along with the villainy. Unaware that the victims were real, the attacks not faked, and that he was an unwitting villain. Able to finally make it big in Hollywood with his new look and dark rep, landing him a spot on Melrose Place and the lead role in ‘Dawn of the Dragon Killer’

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Name: Muck the Unknowable
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #34 (2009)
Creators: Gail Simone and Aaron Lopresti
Abilities: Exists as a living humanoid muck. Able to reform his body to a limited degree. Capable of ignoring most forms of harm. Is unknowable.

Backstory: The history of the mysterious Muck is utterly unknowable. How he got his abilities. What led him to a life of villainy. Whether he is faking that southern drawl. Even the question of his species is up for debate.

What is known about Muck is that he is like a living muck. Blunt force damage dents his shape, but can instantly be reformed without harm. Blows destroying his head leave him utterly unphased and go right through him. Utterly invulnerable so long as his core remains undamaged.

Able to reform his limbs to suffocate and drown his victims, Muck freely kills for sport and pleasure. Acting like an utter creep as he does so.

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