Wonder Woman: Encyclopedia of Villains

Name: Meteor Girl
First Appearance: Comic Cavalcade #25 (1947)
Creators: William Marston and H.G Peter
Abilities: Can fly and move faster than the speed of light. Capable of smashing through stone and metal by applying enough acceleration. Possesses the ‘sting-ray’ a laser pistol that can enwrap, concuss, and create a painful agony comparable to being stun by a stingray fish.

Backstory: Hailing from planet Hator, a world where love and law were alien concepts and everyone possessed the capability of flight and its peoples divided between two opposing nations which dominated the planet.

Badra was the daughter of Queen Wickeda, imminent future ruler of Hator should she best the opposing nation. The young girl would be trained in the ways of wickedness and duplicity. Because only someone with true villainy in their hearts can possibly rule a world where Hators gonna hate.

However in an effort to destroy Wickeda and her people once and for all, the enemy nation whose name was lost to the annals of time would invent and use the ‘Hatorian Cosmic Bomb’ a weapon capable of disintegrating any matter it comes in contact with save for lead which was immune.

The planet Hator destroyed, Badra would be in the lead lined secret security chamber when the planet was destroyed, the only survivor of a world dominated by war.

Hurtling through space like a meteor, the girls safe room would crash deep into the Earth in a suspended animation until it was unearthed by miners, leading to the young child to flee using her incredible speed and flight.

For years Badra would live in abandoned homes, stealing to get by. Growing up to surround herself with a gaggle of minions who soaked up the philosophy of Hator like a sponge, would serve Badra and be given shares for her heists.

Dubbed the ‘Meteor Girl’ by the papers, Badra would continue robbing stores and using her incredible powers to take whatever she wants and revel in the camaraderie of her minions.

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Name: Inventa
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #33 (1948)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and H.G Peter
Abilities: Brilliant scientific mind for villainy. Lover of death traps and murder puzzles. Leads a gang of escaped criminals.

Backstory: Hailing from the island of Cadmea, Inventa was a brilliant though villainous inventive mind. With a love of designing death traps and a talent for concieving of solutions to any problems which she may stumble upon, it seemed as though little could prove a daunting challenge for her.

However captured by Wonder Woman after a bout of villainy and brought to Reformation Island for rehabilitation, Inventa would escew efforts for her to use her genius mind for good and instead stage a plan for escaping the evil warding effects of the Venus Girdles to stage a prison break.

Using resources she acquired from the Amazons during her escape and leading a group of fellow prisoners who followed her lead, Inventa would swear to discover the secrets of the Amazons in an effort to claim their abilities for herself, convinced it would allow her to conquer the world.

Having turned her home island of Cadmea into a death trap with countless traps, there was little that stood in her way.

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Name: Queen Palida
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #33 (1948)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and H.G Peter
Abilities: Natural immunity to any and all forms of mind control. Native to a planet with a hypnotic atmosphere.

Backstory: Hailing from planet Murkon, a world within Earths solar system which somehow orbits around the sun at the exact same rate as the Earth which is perpetually between it and the sun.

Queen Palida was the ruler of her entire world which suffered many ills for it is perpetually lacking in sunlight, creating an ever murky atmosphere which they blame on the Earth, suspecting the planet of being responsible.

Thus wishing to blow up the Earth to give themselves a better view, they plotted to kidnap earthlings, bringing them to the planet Murkon in their spacecraft which looked suspiciously similar to public busses, intending to use Earthlings natural war-like nature to create a bomb powerful enough to destroy the Earth! Taking advantage of the hypnotic gas Mesmerogen which is as natural to their atmosphere as Oxygen is to Earths, to ensure the humans support.

All the while unaware that the true culprit in this problem was a giant space cloud which is also the cause of Earth being unaware of this planet which sat between it and Mars.

queen palidra 2

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 16 (1946)
Creators: William Moulton Marston
Abilities: Based on the Greek mythological figure (and his Roman counterpart Pluto) he is the Olympian God of the Dead: immortal, and wielding all the supreme mystical powers one can expect from a god.

Backstory: Hades is the eldest son of Titans Cronus and Rhea, and ruler of the underworld who infamously kidnapped the goddess Persephone and made her his wife. He isn’t always an adversary so much as an ominous figure not to be trifled with—resolute in his divine duties, every favor coming with cost.

There have been several incarnations, but he maintains a capricious nature, and an urge to wield his godly powers for good or bad, with his desire to be loved being his only real discernible weakness. Like other gods, Hades would make his debut going by the name of his Roman counterpart, Pluto.

Often left alone to his own devices, Pluto appeared (unsurprisingly) abducting the women from Earth, mind controlling them, and using some of them to decorate his castle on the planet Pluto. He would eventually make a pact with Mars (Ares), the God of War, to conquer Olympus. The plot was ultimately thwarted when Persephone, inspired by the affection between Diana and Steve Trevor, professed her love to her husband, Pluto, prompting him to back out of the attack.

In the modern era, he was reintroduced as Hades, and would also eventually gain Cereberus, the 3-headed dog and guardian of the underworld. With dominion over the spirits of the dead, still with a habit of abducting people, he rules his realm with his queen Persephone—the most notable sector being Tartarus, the infernal sphere, and a primordial force alongside Earth, Night and Time.

He sometimes shares a tense relationship with the Amazons, appointed to guard Doom’s Doorway, an entryway to his realm behind which is trapped innumerable monsters and undead abominations that he won’t hesitate to use to his advantage. Over the centuries, many Amazons have lost their lives when the passage has been breached, and despite their losses, the Amazons always attempt to show Hades proper respect. But that hasn’t stopped Diana from descending through the doorway to try to free souls, or strike a deal (and hopefully avoid his wrath). Diana was once even his bride-to-be when he was plotting to seize Olympus, which nearly killed her.

New 52: Wonder Woman 7-10


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First Appearance: Justice League 40 (2015)
Creators: Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok
Abilities: Immortal, part Amazon and part New God, with knowledge of occult Amazon rituals and wielding a scythe forged by Hades. Need I say more?

Backstory: The goddess of anti-life, Grail, has villainous connections to an array other characters, but her story begins as the hybrid offspring of the Amazon, Myrina and the New God, Darkseid—born on Themyscira and prophesied by the Oracle of the Gods of Olympus to cause great destruction. Possessing powers and abilities inherited from both lineages, she is a formidable opponent, even threatening the entire Justice League, and would eventually plot to enslave the citizens of Themyscira. Gail might be a newer addition to the list of foes, but she is certainly among the more dangerous.

At the time of Diana’s birth to Hippolyta, the Amazonian assassin Myrina gave birth to Grail in secret. The Oracle of the Gods, Menalippe, had delivered a prophecy that the child would cause unimaginable destruction like her father, so Myrina was forced to defend her newborn. After murdering Menalippe, she fled Themyscira with her daughter, becoming the first Amazons to leave the island.

Grail would grow into her powers ranging from energy projection and dimensional travel, to fierce combat skills with superhuman strength durability, speed and stamina. And she would put them to use during the Darkseid War, where she would first square off with Diana. The war would ultimately return Darkseid to infancy, prompting Grail to promise to raise her newborn father and love him as her mother Myrina did her. Grail later opts to use the life force of an Olympian to speed up her fathers growth, but after feeding their energy to the infant, it only resulted in a teenage Darkseid…already himself enough to suggest Grail kill as many gods and children of Earth necessary for him to mature faster.

Grail and her father would later attack and enslave the Amazons, and with the success of their plan ultimately meaning global genocide, Diana must fight for the fate of Themyscira.

Children of the Gods

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First Appearance: (Helen Alexandros) Wonder Woman 288 (1982)
Creators: Roy Thomas and Gene Colan
Abilities: Flight, super strength, and a powerful sonic voice that can be used both to destroy or to create a protective shield.

Backstory: Of the three women to bear the name Silver Swan, Helen Alexandros is not just the first, but the only to be created through divine magic, and while the others have suffered their own physical disabilities, Helen is a classic ugly duckling, and would begin a theme of rejection and discontent that has been a part of the character ever since.

Often treated cruelly, Helen wasn’t considered beautiful enough to achieve any success no matter how well she performed as a dancer, and grew resentful of constantly being overlooked or ridiculed because of her homely appearance. One day, believing her future was doomed to failure, she called out to the heavens for vengeance on man…and the God of War answered. He transformed Helen into a beautiful, super powered Silver Swan with a “swan song” capable of devastating a small area of land with its force. And of course, the deal came with a catch! Ares would only make the change permanent if she agreed to kill his enemy, Wonder Woman.

Helen accepts the terms, and infiltrates Wonder Woman’s life as the Silver Swan. With the help of Captain Wonder (a mind controlled Steve Trevor courtesy of Dr. Psycho), the Silver Swan defeats Wonder Woman. Falling in love at first sight, she and Captain Wonder then decide they should murder the now captive Amazon in front of the President of the United States. Ares appears and demands that they also murder the president while they’re at it—Helen’s powers still at stake should she fail. Ultimately, Steve would break free from the spell and Diana would engage the Swan in combat once more.


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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 169 (1967)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru
Abilities: On top of the multiple limbs, he is divinely empowered with super human strength, agility and speed.

Backstory: Originally created by the God of War, this bizarre creature would later return in a more frightening form as a military weapon, but during the Silver and Bronze ages he was a literal bug man, endowed with god-like powers that made him a formidable opponent for the Amazon Champion.

Aphrodite and Ares (known as Mars during this era) have a long-standing rivalry for the fate of Earth. Diana has proven herself as an unstoppable force for justice and peace on Aphrodite’s behalf, so this time around Ares creates the Crimson Centipede in an attempt to destroy Diana once and for all.

Spreading fear and chaos wherever it roamed, and defeating Diana in their first two encounters, it seemed Ares might finally have victory with his monstrous new proxy; But in their final battle, the Centipede managed to remove Diana’s Bracelets of Submission, thinking it would leave her unprotected against his hail of bullets. What he didn’t know was that those bracelets weren’t just a fashion statement or to block attacks. By removing her bracelets, meant to bring balance, he would unleash ALL of the mighty Amazon’s furious strength, and bring about his own demise- her menacing fury only restricted when her bracelets are returned to her wrists.

The Crimson Centipede would later reappear during Rebirth as a beast created by S.T.A.R. Labs, for “military applications." A group of subversive “meninists" break into the biotech firm hoping to steal a compound believed to make women subservient, when they encounter a terrifying giant centipede with fangs.

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First Appearance: Wonder Woman 39 (2010)
Creators: Gail Simone and Bernard Chang
Abilities: The spawn of Ares (and various Amazons), Adder, Goat, Rat, Scorpion, and Spider have enhanced endurance and a supernatural ability to influence the thoughts of others.

Backstory: Born during a civil war on Themyscira, these five deviant juveniles are a result of the spiteful supernatural pregnancies of five different Amazons. As a result of their lineage, they have an unnatural level of endurance and pain tolerance, and are intellectually sharper than most adults. They may seem like articulate and well-mannered kids, but being faithful sons to their father Ares, they use that false perception to savagely manipulate people to arouse hatred and carnage, and set out to turn the world against Wonder Woman.

Only a few months old, they have grown quickly, and upon arriving in Washington DC, Diana’s home at the time, they need only use their words and innocent childlike appearances to cause destruction and riots. Their speech has a hypnotizing effect, seeding contempt, envy, and violence—so much that their victims, unable to reconcile the words of the Crow Children vs. reality, will even experience hallucinations, perceiving a normally trusted ally as a vicious enemy. Not only do they attempt to convince Etta Candy and Steve Trevor to kill each other, but when these half-Amazon ‘little monsters’ focus they can take more direct command and manage to mind-control Power Girl.

Wonder Woman 39-41

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@Jurisdiction You mean Mavis the slave to Paula von Gunther, right? I’m pretty sure Mavis Trent is an anthropologist… :eyes: don’t quote me on that tho.




Name: The Great Talbot
First Appearance: Sensation Comics #93 (1949)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and H.G Peter
Abilities: The ability to read the minds of others. Gun haver.

Backstory: Formerly a small time stage magician who made a living performing a mind reading show which was carefully orchestrated thanks to his assistant using coded phrases to let him in on things going on in the crowd.

By chance a freak head injury would cause Talbot to develop the very mind reading ability he pretended to have as part of his everyday profession. Realizing the great potential this had for a live of crimes, Talbot decided to use his powers for evil.

Thus he would wander the streets to listen in on the thoughts of important individuals to glean their secrets. Discovering individuals carrying great sums of money and expensive valuables to steal for himself.

All the while also using these newly developed powers for his stage act which became ALOT more elaborate with him picking out random people out of the crowd and repeating their thoughts allowed which caused even greater crowds to turn out for his show.

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Name: Celestris Damon
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #218 (1975)
Creators: Martin Pasko and Kurt Schaffenberger
Abilities: Ability to create a machine which can take the psychic energy of willpower from one target to implant into another. Professional con artist.

Backstory: Phony big name astrologer who believes his own career to be utter bunk with no basis in any sort of reality. Celestris Damon instead focused his mind on the scientific study of psychic power, trying to harness the incredible powers of the mind to make himself rich.

Developing a machine which latches onto the powerful psychic energy known as willpower, he was able to beam it into the minds of his subjects, imbuing them with the drive to succeed and willingness to push themselves to do their best.

Thus Celestris Damon would garner the support of the rich and famous. Earning the ear of the powerful who believing his fake astrological charts predicting their success was to credit for their good fortunes when in reality it was psychic energy to credit for his great fortune.

However the source of this great wellspring of mental fortitude was unknown to Celestris Damon who shared an apartment building with Diana Prince. Nor did he care, so long as he continued to amass wealth, power, and influence.

However whenever Wonder Woman was sighted in the area be it flying her invisible plane or battling nare do wells, his machine would suddenly explode from an exess of willpower being drawn in which was far to much for it to handle.

After a dozen of such mishaps, Celestris Damon concluded Wonder Woman was to blame for his woes and setting his machine to fire a ‘will not power’ ray, he would make an effort to destroy Wonder Woman. Certain that his scheme would only succeed if he ended her life. Not realizing that she was the very source of willpower his machine was drawing from to begin with.

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Name: Changling
First Appearance: #268 (1980)
Creators: Gerry Conway and Jose Delbo
Abilities: Duel wielding gun haver. Can change his form to assume any identity with their face, voice, and mannerisms.

Backstory: Highly experienced freelance assassin who had been operating across Europe for a number of years. Changling was a mysterious figure whose true identity is an unknown. The murderer recognized only for the steel mask he often wears and the uncanny abilities he possesses.

For the Changlings name came from his ability to assume the appearance of others. Allowing him to take on the identity of any individual to get up close to his target and take them out. Copying their appearance and build, their height and voice, he was somehow able to completely alter his appearance in mere moments.

Identified by the Cartel as a useful asset, Changling would be offered the chance to join their organization, recognized as the greatest assassin in all of Europe. With the villains life on the line should he refuse. An offer which Changling pragmatically accepted.

changling 1

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Name: Red Fang
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #268 (1980)
Creators: Gerry Conway and Jose Delbo
Abilities: Possesses silver arm blades and silver spike studded sandals. The ‘deadliest martial artist in the world’

Backstory: A Mongolian who for unrevealed crimes was exiled from his nomadic tribe. Red Fang would for reasons further unknown catch the attention of the Cartel who having trouble obtaining an assassin to join their group from the Asian continent, took him in.

Training him for years in the use of various martial arts and providing him with weapons in the form of silver arm blades and silver spiked sandals, they declared Red Fang to be the deadliest assassin in all of Asia, adding him to the Cartels stable of deadly assassins from around the world.

Boasting a 100% success rate and a presumably striking fear into werewolves everywhere.

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red fang 2


Name: Hypnota
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #11 (1944)
Creators: William Marston and H.G Peter
Abilities: The power to utterly butcher a terrible french accent. Quick change artist capable of swapping outfits in only a few seconds. Master of stagecraft. Eyes can project the ‘blue rays of dominance’ which allow him to

Backstory: One half of a pair of twins who never set foot outside of the United States. Hypnota was a stage magician who donned an abyssmal French accent and claimed to be an ‘oriental hypnotist’ performing various stage tricks such as hypnotizing people, doing vanishing acts, and pretending to survive being shot.

However when a stage show went wrong and Hypnota wound up being shot in the head by his own identical twin sister, Hypnota would be rushed to the hospital wherin an operation would lead to an emergency brain operation upon ‘the emotion centers of the brain’

This operation would lead to Hypnota developing ‘the blue rays of dominance’ which allows him to command any whom Hypnota gazes upon. Bitter with the betrayal at the hands of his own sister, Hypnota lost all faith in humanity and decided to think of only himself and his greed at the expense of others.

Thus Hypnota would become an agent of Saturn. Using his powers to enslave other Earthlings so that they may be sold off to slavery by the empire of that alien planet.

Later, Hypnota would join Villainy Inc. A group of Wonder Womans greatest foes led by the Saturnian villain Eviless in destroying the Amazons once and for all.

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Name: Hypnotic Woman
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #180 (2002)
Creators: Phil Jiminez and Roy Allan Martinez
Abilities: Can command the minds of others. Flight. Can change how she is percieved by others. Unexplained ability to burst through walls.

Backstory: Introduced in the post crisis era, Hypnotic Woman would in the modern era, Hypnotic Woman was a villainous magician with mental powers who was active during World War 2. Serving under Queen Clea, Hypnota aided the Atlantean queens efforts in conquering first Venturia and then the world.

In the Rebirth era, Hynotic Woman was shown existing in the modern era. Possessing mental powers to control the minds of others and even alter how others perceive her. Her origins and goals are unexplained, however she professes a desire to become like Wonder Woman.

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Name: Mayfly
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #78 (1993)
Creators: William Messner-Loebs and Lee Moder
Abilities: Expert with firearms. Skilled sniper. Possesses long range rifle armed with rocket propelled bullets. Possesses super speed, allowing her to move at incredible speeds. Can imbue her super speed into the bullets she fires.

Backstory: A hemophiliac assassin whose moniker of Mayfly is because she lives every day as though it were her last. Moon Robinson grew up in a neglectful home to parents who did not want her until their death in a car accident, leading to her winding up in an orphanage and then the streets.

Learning to fight, to kill in order to survive. Moon would get her hands on the deadly drug ‘Velocity 9’ which grants superspeed to those who take it at the cost of a rapidly diminished lifespan.

When the alien Dominators invaded the Earth and unleashed the gene bomb which granted many Earthlings superpowers unlocked from within their power inclined DNA, Moon Robinson was one of the lucky few who gained metahuman abilities from the incident. Granted increased powers of speed which enhanced what Velocity 9 had done for her while overwhelming any negative effects that it was having upon her body.

Becoming an assassin in order to live, Mayfly would use her powers to terrible ends. Slaughtering hundreds for millions of dollars. Taking contracts from the most seedy of politicians. The cruelest of dictators. And the most heartless of businessmen. All for the sake of proving herself to be stronger and keep anyone from looking down upon her.

Over the years purchasing properties across the world and a libraries worth of aliases and false identities, Mayfly was a dangerous foe whose incredible speed and skill with a gun ensured that few would ever see her coming.

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Name: Queen Helen
First Appearance: Sensation Comics #102 (1951)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and H.G Peter
Abilities: Commands an army of angry trojans and a fleet of ships of various types collected over millenia. PTSD induced rage against any and all wooden equines.

Backstory: Modern day direct descendant of Helen of Troy. Queen Helen is the latest in a long line of Trojans who fleeing into the southern seas between Africa and South America, stewed and plotted for thousands of years for revenge against the ancient Greeks and their horse building ways. Not advancing or changing their culture in the slightest over the course of millennia and still relying upon swords and shields as their primary method of offense and defense. Somehow due to them not having any contact with the outside world in that span of time.

When the secluded island which they dwelled upon fell across a modern shipping lane, the modern day Trojans would somehow cease ships, slay the crews, and claim those vessels as their own be they shipping freighters or military battleships.

With this, Queen Helen plotted to invade Greece and burn down the city states, taking revenge for the fall of Troy after these thousands of years~

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Name: Doctor Thiago Solano
First Appearance: Wonder Woman (TV series) Episode 201 (1977)
Portrayed by: Fritz Weaver
Abilities: Genius mad scientist with an expertise in multiple fields including chemistry and robotics. World champion fencer. Vast wealth and control of the nation of the latin American nation of Guanaray. Ability to create super advanced nuclear powered mechanical doubles. Commands a vast spy network.

Backstory: Megalomanical mad genius with an interest in world domination. Doctor Thiago Solano was born with a high level intellect which he believed was a sign that he should become ruler of the world itself!

Using his genius mind, Doctor Solano would developed advanced technologies in the central American nation of Guanaray, turning it into a world power within the region as it had advanced sciences which were unlike anything else in the world.

Commiting a series of thefts across the world and funneling the laundered money into Guanarays economy, Doctor Solano would be recognized as the wealthiest man in the nation which he ruled from the shadows. The nations president obeying his every whim.

Using a vast and well equipped spy network to spy upon and influence other nations, Solano would cause havoc and destabilize the other nations in Central America, foiling attempts by larger nations to provide aid and restore order. All with the intent of having the country of Guanaray begin gobbling up the others to expand as the country grew more and more influential.

Building a nuclear power plant to supply his nation with energy which he planned to use as a cover for the creation of nuclear weapons. Weapons such as the robot duplicate of Doctor Solano himself. Programmed with the intellect of a chess grandmaster, fencing skills to rival his own. The Robot of Doctor Solano had nuclear enhanced strength and a mastery of disguise, able to take on the voice and appearance of a target flawlessly. Capable of free will and action, the robot was programmed to also obey any order made by Doctor Solano but otherwise operate independently.

The comic continuation of events from the television series would establish Doctor Solano to have survived what had seemingly been certain death in an explosion caused by his own self destructing automaton, only to become paralyzed by the experience. But with no loss to his ambitions for world domination.


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Name: Chocolate Baron
First Appearance:
Abilities: Immunity to Hostess Fruit Pies. Possesses gun wielding henchmen. Has a private island with a chocolate castle.

Backstory: Proclaiming himself the ruler of all things chocolate, the Chocolate Baron is a fiend whose obsession with chocolate has led to them trying to monopolize that chocolatey goodness for himself alone.

Gaining minions who would aid him in his efforts to steal the worlds chocolate in exchange for sharing in the spoils, the Chocolate Baron would operate on a private island within his chocolate castle where he could enjoy his hoard in peace.

chocolate baron 1

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Name: Cooky La Moo
First Appearance:
Abilities: Being 60 feet tall. The proportionate strength of someone who is 60 feet tall.

Backstory: Originally naught more than a simple electric billboard advertisement featuring famed actress ‘Cooky La Moo’, a freak electrical accident would somehow cause the advertisement to come to life with Cooky walking out of the sign, a sixty foot tall woman complete with the mannerisms of a hollywood diva.

Declaring a desire to become a big star to go with her big ego, Cooky would kidnap Steve Trevor, declaring him to be her agent. All with the intention of using her size and strength to bully her way to stardom~

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