Wonder Woman: Encyclopedia of Villains

Name: White Magician
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #66 (1992)
Creators: William Messner-Loebs and Paris Cullins
Abilities: Master of ‘white magic’ such as mind control, emotion manipulation, forming pacts with demons, retaining the youth of people and objects, projecting forcefields, teleporting, creating pocket realities within the astral plane, projecting incinerating blasts of energy, commanding lightning, becoming a demon.

Backstory: Supposedly the first European wizard to set foot in the Americas. Thomas Asquith Rudolph was hundreds of years old and being a familial relation of Thomas Jefferson.

The White Magician had used his evil magic to aid in driving off the British from the Americas, thinking that with the British gone they would carve out a new empire and he would become one of the great amongst the American nobility. Only to have his dreams crushed when the country chose democracy.

Motivated for a desperate desire for praise and adoration from the people. The White Magician retained his soul despite his workings with demons through a desperate hold upon materialism and obsession with self gratification and worldly pleasures. The only thing holding him back from becoming a puppet for magic and losing all emotions to pursue only power for the sake of magic.

Seeing himself as of pure blood and an ‘American aristocrat’ The White Magician would remain in his manor home within Boston Massachusetts. Using his magic to maintain his land and his own appearance over the centuries.

Over the years, The White Magician has gone under various identities. He-Who-Laughs, Sterling Seer, Jeremiah. Leaving his secluded mansion in order to show off and earn the adoration of the people so they would recognize him as a man of great importance.

Thomas Asquith Rudolphs identities included ‘Mr. Magic’ in the 1940s. ‘The White Sorcerer’ in the 1960s an identity he held for years until he joined a superhero team known as ‘Echoes of Justice’ Returning to his secluded retreat after the rest of his team suffered from an ‘accident’

Having a special arrangement with the American government who recognize his history of aiding them over the centuries, The White Magicians actions would be given a blind eye by the authorities in exchange for his continued assistance.

This cretin who pines for the days when slavery was legal and he was treated as a noble lord treasures above all else is attention. Vanishing for years so that he does not overstay his welcome to reappear when he can make a big splash. Not one to suffer sharing the spotlight, the white Magician will murder anyone who gains more praise and attention than himself.

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Name: Professor Turgo
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #46 (1951)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and H.G Peter
Abilities: Mad scientist with a specialty in magnetism. Possession of numerous guns, missiles, and a rocket ship for escapes.

Backstory: A villainous mad scientist bent on causing destruction. Professor Turgo was a villain well known by authorities who would cause mayhem again and again. Using his magnetic inventions to repel the long arm of the law before making his escape.

Heading off into deep space to escape authorities yet again, Turgo on one of his escapades discovered the ruined planet Satphix which orbited between the Earth and the moon.

Taking several of the native Sappha of Satphix hostage, Professor Turgo went about obtaining their missile system and hidden out in the planetary bunker which was capable of withstanding even a direct meteor strike, he took to shooting missiles at the planet Earth while hidden away in his fortress. Threatening to kill the hostages if anyone tried to stop him.

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Name: Alcmaeon
First Appearance: Legends of the DC Universe #30 (2000)
Creators: Christopher Priest and Karl Waller
Abilities: Longevity. Gun haver. Controls a massive military. Optic contacts based mind control. Mystical genetically engineered hallucinogenic based mind control. techno-magic weaponry and defenses against even the gods.

Backstory: 5000 year old pick up artist and confidence man. Alcmaeon was an ancient Greek general. One of the Epiongi. A survivor who has spent lifetimes fleeing in a desperate bid to maintain his own life.

Having fled his death for thousands of years in order to escape the crime of murdering his own mother, constantly on the run from the Furies who sought to bring down upon him the vengeance he so richly deserves, Alcmaeon cultivated skills in conning people and convincing them to lay down their lives in his place.

Constantly changing his identity and roaming the world to avoid the wrath of the Furies, Alcmaeon would time and again return to Gattica, even if the name and identity of the land changed time and again with different peoples ruling it over the millennia.

In the present day, Alcmaeon took on the identity of ‘Michael Lysander’ a general who leads one of the sides fighting for control of what in the modern day is known as the country of ‘Vladonia’. Having used his charm and charisma to convince people to fight and die in order to lay claim to the country.

Relying upon a prophecy that keeps him alive so long as he can stay one step ahead of vengeance, Alcmaeon would do anything to avoid his inevitable destiny.

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Name: Adjudicator
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #291 (1982)
Creators: Paul Levitz, Roy Thomas, and Gene Colan
Abilities: Instant teleportation anywhere within or without the multiverse. Ability to destroy entire worlds every iteration across all the infinite multiverse in a matter of minutes. Power to erase people from existence in but an instant. Ability to alter reality and bring new life into existence. Immortality. Invulnerability. Possesses a multi faceted globe which grants him knowledge of all things when gazing within it.

Backstory: An all powerful being from beyond the multiverse. The Adjudicator is an entity whose past and origins is beyond comprehension. What is known is that with his vast power he could cause unrivaled destruction and bring doom upon existence itself.

Approached by one of those beings from beyond the multiverses which tend to their existence, The Adjudicator was charged with the task of pruning off worthless detritus cluttering the multiverse.

Granted the multifaceted globe which allows him to know all, the Adjudicator would visit worlds and judging them for every possible iteration of that world across the infinite multiverse, he would either spare them to revisit if they were found later wanting, or destroy them utterly. Not allowing a version of them to exist in any reality.

This all powerful being judges existence itself to decide whether it is worthy to be.

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Name: Professor Luxo
First Appearance: Sensation Comics #101 (1950)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and H.G Peter
Abilities: Leads an army of hydrogenians. Gun haver. Can turn ‘element A’ into a tool of destruction. Controls a flying robot horse. Navigates the ‘atomic seas’

Backstory: Evil mad scientist with aims at conquering America and then the world, Professor Luxo would bend all of his mad scientific endeavors towards that sinister task. Even going so far as to fake his death so he may plot in peace.

Going to great effort, Professor Luxo would shrink himself down to enter the Atomic World. A realm where Atoms of different sorts were people, and weather in this realm was a reflection of chemical reactions in the human sphere.

Professor Luxo using his scientific genius to create a robot horse to ride, went on to construct a chemical which when introduced into the ‘atomic sea’ would cause any chemical reactions which rely upon the ‘A atom’ to instead cause unexpected damage and break down in the atomic structures of anything of massive size.

Having bent to his will the ‘Hydrogenian tribes’ made up of beings which are hydrogen atoms, Professor Luxo was intent on bringing the nation to its knees!

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Name: Professor Vibrate
First Appearance: Sensation Comics #63 (1947)
Creators: William Marston, H.G. Peter
Abilities: The power of teaching. Physics professor with a focus on sound vibration. Medical skills. Master of disguise. Can create and control a cane which produces sound vibrations which can render groups of people unconscious when struck against something, and even kill with a secondary strike.

Backstory: Famous and well renowned in the field of physics. Professor Vibrate was one of the teachers of Holliday College. A respectable position that would lead to Vibrate being viewed in a positive light.

However it was not necessarily a profitable one due to the low pay the field of education often receives. Using knowledge of sound vibrations effects which he gained when he was a medic during world war 2 and treating those who were ‘bomb shocked’ but otherwise uninjured from being to close to an explosive blast, Professor Vibrate created a cane which when struck against a solid object, would replicate the high frequency of a bomb going off, rendering anyone within hearing unconscious.

Hiring a group of crooks, Professor Vibrate plotted to rob a couple of banks and charter a plane to flee to South America. Intent on going into a quiet retirement Wearing a disguise with false ears when he committed those crimes so that it would not tarnish his otherwise spotless reputation.

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Name: The Chequerians (King and Knight)
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #55 (1952)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru
Abilities: Grandmaster Chess players. Possesses cosmic technology that is capable of exhibiting power comparable to one million suns.

Backstory: Advanced aliens from the planet Chequerana. The Chequerians hailed from an ancient civilization where Chess was serious business and everything was decided through a chess match.

Eventually the low stakes of the typical Chess game was not enough for this advanced race, leading to them making the stakes…To the death! And thus so it was that their population dwindled until a grand chess tournament reduced their entire civilizations population…Down to two.

Knight and King the last two remaining Chequerians would for millenia avoid facing one another, least their race go extinct. Mourning that they would be unable to play chess ever again. That is until one of them got the brilliant idea to play a game of Chess…Without killing one another!

This startling revelation broke a painful stalemate for the two surviving Chequearians, however they soon found that the lack of stakes compared to their fights to the death left the game feeling hollow. Thus with some brainstorming they decided to use their species ultra advanced technology to convert the Milky Way Galaxy into a chess board.

Dividing up the multitude of stars, planets, and other astral bodies between them, they would play Chess using the heavens themselves! Any time they would move a celestial chess piece to intercept an opponents piece, it would bring about the destruction of both pieces, thus warranting a large number of replacement pieces.

Caring not for the lives of others as they enjoyed a thrilling game of Chess.

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Name: Cheetah (Sebastian Ballesteros)
First Appearance: President Luthor Secret Files (2001)
Creators: Phil Jiminez and Joe Kelly
Abilities: Vast wealth and resources as a wealthy billionaire. Possesses the cybernetic technology of Armbuster Industries. The good graces of Circe. An avatar of urzkurtaga, granting him the incredible speed, power, and prehensile elongating tail of the Cheetah.

Backstory: Born in Beunos Aires, Sebastian Ballesteros’ parents were part of the Paronist party. A political group bent towards helping the poor and changing society to remove the wealth disparity. Sebastian loathed them. His brother would be killed during the Cordoba coup and his parents would go into hiding in the face of the ‘cleansing of Argentina society’ in which the dictator in power had anyone who opposed him put to death.

Sebastian gleefully revealed his parents location, leading to the deaths of them and many of their compatriots. Putting Sebastian in the dictators good graces. With the dictators backing, Sebastian went into business, with the support of the ruling regime allowing him to take what he wanted and amass a fortune on the broken backs of the impoverished.

Despising the poor, Sebastian mocked their very existence and wished to see them all purged for they were beneath him. A view which was not the least bit diminished when he became one of the wealthiest men in the world as a successful financier and corporate raider. Claiming control of companies worldwide and adding them to his personal power block.

Wishing for more wealth and more power, Sebastian discovered that Circe sought to claim the world as her own so that she had something nice to grant to her daughter Lyta Milton. Thus seeking out Circe, he charmed and wooed the all powerful sorceress, getting on her good side and using his talents for seduction to convince her to make him her willing lackey. Ensuring that he would have a place in her new world order.

Thus winning her good graces, he would ask her for power and thus Circe would restore to life the dead god Urzkurtaga and gift it to Sebastian who revealing to the plant god and it alone, his intense loathing and disgust with women, convincing Urzkurtaga to grant him the powers of the Cheetah.

Thus Sebastian stole the power from Barbara Minerva though unlike her, Sebastian would freely shift from his mortal to Cheetah forms through a simple ritual unlike Barbara Minerva who had long since became a permanent hybrid of the Cheetah god.

In an effort to please Circe, Sebastian would work tirelessly to destroy Wonder Woman. Thus purchasing Armbuster technologies for their cybernetics and hiring Doctor Psycho onto his payroll, Sebastian would strive to make Wonder Womans life a hellish torture in an effort to destroy her utterly.

All so that he could live under Circes good graces.

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Name: Blue Ice
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #154 (2000)
Creators: Doselle Young and John McCrea
Abilities: Can project beams of light which amplify the radioactive elements in a targets bloodstream. Flight by projecting a field of blue light around herself.

Backstory: Daughter of a mass murderer who working at a nuclear power plant, concocted a plan to drive up to victims homes and beam x-rays at them as they slept, condemning them to an early death via cancer.

Constance one day mysteriously developed the ability to to project blue light. Its properties unknown until doctors studied her and confirmed she was having the effect of increasing the strength of radioactive properties within things or people. Instantly cooking them alive in radiation.

Falling in with her one true love Doctor Echo, the two of them would enter into a life of crime. Not with any grand ambition to rule the world, but rather to take on any job for the right job which involved taking lives and leaving a message.

For the right price they would kill thousands to fulfill their contracts.

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Name: Doctor Echo
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #154 (2000)
Creators: Doselle Young and John McCrea
Abilities: Power to amplify ambient energy in his vicinity and direct it however he wishes.

Backstory: Mad scientist who was attempting to create a more advanced form of the unified field theory by combining quantuum vacuum fluctuations and high energy magic, resulting in an incredible explosion which somehow gifted him with the ability to tap into the natural energy all around him, increase its power, and manipulate it to his will.

Declaring himself to be an ‘echo of the real’ and ‘mad science incarnate’ Doctor Echo would for reasons unspecified, enter into a life of crime. Crossing paths with Blue Ice, the two of them would immediately fall in love. Going hand in hand as they commit brutal acts of murder and terror for the sake of making money doing really bad things.

Not caring who they work for so long as the money is good, they would be unconcerned about the consequences so long as they had eachother.

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Name: Ahriman
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #154 (2000)
Creators: Doselle Young and John McCrea
Abilities: Immortality, power over lies and shadows. Ability to make the unwary believe him. Possesses a knife able to carve out the hearts of gods. Ability to fire beams of energy from his hands. God-like power.

Backstory: Older brother to Ahura-Mazda, the god of light and truth. Ahriman was the embodiment of lies and shadows, compelled by his very nature. Once a year the two brothers would battle for the fate of the universe and should Ahriman win, then everything comes to an end.

Time after time Ahriman loses which is how everything still exists, but ever would he plot, trying to sabotage his brother or kill him before their yearly challenge so that he might for once succeed and bring about the end of everything.

Due to his very nature, Ahriman is compelled to oppose any being of truth or light. Believing them to be an agent of his brother. Thus Ahriman would scheme and plot to slay Wonder Woman whenever the opportunity arose. Convinced that by her very nature and opposition to everything coming to an end, that she followed the will of Ahura-Mazda.

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Name: Queen Chalandor
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #190 (1970)
Creators: Dennis O’Neil and Mike Sekowsky
Abilities: Leads and controls a massive military nation. Commands horrific monsters and a fleet of airships. Dwells within the impregnable Castle Skull.

Backstory: In an alternate dimension in a realm where magic held sway, monsters roamed the lands, there existed the kingdom of Chalandor. A powerful nation, based out of the impregnable ‘Castle Skull’ which dwelled upon a craggy edifice partially bordered by a canyon with defenses designed with a plethora of traps and tricks meant to devestate any invading force.

The greatest resource of Chalandor was their possession of flight. For in all the realm, theirs was the only kingdom in possession of airships. Vehicles capable of soaring through the skies, higher than any arrow may reach.

Ruling the kingdom of Chalandor was a woman named for her nation. A woman who would unleash her kingdoms unique advantages upon the rest of the world much to their despair.

While Chalandor was a nation which prospered and lived in luxury. Its castle capital a city unto itself, it did so at the suffering of those across the world. Using the airships and a combination of artillery and cauldrons of boiling oil to rain death and suffering from above, Chalandors armies would freely pillage, taking what resources others had to make their own.

Queen Chalandor having a love of blood sport, would also send her soldiers to travel the world looking for skilled warriors. Ordering their capture so they may be enslaved to battle in the massive arena contained within the castle walls. Fighting powerful monsters which were kept to entertain the queen.

With no concern for any beyond her borders, Queen Chalandor of Chalandor would spare not a moments remorse for the deaths she caused.

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Name: Celcia
First Appearance: Wonder Woman '77 #10 (2015)
Creators: Marc Andrekyo and Kat Staggs.
Abilities: Ability to project beams fire hot enough to melt through metal. Ability to project beams of ice at an absolute zero. Means of both freezing and burning something so that it is perpetually encased in ice and perpetually on fire at the same time.

Backstory: Originally little more than a humble janitor working in a quiet small town in Ohio. Celsia like all her family and neighbors worked at the nearby Positron Power Industries power plant which employed 70% of the towns population.

However while cleaning out the office trash one day and taking it to throw out, Celsia discovered a transcript of a phone call between the plant manager and the ceo of the company. Detailing how the plant was going to explode and thanks to the combined efforts of Aiden Roberts, Jason Fletcher, and Donald Dekirk, the plant would meltdown and the company would make billions on the insurance. So the manager needed to leave so he didn’t get caught in the disaster as well.

Celsia headed to town to notify the sheriff and share what she had discovered. But on the way there the nuclear power plant exploded, killing everyone in the town. Everyone except Celsia who somehow survived the explosion.Though forever changed, for she was now permanently frozen and on fire. With the power to project ever frozen ice and ever burning flames.

Swearing revenge on those who hurt everyone she knew and cared for, Celsia would dedicate herself to hunting down the nuclear cabal who caused those deaths and end their lives.

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Name: Meteor Girl
First Appearance: Comic Cavalcade #25 (1947)
Creators: William Marston and H.G Peter
Abilities: Can fly and move faster than the speed of light. Capable of smashing through stone and metal by applying enough acceleration. Possesses the ‘sting-ray’ a laser pistol that can enwrap, concuss, and create a painful agony comparable to being stun by a stingray fish.

Backstory: Hailing from planet Hator, a world where love and law were alien concepts and everyone possessed the capability of flight and its peoples divided between two opposing nations which dominated the planet.

Badra was the daughter of Queen Wickeda, imminent future ruler of Hator should she best the opposing nation. The young girl would be trained in the ways of wickedness and duplicity. Because only someone with true villainy in their hearts can possibly rule a world where Hators gonna hate.

However in an effort to destroy Wickeda and her people once and for all, the enemy nation whose name was lost to the annals of time would invent and use the ‘Hatorian Cosmic Bomb’ a weapon capable of disintegrating any matter it comes in contact with save for lead which was immune.

The planet Hator destroyed, Badra would be in the lead lined secret security chamber when the planet was destroyed, the only survivor of a world dominated by war.

Hurtling through space like a meteor, the girls safe room would crash deep into the Earth in a suspended animation until it was unearthed by miners, leading to the young child to flee using her incredible speed and flight.

For years Badra would live in abandoned homes, stealing to get by. Growing up to surround herself with a gaggle of minions who soaked up the philosophy of Hator like a sponge, would serve Badra and be given shares for her heists.

Dubbed the ‘Meteor Girl’ by the papers, Badra would continue robbing stores and using her incredible powers to take whatever she wants and revel in the camaraderie of her minions.

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Name: Inventa
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #33 (1948)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and H.G Peter
Abilities: Brilliant scientific mind for villainy. Lover of death traps and murder puzzles. Leads a gang of escaped criminals.

Backstory: Hailing from the island of Cadmea, Inventa was a brilliant though villainous inventive mind. With a love of designing death traps and a talent for concieving of solutions to any problems which she may stumble upon, it seemed as though little could prove a daunting challenge for her.

However captured by Wonder Woman after a bout of villainy and brought to Reformation Island for rehabilitation, Inventa would escew efforts for her to use her genius mind for good and instead stage a plan for escaping the evil warding effects of the Venus Girdles to stage a prison break.

Using resources she acquired from the Amazons during her escape and leading a group of fellow prisoners who followed her lead, Inventa would swear to discover the secrets of the Amazons in an effort to claim their abilities for herself, convinced it would allow her to conquer the world.

Having turned her home island of Cadmea into a death trap with countless traps, there was little that stood in her way.

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Name: Queen Palida
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #33 (1948)
Creators: Robert Kanigher and H.G Peter
Abilities: Natural immunity to any and all forms of mind control. Native to a planet with a hypnotic atmosphere.

Backstory: Hailing from planet Murkon, a world within Earths solar system which somehow orbits around the sun at the exact same rate as the Earth which is perpetually between it and the sun.

Queen Palida was the ruler of her entire world which suffered many ills for it is perpetually lacking in sunlight, creating an ever murky atmosphere which they blame on the Earth, suspecting the planet of being responsible.

Thus wishing to blow up the Earth to give themselves a better view, they plotted to kidnap earthlings, bringing them to the planet Murkon in their spacecraft which looked suspiciously similar to public busses, intending to use Earthlings natural war-like nature to create a bomb powerful enough to destroy the Earth! Taking advantage of the hypnotic gas Mesmerogen which is as natural to their atmosphere as Oxygen is to Earths, to ensure the humans support.

All the while unaware that the true culprit in this problem was a giant space cloud which is also the cause of Earth being unaware of this planet which sat between it and Mars.

queen palidra 2

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queen palidra


First Appearance: Wonder Woman 16 (1946)
Creators: William Moulton Marston
Abilities: Based on the Greek mythological figure (and his Roman counterpart Pluto) he is the Olympian God of the Dead: immortal, and wielding all the supreme mystical powers one can expect from a god.

Backstory: Hades is the eldest son of Titans Cronus and Rhea, and ruler of the underworld who infamously kidnapped the goddess Persephone and made her his wife. He isn’t always an adversary so much as an ominous figure not to be trifled with—resolute in his divine duties, every favor coming with cost.

There have been several incarnations, but he maintains a capricious nature, and an urge to wield his godly powers for good or bad, with his desire to be loved being his only real discernible weakness. Like other gods, Hades would make his debut going by the name of his Roman counterpart, Pluto.

Often left alone to his own devices, Pluto appeared (unsurprisingly) abducting the women from Earth, mind controlling them, and using some of them to decorate his castle on the planet Pluto. He would eventually make a pact with Mars (Ares), the God of War, to conquer Olympus. The plot was ultimately thwarted when Persephone, inspired by the affection between Diana and Steve Trevor, professed her love to her husband, Pluto, prompting him to back out of the attack.

In the modern era, he was reintroduced as Hades, and would also eventually gain Cereberus, the 3-headed dog and guardian of the underworld. With dominion over the spirits of the dead, still with a habit of abducting people, he rules his realm with his queen Persephone—the most notable sector being Tartarus, the infernal sphere, and a primordial force alongside Earth, Night and Time.

He sometimes shares a tense relationship with the Amazons, appointed to guard Doom’s Doorway, an entryway to his realm behind which is trapped innumerable monsters and undead abominations that he won’t hesitate to use to his advantage. Over the centuries, many Amazons have lost their lives when the passage has been breached, and despite their losses, the Amazons always attempt to show Hades proper respect. But that hasn’t stopped Diana from descending through the doorway to try to free souls, or strike a deal (and hopefully avoid his wrath). Diana was once even his bride-to-be when he was plotting to seize Olympus, which nearly killed her.

New 52: Wonder Woman 7-10


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First Appearance: Justice League 40 (2015)
Creators: Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok
Abilities: Immortal, part Amazon and part New God, with knowledge of occult Amazon rituals and wielding a scythe forged by Hades. Need I say more?

Backstory: The goddess of anti-life, Grail, has villainous connections to an array other characters, but her story begins as the hybrid offspring of the Amazon, Myrina and the New God, Darkseid—born on Themyscira and prophesied by the Oracle of the Gods of Olympus to cause great destruction. Possessing powers and abilities inherited from both lineages, she is a formidable opponent, even threatening the entire Justice League, and would eventually plot to enslave the citizens of Themyscira. Gail might be a newer addition to the list of foes, but she is certainly among the more dangerous.

At the time of Diana’s birth to Hippolyta, the Amazonian assassin Myrina gave birth to Grail in secret. The Oracle of the Gods, Menalippe, had delivered a prophecy that the child would cause unimaginable destruction like her father, so Myrina was forced to defend her newborn. After murdering Menalippe, she fled Themyscira with her daughter, becoming the first Amazons to leave the island.

Grail would grow into her powers ranging from energy projection and dimensional travel, to fierce combat skills with superhuman strength durability, speed and stamina. And she would put them to use during the Darkseid War, where she would first square off with Diana. The war would ultimately return Darkseid to infancy, prompting Grail to promise to raise her newborn father and love him as her mother Myrina did her. Grail later opts to use the life force of an Olympian to speed up her fathers growth, but after feeding their energy to the infant, it only resulted in a teenage Darkseid…already himself enough to suggest Grail kill as many gods and children of Earth necessary for him to mature faster.

Grail and her father would later attack and enslave the Amazons, and with the success of their plan ultimately meaning global genocide, Diana must fight for the fate of Themyscira.

Children of the Gods

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First Appearance: (Helen Alexandros) Wonder Woman 288 (1982)
Creators: Roy Thomas and Gene Colan
Abilities: Flight, super strength, and a powerful sonic voice that can be used both to destroy or to create a protective shield.

Backstory: Of the three women to bear the name Silver Swan, Helen Alexandros is not just the first, but the only to be created through divine magic, and while the others have suffered their own physical disabilities, Helen is a classic ugly duckling, and would begin a theme of rejection and discontent that has been a part of the character ever since.

Often treated cruelly, Helen wasn’t considered beautiful enough to achieve any success no matter how well she performed as a dancer, and grew resentful of constantly being overlooked or ridiculed because of her homely appearance. One day, believing her future was doomed to failure, she called out to the heavens for vengeance on man…and the God of War answered. He transformed Helen into a beautiful, super powered Silver Swan with a “swan song” capable of devastating a small area of land with its force. And of course, the deal came with a catch! Ares would only make the change permanent if she agreed to kill his enemy, Wonder Woman.

Helen accepts the terms, and infiltrates Wonder Woman’s life as the Silver Swan. With the help of Captain Wonder (a mind controlled Steve Trevor courtesy of Dr. Psycho), the Silver Swan defeats Wonder Woman. Falling in love at first sight, she and Captain Wonder then decide they should murder the now captive Amazon in front of the President of the United States. Ares appears and demands that they also murder the president while they’re at it—Helen’s powers still at stake should she fail. Ultimately, Steve would break free from the spell and Diana would engage the Swan in combat once more.


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