Wonder Woman Character Appreciation Thread

Over the years Wonder Woman has had a diverse and amazing cast of characters. From amazing Amazons to glorious gods to incredible individuals of all walks of life.

Over Wonder Womans lengthy eighty year character history many have come and gone. Some having been around since the beginning. Others here to this day. With many an individual lasting only for a run and leaving an impression on those who had the delight of reading the story which they graced with their presence.

Many amazing writers have contributed their creations to Wonder Womans sphere. Marston, Hummel, Kanigher, O’Neil, Sekowsky, Delaney, Pasko, Conway, Harris, Levitz, Thomas, Mishkin, Perez, Messner-Loeb, Byrne, Priest, Luke, Jiminez, Rucka, Heinberg, Picoult, Simone, Straczynski, Hester, Azzarello, Finch, Fontana, Robinson, Orlando, Wilson, Tamaki, Conrad, Cloonan, Deibert, Andrekyo, Jones, Morrison, Williams, Deconnick, Busiek, Lee, De Liz.

With thousands of fascinating characters from the supportive Etta Candy to the magical Genro Genie. Cathy Perkins. Sofia Constantinas. Glitch. Julia Kapatelis. Tolifhar. Ferdinand. Ratatosk.

I want to discuss the amazing characters that shape Wonder Woman and add depth to her world. Have discourse as people share characters which they most enjoyed and liked from across Wonder Womans wide and wild history.
Perhaps it will help someone to discover a character previously unknown. Or allow someone to see a character which they had little care for in a new life.

What characters do you most love and enjoy? Feel free to gush and gab~


Jumpa is my favorite WW character!


I’d probably have to agree with you. It’d be hard to top a kangaroo, at least in my book. :slight_smile:


I like them all, though Ferdinand needs some love.


ive never heard of ferdinand


He was a Minotaur and a great cook.


I do miss the days of Ambassador Diana. I have been reading the Rucka run and have vol. 3 left as I have been spacing those books out a little.

As for my favorite character, Artemis. I love how rebellious she is and is neither the good or bad guy. Her run as Wonder Woman was clouded with “what should be” and not what was in front of her. Out of all the Amazons, she seems to be the character that has the most distinct voice outside of Diana and Hippolyta. Every now and then you will catch an other character having a voice but it gets muddled over time. Artemis has stayed true to through multiple writers. (At least since the 90s)


I loved Golden Age Etta Candy and the Holliday Girls. Wonder Woman would be in a bind and call Etta via Mental Radio and then they would all show up and start slapping around the bad guys.

Round Robin last year had a proposed comic about Etta Candy and Amanda Waller and I am still heartbroken it didn’t even make the first cut.

Legend of Wonder Woman also had an amazing portrayal of Etta.

Possibly my favorite Etta Candy panel:


Jumpa is alot of fun. Very hard to top someone who jumps so high. :slightly_smiling_face:


jumpa 2
jumpa 3

Great vegetarian cook~ Hopefully we will see more of that Kithotaur cook in the future.


Artemis is a fun character with alot of personality. ^.^ It is always a treat to see her personality bouncing off of others.


They were alot of fun. and made for an amazing cavalry. Regular women who were Wonder Women in their own right.


etta 2


Nubia is a great character but I’m kinda disappointed by her role in Infinite frontier.
It would have made more sense if she was a new Wonder-woman and not queen of the Amazons .

Themyscira is a relatively peaceful place and I can’t imagine telling a conflict on the island once known as paradise Island. It goes against the ideology of Wonder-woman homeland as a small utopia.

Nubia to me should have been like a emissary for the Justice League or even took influence from 70s Wonder-woman and have her be a spy/agent for the Amazons interest in man’s world. Anything would have been more interesting than queen.

but I’m curious what anyone else thinks about it and assuming you think it’s a good role please tell me why.


While a certainly understandable objection to the current useage of the character, id argue the current role fits with Nubias history in the DC universe, reconciling various elements of her character in a way that makes sense.

Her original appearance did lead Nubia to taking on the mantle of Wonder Woman, yes. But she was also recognized as a princess of the Amazons and became the queen of Slaughter/Floating Island. A role which is not that different from what she does now.
Add this to her post crisis role of being a guardian of Dooms Doorway which has been acnowledged as a charge she once held, and her current status is rather true to her character in terms of her history.

As for the question of conflict on Paradise Island/Themyscira and whether that is true to the ideology, while I agree it is a wonderful utopia, its also one that has been a site of conflict ever since that very first issue wherin a pilot crash landed off the islands shore.
The golden age era had a multitude of outside threats trying to threaten paradise and destroy it for no greater reason than because they could.
Silver Age plopped it in the middle of a massive archipelago full of dangerous monsters and fascinating wonders.
The modern era opened the island to the outside world and placed the Amazons society and culture in a position to be compared to the outside world and created conflict purely with diplomacy and foreign relations.

A talented writer will have plenty of opportunity to create conflict for a queen of the Amazons without conflicting with the message of paradise that the island promises.


To take a moment to celebrate a character I quite enjoy, I rather like Star-Blossom the junior sidekick of Wonder Woman with the power of flower.
Rather recent as these characters go, having been created for the Wonder Woman 75th anniversary in 2016 by Gail Simone. I like how joyous and cheerful she is. Reminding me of characters like Wonder Tot from back in the day.


My primary love of Wonder Woman comes through the two runs Greg Rucka wrote, so my favorite characters all come through that - Ferdinand, Steve, Io, Artemis, Athena, Aphrodite, even Zeus and Ares. I love the complexity and tragedy and joy that Rucka infuses into them all.


Best Star-Blossom moment:

(Ferdinand never mentioned this!).


I have been reading Wonder Woman since the late sixties and no one–absolutely no one–has crafted her adventures better than the great George Perez!


To mention another one I am quite fond of, Marya the Giantess. A fun character from 1945, just your regular ol giant Holliday Girl who attends college and fights evil