Wonder Woman: Bloodlines spoiler discussion

Figured it might be nice to have one big topic where we can all discuss any aspect of the movie. What’d everyone think of the flick? I liked it. What stood out to me a lot was the writing/dialogue. Everyone acted and talked like a real person instead of forced exaggerations/caricatures, as is common with cartoons. This one felt more adult in the sense that it just felt more real, despite being about fantasy goddesses flying around. :laughing:


This is Wonder Woman everything about her is Wonder Woman


appreciate how they utilized several villains and had more than only Diana’s main storyline going on. Usually people just think of WW villains to be cheetah and random choice of greek god …nice to see several different types with dr.poision, cyber, the girl who ended up not staying a villain, medusa and etc. Cheeetah, giganta… etc…nice to see her having an actual rogues gallery that can be memorable and unique to her.


Curious… Does anyone besides me want to know why the decision was very obviously purposefully chosen (I want the logic) to show half her tushie for the first 50 minutes? Is that what the age 8-age to age 25 population research showed? (I totally support it when that is the reason, bodies are wonderful) Was it a “play” on the “Got Your Back” them with Steve Trevor’s? This was good. I did watch the crud out of the first animated Wonder Woman movie… Bloodlines is what we got to kick off the whole DC Comics 5G plan, correct? Any insight would be Super! :crown:

The best part is there’s even more Wonder Woman coming later this year.

Is this character a robot in the comics too, or something? Thought she was kind of weird. It felt like they were building her up to be a big reveal, but then she just died lol.


I enjoyed it.

Especially Diana looking like Wonder Woman.at beginning and end.

Two quibbles

We had just sern Diana punch open a wall.
How did the Queen defeat Diana?

Quern had thousands of years of experience
Diana pulling back on her abilities
Why would she do srcomd option
Thoughy bad that she lost.

Also how did bad guys know about Amazon.Tech?


it was fun, and i enjoyed it. very “on brand” wonder woman, though. girl power is dope. as woman, i love to see that. but once you start trying to address every stereotype on the planet in one film, it starts to feel gratuitous. i kind of like that the films tend to be about Diana with the rest of the justice league not being included. i like that they try to add some POC among the Amazons, although it would be great to see more tone and feature variation, even in the background characters (i mean c’mon dc. it’s like you used the same character design for everyone, then decided to paint a random number of them the same shade of brown, with the same straight black hair). but the whole thing where everyone gets to continue to be pretty, sparkly, and safe at the end is a little annoying. it’s like there is no real character development plan for her. everything is always about her conflicting loyalties to man’s world and themyscira, her issues with Hippolyta, trying to figure out how to navigate the outside world, and/or some crisis that leads her back home. it feels like every film centered solely on ww is always some aspect of her origin story or a reimagining of it. tbh for the first few minutes of the film, i thought i had seen it before. that sells her short. I’d like to see her well past that point, in a long term relationship, or pregnant, or living in a house and dealing with neighbors, mentoring someone on her own in the outside world, dealing with a loss that alters her character forever, on long term assignment on another planet, arguing about whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza with an ex – something, anything as long as it moves her character forward.

One thought on why Diana lost to her mother is this:

Diana was taught everything she knows about how to fight by her mother and the other Amazons. But that doesn’t mean that they taught her “everything” that they know about fighting.

Essentally, maybe the Queen used techniques against Diana that Diana hadn’t had a chance to learn yet. But this is just one possible option.

I’ve watched it twice already. I loved it. Little pieces of all her story with a few twists, but the major themes were present. Also a clear indication that WW could & should have an animated series. They had some great rogues, & there’s more. Angle Man, Blue Snowman etc. plus u always have the actual Gods/Goddesses storylines that could run in tandem with the other characters. I’ll definitely be watching it multiple times.

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