Wonder Woman Bloodlines (questions)

So I finally got to watch this and I really enjoyed it.
I do still prefer Wonder Woman (2009).

So one thing that kind of had me wondering

Right before Steve Roger landed in Themyscira he was
fighting some mechanical birds. He crashes in due to
these Parademons. Diana saves him and refers to them
as demons and that’s why she had to go to Mans World.

She goes with him and instead of figuring out what
those demons are she just gets sent to a place to learn.
I don’t think they ever visited anything to do with the

Did I miss something? Or was it just not discussed
after the first part? It felt a little unfinished or these
parademons seemed unnecessary to the story?

I think those were supposed to be connected to Darkseid’s invasion from JL: War, since that first part takes place before JL. Maybe that was an advance group that came to earth before the main invasion, which would’ve given Etta time to set Diana up w/ Julia. It’s not entirely clear, so it’s definitely worth talking about. I’m just glad to see a Bloodlines post that’s not asking when it’s coming to DCU for the millionth time

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Yeah, it’s supposed to lead into where Wonder Woman started in this universe in Justice League: War.