Wonder Woman: Black & Gold | Book Discussion (Spoilers Ahead!)

:00_wonder_woman_gold: :black_heart: Issue 3: (Forgot I didn’t add these yet!) Again, I enjoyed them all, but here’s some highlights…

Espionage: Spy-Diana, being every bit as awesome as you’d expect. Short, sweet and suspenseful. The artwork is nice an moody and sets the tone perfectly, too. Big shout out to this first page :point_up_2:

Beat the Heat: Wasn’t sure where this one was going, but once I did, this last page makes sure the irony rightfully slaps you in the face. A+ :earth_americas::green_heart: #TeamGreen (Also went really well w/ the story that followed, which gave us a great lesson on diplomacy. And had tardigrades! And Vixen!)

The Stolen Lasso of Truth: This one poignantly takes place on Halloween. Like some of the best Wonder Woman stories, it has a beautiful message about confidence and autonomy. Fantastic expressive artwork as well—my favorite of the set. :star_struck: Great way to end the issue.

I’ll be back w/ Issue 4. :purple_heart:


Already voted on that lol. I’ve been off for 2 days so had to be at least 3 days ago. Guess who I picked…?

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Yesterday was Wonder Woman Day, so here’s a couple of points of interest for our girl:

Issue 5 of Black and Gold comes out next week! :black_heart: :00_wonder_woman_gold: